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Hey folks!

Well, we’re back. It’s officially Season 12! As you may’ve seen in my last post, I had some serious reservations about this upcoming season. I knew I’d like Keith. He just seems like a good enough guy and it’s kind of nice to have someone who likes country music, but Nicki Minaj weirds me out, Mariah seems bland and uninteresting (unless it’s crazy Mariah) and Randy well… he’s Randy, ruiner of things.

I thought it would be good to kind of do a bit of comparison of judges of last season, with judges of this season and their respective pluses and minuses.

Season 11


– um….. let me think… um…. yeah… literally nothing is coming to mind.


– They were entirely too nice and way to susceptible to sob stories. Oh, you’re homeless? Well, I know you can’t sing but I understand your plight and I’m gonna let you through. Oh, your father is a crackhead? You poor baby! Here’s a golden ticket to wipe your tears with. (JLo, I’m looking at you!)
– Randy had to be the mean one. RANDY! He’s terrible at being mean, just like he’s terrible at everything else he does.
– Steven making eyes with girls that could be his daughters daughter! Your Grandchildren, Steven!!

Season 12


– Not at all susceptible to sob stories. Bravo for letting the kids who you knew wouldn’t make it passed Hollywood week, not get their hopes up. I agree with you both (Nicki and Mariah I’m looking at you) that another year or two will serve those “just ok” kids well and hopefully they’ll come back with whatever they were lacking when you said “no” in their audition.
– More Judges = Less Randy
– Kieth Urban. I didn’t write down a single bad thing he did/said/wore. Way to go pal!
– Nicki Minaj’s glitter eye shadow. I was mesmerized!
– Nicki Minaj’s advice/criticism/praise. I thought for the most part she was dead on accurate. I wanted to hate her but I really thought she gave the best advice/criticism/praise.


– The fighting. Ohhhh the fighting. I was over it by minute 7. You know, when the fighting started before a contestant even graced the stage. MINUTE 7!!
– Fake British accents. I don’t get it. I never have. I never will. Stop doing it Nicki.
– Nicki Minaj’s voice. While I agree with what she said to contestants, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me or something. Maybe it’s the heavy New York and my inherent hatred of New Yorkers? I don’t think that’s it because it bothered me when it was British, too. I think it’s just how nasal her voice is.
– That weird finger condom thing Nicki was wearing. She wore it both days, for the record.
– You’re really not going to let the guy with 1 leg through??? Are you aware how awesome people with one leg are? Let me remind you:


Seriously, no one is more awesome than Amy Poehler. It’s a fact.

That’s all I have though. I realize my plus/minus list is a touch contradictory. I mean, I can’t complain about letting everyone with a sob story through, but cancer and one leg? And a voice that isn’t terrible? That’s a hell of a story! Granted you’re right, he probably wouldn’t have made it through Hollywood week, probably not even the first day, but I think I still would’ve given him the pass. How could you not? Well, scratch that, because you found a way. I also don’t see why you would go to a bar to tell a girl she got an Idol callback (the only one you showed being informed) and then you don’t let her through? I get not letting her through. Her original song was dull and her voice was just ok, but don’t go pick her up. Pick up that Sara chick. She seems like she’d be fun to hang out with! And she’s a great singer!

I should also mention that while it wasn’t a total “sob story” they did let a few contestants with good backstories on the show (Frankie the subway singer and Ashlee with the foster family) who could sing well!

I also realize that I have somewhat of a bi-polar opinion of Nicki Minaj. There’s things I love about her (read: her judging ability) and things I hate about her (read: everything else). I genuinely don’t know how I’ll tolerate her voice for the whole season but I’m going to give it the ol’ college try, because she is good at being a judge. I can’t deny that.

So with that, lets get to the contestants.

I read somewhere that there were 8 golden tickets passed out last night, that we saw. Something tells me they gave out way more than that. I thought that sounded high but that did match my list. That’s also not including the random “good performances”. I didn’t count if they got tickets or not because I don’t know. I assume they did since they showed them in the good performance montage.

In order of Golden Ticket performances, there was Teena, Christina, Shira, Frankie, Sarah Restuccio (I have no idea why she’s the only one I wrote a last name for, also not sure if it’s spelled right), Angela, the Turbinator (didn’t write down his real name and, and Ashlee.

I tried to remember when watching these kids that Phillip Phillips (and Shannon Magrane) both appeared in episode 1 of last season at the Savannah auditions, so we very well may’ve witnessed the winner of this seasons Idol. I don’t think that’s the case in this scenario as I didn’t write any reviews ala my experience with Phillips’ panty melter performance. I just relived it a few times myself 🙂 Man his accent was so much thicker when he started, wasn’t it? How did it change that much from then to now? Crazy! Maybe it’s the singing lessons or something?

I think the closest to a Phillip level performance for me, was probably Sarah? I mean, Ashlee was the best singer I think, but Sarah won the “Most Enjoyable” for me. You all know my love of the quirksters though. I appreciate people who can sing country and then rock out to Super Bass. Nicki had a good point though that since Taylor sang it with her, it makes sense that a bunch of country white girls are familiar with it (personally, Karmin does my personal favorite cover)

Just about everyone that got a ticket did deserve it though. I was worried that chick Teena who went to Camp Mariah (that’s a real thing??? Like, real enough that Oprah featured it in an episode? It actually looks kind of cool) was going to be terrible.  She definitely seemed like she was trying to imitate Mariah a little, but not in a bad way.

I will say that while I was happy with the no’s that were doled out for the most part, I was really surprised that Shira, the Israeli one-hit wonder, made it through. I love the song Valerie but I thought that was weird. Like, Amy at her drunkest, singing it bad. I don’t really see what they saw in her but maybe I missed something. I thought she sounded like Borat trying to sing, personally.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t discuss my FAVORITE contestant of the night. Yes, I’m talking about the Turbanator. And what’s more? I did some digging – he’s from MARYLAND and goes to UMBC! I work right near there, how have we never met? Let’s hang out? Brewer’s Art? You, me? Come on! You know I love a local!! The internets told me his name is Gupreet Singh Sarin. I was really worried he wouldn’t make it through because Randy is an idiot. Thank god he dropped that he had a marigold (points for knowing the color marigold) turban to match Nicki’s hair. I was so happy when I heard “Turb, Turb, you’re going to Hollywood!”


You may not make it through Hollywood week but you’ve made it through to my heart! And my twitter feed. Yes, I’m following you now. You guys can too, if you like – @GPreetSingh90


So what did everyone else think of Idol? If nothing else, I think it’s off to a great start!! Way more awesome than I had hoped for. I think that if you go into something with low expectations, it’s always going to be more enjoyable when it’s good.

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