It’s Back and (Probably Not) Better than Ever!

Well, the time has come. American Idol is back. The quasi-original (if for nothing else than the fact that it far outlasted any other original) singing competition is back in action this week! In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I should psych myself up for said event.

See, my issue is, as always, the new judges, and the old herpe of a judge that you just can’t get rid of. Yes, I’m looking at you Randy Jackson. This is only the second time I’ve even considered not watching the show, and really, I think we all know that this is my crack and even if I hate it, I’ll just watch and complain the whole time. I think the best way to describe my relationship is this sketch. Just pretend that I’m Chris Kattan, and American Idol, is Amy Poehler.

In order to psych myself up for the season permiere, I decided it might be in my best interest to make a list of all the reasons I’m looking forward to the upcoming 12th season. So, without further adieu, here it goes…

1. Randy Jackson’s fashion choices. Most notably his pins, if you’ve read this blog, you probably know that his pin selection is kind of an obsession of mine.


I will say he’ll probably get a run for his money from a one Nicki Minaj when it comes to crazy fashion choices.

2. And speaking of crazy, the possibility of  Crazy Mariah showing up is second on my list of reasons for hope this season. I think we all remember when Mariah went from this:


To this:


My personal favorite Crazy Mariah being this (it’s long but soooo worth it):

I shouldn’t be too mean to Mariah though. I may “think” she’s crazy but when her co-star is Nicki Minaj, we have to kind of put things in perspective:


Crazy is relative. Also, crazy might be the lovechild of
Randy and Mariah, and thy name is Nicki.

3. Whily Nicki may be the lovechild of Randy and Mariah, I think their similarities are few and far between. Unless ego size can be considered a similarity. And Keith, how on earth does he even fit in there? Maybe just to give the country contestants some love? He just seems way too normal and down to Earth (possibly the only one actually residing on said planet). There just seems to be this immense awkwardness in this conglomeration of judges. I know sometimes it takes a while to get into the groove. Take Kelly Ripa, when she replaced Kathy Lee Gifford on “Regis and Kathy Lee”. They didn’t just “work” immediately. It took time. And I’m sure this group of judges will also take time. After watching this video though, something tells me it’ll take a little longer than a season, if all 4 of them make it to a 13th season without just bringing the entire enterprise of the show to a screeching halt. And if they do, well, it was probably for the best anyway.

4. As much as I wanted to hate last season because of the judges (and the season before that), many of the contestants really wowed me last season. And shouldn’t the show really be about the contestants and not the judges? It’s like when the Simpsons realized the show wasn’t about Bart, it was about Homer. I think last season reminded me why I love the show. When you can fall in love with a contestant, it just makes the show that much better. I think that goes for any reality TV Show. I dare say Phillip Phillips reminded me of that.

5. Finally, the reason to like all competitions/reality trainwrecks, TWITTER! Specifically Twitter rants against Randy Jackson.


And that’s all I can think of. So, Idol, try not to disappoint me after I just spent a solid 30 minutes trying to think of reasons not to drop you like a hot potato. I think we’re all aware of how many other shows I could be watching on Wednesday and Thursday.

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