Sriracha Pizza

Hey folks!

So here’s another recipe for you involving my favorite things – leftovers! I realize I didn’t post about making the delicious Sriracha Spaghetti and Meatballs because really it wasn’t my recipe at all (except to use ground turkey instead of beef). That being said, I highly recommend it! De-freaking-licious! And the website too for that matter. It’s full of recipes I’ve tried and I’ve loved all of them so far! Maybe I should take a moment though to focus on the most delicious saucy condiment one can enjoy. If A1 is my best condiment, this is a VERY close second! It’s so spicy and garlicy and amazing. It’s usually in the Asian section of the supermarket, if that can be considered a section? It looks like this:


Anyway, the recipe made way too many meatballs for two people I froze enough for another dinner and STILL had about 5 more leftover. So I decided to try and make something else out of it. And maybe… empty out the refrigerator a little as well. Upon finishing this recipe, I probably would’ve removed an ingredient or two when all was said and done. You can see those notes at the bottom of this entry.

The ingredients I used went a little something like this…



Oh, also not mentioned was that I used a Pillsbury thin crust pizza dough (you pre-cook it for 5 minutes on 400 degrees, and then you bake everything at the end for 8 minutes)

So, as for amounts of ingredients, it went a little something like this:

1/2 cup of chopped frozen* spinach, cooked and drained (WELL! NO WATER!)
1 cup of diced frozen mixed peppers
1 6oz. jar of artichoke hearts (take the artichokes out but use the oil they’re in as your sauce if you want)
1 large diced tomato**
5 sriracha meatballs (and the recipe for those are here)***
3 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese
Sriracha and Olive Oil for sprinkling

So this is how this pizza works:

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, and then put in the thin crust for 5 minutes.

While the oven is pre-heating/your dough is doing it’s first round of cooking, you can:
– cook your spinach (I cook mine in the microwave – jut follow the direction on the bag)
– heat up the peppers (same goes, microwave the directions on the bag)
– heat up the meatballs
– dice the peppers

When the dough is out, I spread the artichoke “juice” thinly over the dough. I then topped it with the first round of toppings – spinach, artichokes and peppers.

Then add the cheese and follow it up with the next round of toppings – tomatoes, chopped up meatballs and a quick squirt of sriracha sauce over the top of the pizza. The more you put on, the spicier it’ll be, so consider yourself warned.

You then put the pizza back in the oven for about 8 minutes, give or take. You want the edges to be brownish.

And then you have the finished product, which was pretty darn delicious.


*First, thing I would’ve liked to change – using fresh spinach and putting it on last, as opposed to frozen spinach. I think it would’ve cut down a little on the heaviness of the pizza. Same goes for the peppers. Sometimes frozen is just easier though.

** I might not’ve used the diced tomatoes had I had more meatballs. The amount of meatballs only covered half the pizza, which is great if you have people who don’t eat meat or something. which leads me to…

*** This amount of meatballs is really only enough for half to three quarters of the pizza. You would probably need closer to 8 – 10 meatballs for the whole pizza.

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2 thoughts on “Sriracha Pizza

  1. thanks for linking my Sriracha Spaghetti & Meatballs recipe! 🙂

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