Sandy Snacks

So, as you may’ve heard, a few months ago, this crazy lady named Sandy swept all up the East Coast. Since we in fact live on the East Coast, we were ready to bear the brunt of whatever hit us. And by “ready” – I mean we did some severe grocery shopping. My husband and I have this problem… well, maybe problem isn’t the right word, but when we’re stuck in the house, we like to cook. All day. Just about anything. The problem when a hurricane’s a comin, you don’t really want to throw the slow cooker on or do anything that will take too long, since you never know when the power will go out, which it did. Luckily it was for less than 24 hours.

Most of our eating just involved your generic hurricane food: chips. sandwiches. more chips. candy. Wait… we didn’t buy candy? Well, let’s fix that.

We did some google searches and I found a little gem on pinterest that I decided to try out. Homemade Butterfingers. And they were everything I’d hoped. Super easy (less than 30 minutes). mass quantity. delicious. I dare say they were even BETTER than your average butterfinger because they were chewy as opposed to crispy. The only thing I might’ve changed and would definitely like to try next time would be to use crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy. I think it would’ve been awesome sauce. We did try to recipe with some crushed up Honey Bunches of Oats cereal which was also pretty awesome (I think we used maybe half to 3/4 cups of the ground up cereal).



So check out the recipe because it’s seriously super easy. The hardest part is probably finding the candy corn in the grocery store. I don’t think we could’ve done this had it not been October because we wanted to make them around Christmas and couldn’t find candy corn ANYWHERE! It also helps give them that awesome orange color. And here’s the finished product in case you were wondering. And one more time, just in case, here’s where we got the recipe.



Really though, what’s hurricane preparedness without alcohol? The two are synonymous let me tell you. The only thing more crowded than the grocery store, is the liquor store! We were too scared to venture there but luckily we have a bar in the basement and it was stocked. We were also trying to get rid of the contents of our refrigerator (aka – milk) so we figured we’d make a milk based drink. I mean, who doesn’t love a white russian?

My husband always takes risks when it comes to mixing things but this was actually really delicious!



We decided to go with a blender drink (darn if we had to wait almost 2 days to clean said blender because the power went out, but it was worth it!) I’m not entirely sure how the mix went but I think it was basically, fill the blender about 3/4 of the way with ice, then add  equal parts (probably about a cup each?) milk, rum and the tres leches liquor, and then about a 10 second squeeze of the Hershey’s syrup. Can I just also take the time to throw a shout out to the Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum? I’ve been drinking Captain Morgan since I’ve been drinking alcohol. This though, this is something magical. We were actually gifted this by a good friend or I never even would’ve heard of it but I’m so glad we found it because it’s 100% the best!! I don’t know what makes it so delicious but it is so delicious. And this drink, also so delicious.

So until the power went out, our night kind of looked like this… kind of a glorious way to spend a weekend. And very thankful the brunt of the storm didn’t hit us like it was looking it would for a bit. We were very thankful to only have to do with a minor power outage!



So, here’s the recipe for the drinks –

Sandy Shakes 

In a blender add:

2 cups of ice
Equal parts: Milk (or light cream), Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum and Tres Leches Liquor
10 second squeeze of Hershey’s syrup

Blend on high or pulse on high (I’m a pulser – it’s just my way) until the ice is nice and crushed. And then enjoy! Because you will!

** Here’s one little thing, we did make these again but didn’t have an abundance of milk, so we used our Sweet Corn Ice Cream and it was pretty stellar. Definitely sweeter if you’re into that kind of thing!

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