This Is Why You’re Fat – Idea Page

It’s getting so close to that time of the year! First and foremost, I realized when creating my list of least favorite foods, that I left a few off that should be mentioned, most notably cheesecake. Blech. Gross. So, here’s the new list –

Lease Favorite Foods:


Yellow mustard



Tartar Sauce

Blue Cheese

Sour Cream**



Raw onions

Breakfast sausage, Italian sausage

Too much cinnamon

New additions: 

Traditional Cheesecake (I only like the flavored ones that don’t taste like cheesecake, ie – peanut butter)


Italian style Meatballs (I do like cocktail meatballs and meatball subs)


Now, back to matters at hand… When talking to my dear friends, most of my topics of conversation have been something like this:

Friend: So, do you know what you’re making for the party?

Me: We sure do, or at least, the idea is set. What about you?

Friend: We’re tossing some ideas around but haven’t firmed anything up.

Some people knew months ago what they would be making, but others are having some trouble. Well my friends, I am nothing if not filled with ideas! Thank you pinterest for your abundance of ideas! I’ve broken it down to Savory and Sweet. It’s not hard to think of ideas when you’re hungry and don’t really have sweets in your house at the moment. Not. hard. at. all.

So under savory, here are some thoughts (just click on the picture and it will take you to the recipe) –

Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites via Food Gawker

Gnocchi Poutine with Short Rib Ragu and Gremolata via Closet Cooking

Hush Puppies with a Spicy Honey Drizzle via SpoonForkBacon

Fried Lasagna via Pass The Sushi

The Bacon Taco via Man Made DIY

Brown Sugar Chicken Wings via DamnDelicious

Tennessee Honey Corn Pudding via Twirl and Taste

And now for the sweet (of which there are obviously more):

Cafe Latte’s Turtle Cake via Cafe Latte

Gooey Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies via Texan Erin

Oreo Pudding Poke Cake via The Country Cook

Snickers Fudge via Rebekah Dawn

Boozy Ice Cream Sandwiches via Buttercream Blondie

Twinkie Pie via Paula Deen

Reeses Stuffed Oroes via Cookies and Cups

Krispie Kreme Ice Cream via Kevin & Amanda

Swiss Cake Roll Cake via Taste of Home

Cadbury Cream Egg Brownies via Love and Olive Oil

So, hopefully this helps all of you get some ideas for the party! Enjoy and happy baking! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with 🙂

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