This Is Why You’re Fat

Every year, not necessarily regularly, but more than once, I’ve thrown an epic party known as This Is Why You’re Fat. It’s basically a giant pot luck of all your favorite fattening foods. It’s amazing. There’s always a different theme mostly based on what we decide to put in our chocolate fountain (for the record, it’s never been chocolate).

Year 1

The Gravy Fountain

Year 2

The Maple Syrup Fountain

I can’t divulge what this years fountain will contain, as it’s always a surprise/game-time decision. We have some ideas though and I’m sure it’ll be delicious, as usual. I’m posting this blog because this year, we’re basing the entire party around me, and my 30th birthday. As such, we’re asking that all foods be based around my personal favorite foods. So as such, I’ve made up a little list of my favorite and least favorite foods.

Without further adieu, here’s the list. I tried to think of as many of my favorite things as possible so that you had a wide variety to work with. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

I’ve also included this little link to my pinterest “This is Why You’re Fat” Board in hopes to get some ideas generating for you all.

Favorite Foods

Generic non-brand favorite foods – Hot dogs, tater tots, cheese pizza, chocolate peanut butter anything, crumb toppings

Favorite Donut – Triple tie – Chocolate peanut butter filled donut from Rawlings Bakery in Laurel (that might be spelt wrong) Chocolate glaze Montgomery Donuts (RIP), New favorite –  Fractured Prune peanut butter cup donut.

Favorite Ice Cream – Hagen Dazs Dulce de Leche

Favorite Chocolate – Dark!

Favorite Breakfast Meat – Bacon

Favorite Cereal – Waffle Crisp or Rice Krispie Treats Cereal

Favorite Burger – Frisco Burger (no mayo) or JBC (plain)

Favorite Fries – McDonalds French Fries, or the fries from Wing Stop in Germantown

Favorite McDonalds – Chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce

Favorite Taco Bell – Nacho Cheese Chalupa

Favorite Arby’s – Big Beef and Cheddar

Favorite Cookie – Double Stuffed Oreos, Chewy Chocolate Chip,  Berger cookies, Molasses Sugar Cookies

Favorite Brownie – All of them?

Favorite Candy Bar (Domestic) – Snickers

Favorite Candy Bar (International) – Lion Bar

Favorite Pizza – BBQ chicken pizza (with bacon) from Il Forno in Frederick

Favorite Appetizer – Bloomin’ Onion or Potato Skins

Favorite Chips – Mission brand tortilla chips, Ruffles

Favorite Chinese Food – Egg Rolls; Sesame Chicken

Favorite Mexican Food – Nachos

Favorite French Food – Crepes (preferably with some kind of cheese or chocolate filling)

Favorite Soul Food – Chicken and Waffles

Favorite Italian – Impossible. I like all Italian food.

Lease Favorite Foods*


Yellow mustard



Tartar Sauce

Blue Cheese

Sour Cream**



Raw onions

Breakfast sausage, Italian sausage

Too much cinnamon

*Let it be known that I have no included healthy things that I don’t like. Why? Because healthy things shouldn’t be part of your dish, people. Berries? Lemon? Grapefruit? Couscous? Asparagus? None of these things should be included either, just for the record.

** Mayonnaise and Sour Cream are acceptable if mixed in with things so that I can’t taste them.

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