The Glee Project – Romanticality

Ok just first and foremost, sorry this is so late. I’m watching this really late (Sunday night) because I’ve literally been hooked on the Olympics. How often can you see Mary Poppins fight Voldemort? And is it really true that none of the female gymnasts were old enough to remember the Atlanta Olympics? God I’m old. I digress. I still love it. I don’t think I’ve watched anything else. I apologize. Also, I’m officially completely and utterly OVER beach volleyball, so I’m back to watching real tv at least every now and then. That being said – Go USA! Especially you, female gymnasts,

And you Michael Phelps! I mean, you’re from Baltimore, you show love to the ‘bury (kind of), you’re a beast/gold medal winner

And it doesn’t hurt for me, that you beat Ryan Lochte. Am I the only one not swooning over him? Lochte may be hotter but inherently Phelps is just so much less douchey.

Let’s get to the Glee Project though.  Starting with things I didn’t need to know – that Robert lost his V card to the song “More than Words” – honestly? Really? eeewwww. Let me try to forget that.

Darren Criss. He’ll help me forget this factoid. His dreaminess helps you forget a lot of things. And he’s the PERFECT person for romanticality. For a guy who isn’t gay, I can feel his emotion towards Kurt and it feels very real, which shows how good of an actor he is.

Now as for the Romanticality homework – More than Words, featuring a guy from the band. Lucky you, Glee Project contestants!

I definitely think Shanna’s voice stood out the most in the homework song, but Blake and Ali have a chemistry that she and Michael don’t have at all. I’m fine with Blake winning though, because he’s by far, the best actor on the show. Being romantic when you may not be attracted to someone, welcome to Acting 101. And has he really NOT won a challenge yet? Surprising, no? Congratulations Blake!


I felt bad for Shanna complaining about the negative feedback, because she’s right. At this point though, I think it’s almost inevitable that she could be in the bottom 3, so she might as well just keep her mouth shut (I’d be saying this later on when she said Michael deserved to be in the bottom 3 more than she).

The song booth was really interesting tonight. Everyone I thought would do well, didn’t really shine at all. Was it the fact that it was Rihanna? She’s got a weird voice/way of singing that probably doesn’t come quite naturally to people like Blake and Shanna. I didn’t think Ali was as good as Nikki thought she was but I’ll try to keep my judgment of her to a minimum.

The bottom 3 were REALLY surprising to me. REALLY. I never would’ve thought Michael would be safe. I thought it would be Shanna. Then I thought more about it, and I ate my words from earlier in this post. Everyone has to see Ryan at some point. I got Blake from the negative comments from Nikki. And Aylin and Shanna just didn’t have the acting skills they should’ve had at this point in the competition. It was a bad day for them. I was with Aylin though. One of YOU is going home? I would’ve never picked that for a bottom 3.

Aylin – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Oh, the Idol treasure of a song. I remember David Cook sang it in the Top 3. He did a little better, I’m not gonna lie. She definitely forgot some words. The most important reason Ryan likes this girl (because at this point the singing is there, they know that), is that he loves her idea of a character. I think he’s already writing scripts for her. I’d put money on it. I also thinks he loves that Aylin is balls out about being who she is, and being a roll model for girls like her.

Blake – Losing My Religion – I hate to agree with Ryan because it terrifies me a little, in his criticism that Blake doesn’t show a vulnerability. I loved when Zach called him sensitive. He totally is. And his performance was great. I was worried before but now I definitely think he’ll be safe. He did a great job on the song, and just look at that face. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also one of only two boys left, but I don’t think that bothers Ryan too much. I mean, he’s already hired 4 new people (not including celebrity cameos) I don’t think the sex of the winner is at all important to him.

Shanna – Stronger – I was immediately scared for Shanna after the first two performers. I knew her fate in the pit of my stomach. While her voice is ah-mazing and she has a great personality. she has the fatal flaw of the contestants on this show – she doesn’t have a unique character perspective. She’s got the drug addict parents, but she didn’t bring that up to Ryan, so he might not know that. He probably does though. That’s not exactly a character though. If nothing else, I hope this opens her up to a lot of exposure to get those parts on Broadway or in television that involves singing. You know, because those shows are just around the corner with the popularity of Glee. Maybe she can show up on Smash and give McPhee a run for the money?

Other things –

1. Lily, for once you speak the truth. Everyone DOES have a crush on Blake. And by everyone, obviously I mean me. However, unlike Lily, I wasn’t really surprised that Blake wasn’t looking at Lily. I knew he’d want to be with Ali. They seem to be quite the team. I almost wonder if they’re a couple (which was shot down when he mentioned a girlfriend at home, whoops!)

2. I wanted Aylin to go home. She’s not my favorite person and she was my least favorite in the bottom 3. I knew she’d be safe though. I could see it in her conversation with Ryan.

3. I loved Shanna’s last words to the camera (not her song because I thought it sounded really weird) because it shows she isn’t gonna give up and you need that kind of attitude.

“I fought to be here this entire time. I was so motivated and so determined… I’m gonna keep on going towards my dreams with my suitcase in my hand and like, $20 in my pocket”.

That’s the right attitude to have, lady. You go girl 🙂 Fix those bangs though. They do nothing for your face. We’ll miss you Shanna.


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