The Glee Project – Tenacity

So, I’m pretty sure the definition of “tenacity” as far as TGP is concerned, means injuring yourself and/or having a complete breakdown and still performing as if nothing is wrong, and possibly performing even better, if you’re going to win. Case in point:

This episode was almost as rough to watch as the one about weaknesses bullying. I felt a rush of people trying to say what things they’ve had to overcome using their tenacity. Nothing I haven’t heard before though, so it wasn’t as bad as the first time. All the contestants (all the girls, anyway) start talking more specifically about what makes them tenacious. Shanna’s response was my favorite – “I grew up being tenacious without even knowing that word… because my mom was on drugs.”

I thought that of the performances, Mercedes was the best. Beyonce next. Then maybe a few YouTube covers. Then this performance. Shanna was my favorite (x100). Her voice is just above and beyond anyone on the show. Vocally she’s definitely the one to beat. I also liked Blake (mostly on the second line). I thought Ali was ok, but those pig tails and the sweatshirt, the extra rosy cheeks – ugh. Girl needs a stylist. She looked like a weird doll. I did really like her in the warm up room though so I’ll try not to talk too much about what I didn’t like. Congratulations Ali!

I also really like that Nikki likes all the same people I do, and has problems with all the same people I do **cough cough Lily cough cough**. I did think it was super harsh of her to tell Michael that Blake hit that note though. Congratulations, you’ve officially caused Michael to have a “Blake hit the note” nightmares (Ryan wouldn’t help later on, but I have to say, Michael, you handled it like a true gentleman).

I don’t know how it was for everyone else, but watching them all tape that music video for Eye of the Tiger?? This freaking video was like one of those Rube-Goldberg machines the Mythbuster guys always build on their other show, Unchained Reaction. I didn’t go to the gym tonight but I felt exhausted just watching everything. Thirty-four takes? Really? By the 16th take I was over it. I was definitely over it by the time Shanna was throwing up. Really though, 34 takes? It’s a tv show for Christ sake. I guess they were just doing it to see how much the kids would really take. I wonder what time it actually was when it was all over? It is a competition after all. I bet Blake was ready to kill people (although if he was, he certainly wasn’t showing it). If I were him I would’ve given the little speech he gave to Ali, to Araham, Aylin and Lily! I mean, you can’t jumprope and sing? I’ve run up and down a flight of stairs 34 times!

Luckily, I think we all knew Blake had nothing to worry about. I thought correctly assumed the bottom 3 would be Lily, Abraham and Michael. Winner would probably be Ali, maybe Shanna but probably Ali (and Blake of course).

I was really happy when they were talking about how awesome Blake was because I feel like they never say great things about him, I mean, usually safe but never seems to be on top either. Only in my heart, I s’pose. Now, of the bottom 3, I thought Michael would definitely be the one to go home… but then there was all the Abraham debacle. W.T.F.

Michael – Brick – I realize they were beating up on him a little bit, comparing him to Blake (hard NOT to compare). He was like the black sheep. “Well you know, Blake wouldn’t have messed up” “Blake hit that note” “Blake is going to Harvard” haha. Poor guy. I thought he did amazingly well though. All Ben Folds songs seem to make me cry for one reason or another. They’re just filled with emotion. I felt drawn in immediately. I don’t know that he knew the song but I thought he sounded better than many other times I’ve heard him.

Let’s talk about Lily next. I’m not ready to discuss Abraham.

Lily – I’m the Greatest Star – Her performance was definitely stellar. I think had she had a bad performance, I would better understand her bringing up Aylins comments. I guess she felt she needed a defense when Ryan was asking why she was having jump roping/lip synching issues. I think she could’ve said she was thrown by a comment Aylin said, but to say Aylin said something mean? It wasn’t really mean, it was just a comment that you were offended by because that’s a trigger for you. How would Aylin know that? It’s not like you’re one for sharing your feelings. It’s just so clear they don’t get along. I almost wonder if that would want to make Ryan want to put them both on a show for next week. Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m sure that bringing up her little issues with Aylin was a nice little dig. I’m sure they’ll bring it up if Aylin is in the bottom 3 anytime soon.

Ok, I guess I just have to talk about it now…

Abraham – Man in the Mirror – Why on earth would Ryan ask that you don’t suck up to him? What the hell is that?? I don’t recall him acting completely desperate in prior episodes. I don’t even want to talk about that mediocre performance though. I just want to talk about Ryan comments. Let’s talk about the many things I agree with him on 0 for example, when he was talking about excuses though. I hate when people say “I’m not going to use it as an excuse” It’s the same as someone saying “It’s not my fault, but I’ll apologize for what happened” No! That’s an excuse/that’s not an apology. Different things! I totally felt what I think was Ryans anger/frustration in this episode. I also appreciated Ryan’s whole spiel about not rising to the level of his talent. And when Abraham came back out saying “either I win, or you write a part for me” – um, pal, Abraham, those are the same thing. It wasn’t exactly the ultimatum I thought he’d be going for. Not something I’d be bringing up when I was the worst performance of the evening. Which was why, obviously, he was the one to go.

No loss. Other thoughts, let’s go.

1. Lily’s singing was hilarious in the group number. I say that because they all seem to sing together fine in the homework challenge when they’re all singing at the same time, she’s not the only one you can hear.

2. Abraham is terrifying. I would really like to know if he waited until the end and then came back in, or if he just walked off after his, and then came right back out. Something tells me that’s how it really happened. I think Ryan Murphy only said those nice words about him, is because the kid has a bit of a some potential crazy going on, and better to have him off the show watching Ryan say nice things about him, as opposed to bashing him.

3. The song “Brick” always makes me think of my best friend from high schools father. I remember hearing this on the radio when he was driving us somewhere and was like “I wish that woman would just drown already” – in hindsight we all thought the words were something like “she’s a-breaking up/drowing slowly” – Now I know it’s “She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly” #misheardlyrics

4. Seriously, did we all see Blake with his shirt off in that picture above? Let’s be realistic, would we rather look at Blake, or Chord Overstreet? I’m gonna say Blake.

And with that, I leave you with the list of the contestants remaining!

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