The Glee Project – Theatricality

Before starting the show, I just wanted to mention that I’m really happy with the Top 8.  There’s no one there that I think shouldn’t be there. I definitely have my favorites but I’m happy with all the decisions so far. Hopeful next people to be voted off? There’s the likely next off, and who I want off next but I feel like Michael and Nellie are on the aforementioned list. I wonder about Shanna too just because they haven’t talked about her much. She’s a great singer though so I feel like she won’t be on the chopping block anytime soon. You never know though.

Also, I was thinking about people on Idol that I think would be good on this show (although I assume none of them made it through to the Top because they were too Broadway for Idol. This show was practically invented for the Broadway Idols). I think the kid from Idol, Creighton Fracker, should be playing Mr. Schue’s brother.  I know I said he looked like the lovechild of Kurt and Karofsky, but I think I should’ve said Kurt and Mr. Schue. It just came to me.

They can introduce him and he and Emma’s wedding. It would be so wonderful.

Ok so let’s get to Theatricality! We all know Glee is nothing if not theatrical! Remember the episode from Season 1 called Theatricality? Does this refresh your memory?

I thought so. That’s a lot to live up to (but in true Glee fashion, they did have a similar task when the video challenge was announced). Kiss and Lady Gaga are hard to live up to though, so I think the contestants had their work cut out for them.

I think I mentioned last week, my hatred for Sebastian. And if you didn’t read, I’m sure it’s a hatred we share, so no need for me to focus on that little nugget. But, as much as I hate Sebastian, I love West Side Story, so maybe I wouldn’t have hated had I known him, pre-Glee. Who knows. Other things I love? Songs from musicals, so I was happy to see “I Hope I Get It” – and based on the amount of the choreographing she did, I really thought Lily would win this homework assignment again (which kind of bothered me because I didn’t want her winning two in a row).

Harder than anything though, is for me to say I really agreed with making Ali the homework winner. I thought she was really great. This was one of the first times I liked her voice and her face didn’t look totally weird to me (it did later though so I must’ve been going through a phase). But, congratulations Ali. You did a great job. Also, that tank top you were wearing didn’t hurt any straight male viewers this show might have.

For the video challenge this week, I really liked the idea of dressing up people with famous alter-egos but I really am curious as to how they picked the artists. For some contestants I thought it looked like they picked who they though the contestant was like, and for others, I felt like they picked them to challenge the contestant. The cast list looked a little something like this –

  1. Abraham – David Bowie –I think they picked David Bowie because they thought Bowie was a more out-there version of Abraham.
  2. Ali – Katy Perry – Makes sense. I can see it. Although that blue wig did nothing for her face.
  3. Aylin – Madonna – We get it.
  4. Blake – Boy George – No clue. I kind of wanted to see him as some kind of grunge rocker, possibly David Grohl?
  5. Lily – Cyndi Lauper – At least they didn’t pick Adele (spoke too soon on that one).
  6. Michael – Elvis Presley – Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know who I wouldn’t picked for Michael but Elvis wouldn’t have been it. I think they just went with recognizable for him.
  7. Nellie – Britney Spears – Challenge time!
  8. Shanna – Lady Gaga – Fun and quirky

Can we just talk about Nellie as BritBrit, and Shanna dressed as 20 lbs of Meat-Gaga. This might’ve been my favorite episode for certain costumes alone. I laughed so much at some of those costumes. And by some, I mean Nellie’s and Shanna’s. Also, I’m pretty sure Shanna is a vampire. Those were some big… incisors? Is that the word? Google says it’s the Canine. It should be the Dracula tooth. Either way, hers are big. Maybe the meat dress was appropriate. She seems like such a sweetheart though, I want to like her more than I do. I don’t know who my favorite girl is at the moment. They’re all pretty close. I still think Blake is my favorite.

Bottom 3 –I was with Lily – a little shocked that he was kept and she wasn’t. I agree she wasn’t super Lauper-y but she did do really well in the homework where Michael didn’t do well in either. I think she has a right to be a little miffed. I think they only kept Michael because they want to keep 2 guys on the show at least for a few more weeks. I do think the winner will ultimately be a girl either way, just because there were 2 guys that won last year. It’s a girls turn. And unlike Idol, the audience doesn’t get a change to vote. Ha!

Abraham – Stereo Hearts – I didn’t hate this performance but I never want to see Abraham rap, ever again. I also really felt for him. I got that he was offended/upset about being told to be androgynous. I could tell he didn’t take it the way the mentors meant it. To him, it was a word he was bullied with so I get his sensitivity, and I think Ryan did too. I was glad he didn’t take it too far though and I think once the judges explained themselves, he got where they were coming from. I was certain he wouldn’t be sent home (if for nothing else than the fact that there are only 3 boys left)

Nellie – I’m the Only One – Of all the times she sang tonight (including the final song that all the contestants sing when voted off, which I thought was amazingly amazing) I thought this one was the worst. Her voice is oddly not-like, but very much-like Melissa Etheridge in a super weird way. I just thought her whole performance was weird. I also think she was just getting the same comments over and over again and I think now that Charlie wasn’t there to distract the judges, they’d be eying her for the bottom.

Lily – Someone Like You – Ask anyone, Adele is the current kiss of death. If you don’t sing it perfectly, and/or completely your own way so that they can’t compare you to Adele, you’re done. It wasn’t even her performance that had me hating her all over again.  I know I said last week that she was growing on me, and I did enjoy her performance in the homework segment of the show. But that attitude. Sheesh! I get you think you want it more than anyone else, and you probably are at least more vocal about “wanting it” more than Michael. But seriously, how many times have we heard her announce how much she weighs? I get it, you’re fine with your weight, but are you, really? No. You use it like it’s your “thing”.  And don’t yell at Ryan. Nerves or not, don’t yell at him and disguise it as defending yourself. I mean, Mario got kicked off for that reason, they could kick her off super easily. By the time she went off stage I was praying it would be her. I mean, she claimed to be theatrical, but you can’t just claim you’re like the person you’re imitating and thusly, were indeed acting like them. And I thought her calling out the judges for not helping her would be a surefire vote off…

I was wrong. I’ll miss you Nellie, but I agree it was probably right to send you home.

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