The Glee Project – Fearlessness

How amazing is Jane Lynch? I’ve loved her since she was on Best in Show, one of my all time favorite movies. Second favorite role? The mother of Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights. And just to round out the top 3, her role as the attorney in The L Word. I’d add Party Down to the list but I’ve only been able to see 1 episode. I’m hoping to remedy that situation shortly. The woman is the queen though. If you look at her IMDb  page it’s like a best of TV Shows in the category of “Featured Part”. Meaning, she was only in 1 episode.

I think if there would be any one person I’d be super excited to see, from Glee would be Sue.  Sue or Blaine… or Coach Roz… or Kurt. Actually, I’d love Kurts dad but he’s a bit of a side character. I’m getting a little out of control. Obviously there’s a lot of people I’d like to see, but we’ll say Sue is definitely in the top 3. Just call this post a series of my Top 3’s.

For the record, people I don’t want to see as the mentor include but is not limited to… Mr. Shue, The former Mrs. Shue (but honestly why would she be there? She wouldn’t, so we’re safe on that one), Sugar Motta, and Sebastian. How on Earth is Sebastian going to really be a mentor? You know how there are some people that are so good at their characters, that you feel a real life hatred for them? Not hate because they are annoying (cough cough Jen Lindley cough Dawson’s Creek cough) but genuinely feel like they are bad people. Case in point – Dr. Romano from ER. I think I still hate him and I haven’t even seen his face in 15 years. Sebastian might’ve officially taken his spot though. Man that guy is a tool bag.

I digress. Let’s get to the homework song. It was 100,000% better than I thought it would be. It was pretty stellar and really fun! Heavy D is certainly not a Glee song, so I was also really happy with them picking something I haven’t seen on Glee already. I thought Blake was awesome and so was Anthony. The two of them, and Aylin were my favorites. I felt bad for Nellie, forgetting her lines the way she did (which would be the first of many times I would feel bad for her this episode), she did recover though by the end of the episode. I wasn’t really sure about Lily winning but she hasn’t won yet, so I’ll deal with it.

Then is was time for the video (“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – Pat Benatar / “One Way or Another” – Blondie) and all the extras – A slushie fight! Bathing suits! Underwater singing!

I do find it ironic that Lily is more comfortable than Nellie is, in a bathing suit. It’s why she deserved to win this episode. It doesn’t really matter how you look, it’s about how you perceive how you look, how you feel in your skin and if you’re an inherently shy person, I could see you being utterly uncomfortable showing off that part of you. I’d also like to compliment Lily real quick – she seems skinnier when I see her in a bathing suit, as opposed to seeing her in her regular clothes and that’s a heck of a compliment because there are so few people of her size that you can say that about.

And also, let me just talk about Ali… well, not about her, but when she was having that little panic attack after the slushi pelting, the way the three judges were sitting there watching her like – is she ok? Is she breathing? I think she might be having trouble breathing. And yet they just stand there, holding their little ipad/camera thing. It was so funny to me. I had a genuinely awkward LOL there.

Also funny to me was the underwater singing. The faces you make underwater while you aren’t the one singing, if you missed it just go back, rewind and watch it again because it was great.

And if I had to pick a third hilarious thing, since I’ve been keeping it in the 3 family, well, I fail. I can’t think of a third thing. Sorry folks. How about three questions, that I can do –

1. Kelly, Who are you sick of, to date?

Well blog, people I’m over officially includes Aylin and Charlie? That couple, over it. Sooo over it. Moreso Charlie than Aylin. I don’t think I’ll hate her once Charlie is off. I know for a fact since I’ve now already seen the episode, that she’ll be way better without him. So much better.

2. Who did you start out not liking that are now growing on you?

If I had to pick someone it would probably be Lily. I could easily go back to hating her though. It won’t take much. She’s on thin love-ice with me.

3. Is there anyone that you never fell out of love with?

Blake. Hands down.

Let’s get down to brass tax now. And by brass tax I mean the bottom 3. Charlie, Aylin and Nellie. I really thought it would be Michael and not Aylin but I wasn’t against them picking her. It made sense.

Just from the song choices, I was thinking they wanted Charlie to go home. I say that because he most definitely got the worst song. I thought Nellies song was difficult but only because I didn’t know it and I figured she wouldn’t either (I’ve since downloaded it because damn, that’s a good song!), but since she does, I could see her staying on. Ryan might have a problem with her not being able to shed her skin a little bit. Charlie and Aylin are really good at that and that might be reason to keep them. You never really know what Ryan is going to think, though.

Aylin – Take a Bow (Rihanna) I think we can all agree that the trifecta of Rachel, Mercedes and Tina were entirely better than Aylin. Rihanna too for that matter. That being said, I thought she did a pretty good job. I liked the issue that Ryan brought up to her, that he didn’t feel bad for her. I get that. I’ve pretty much felt bad for everyone on Glee at some point or another.  While I get that he didn’t feel bad for her when getting slushied, I do think she conveyed that when they did the bullying song, so I don’t think she’s incapable of that. And he is right in that she is a game changer. I think her character idea is definitely original and somewhat of a unique.

Charlie – It’s Not Unusual (Tom Jones) I couldn’t agree with Ryan more, it’s not about what you bring to the performance, it’s about how you are during the week, as well. You can only march to your drummer so much in Ryan Murphy’s creation. I equal parts liked/hated his lyric change/running over and sitting with the judges. Part of me thought it was cute but the other pat of me was screaming GET OVER YOURSELF!

Nellie – If I Were a Boy (Beyonce) She definitely has what Aylin doesn’t in that you can’t help but feel her insecurity and feel bad for her, and she can get over that and get empowered. I think that was clear in her sexuality performance. She definitely got the speech. You know, the one where they tell you the things they think  you need to hear for your career.

I was happy to be wrong. I think they picked the right person to go home. 100%. I’m glad I don’t need to see Charlie and Aylin make out anymore. I had about as much as I could witness of that disaster.

Random thoughts regarding the episode overall – I’ll go with 3 things, how’s that sound?

1. I love how when they were in swimwear they had those jackets like Olympians have.  Really? Was that necessary? It was THAT could? I remember last season when they were all freezing it was a little crazy. I thought they were over reacting but I guess maybe it is that cold.

2. I want one of the homework songs to be Call Me Maybe. I’m obsessed. I can’t help it. It’s part of my brain this summer. Please? Please do it?

3. Can we at least get a Kurt’s dad cameo? Come on!

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