The Glee Project – Adaptability

Last night we had Adaptability. I imagine it’s one of the most important themes of the season. This is one of those shows where I’m sure your lines change with the weather and the songs as well. Or at least, who’s singing various parts of songs. I thought picking Kevin McHale as the judge of the homework assignment was a pretty good pick. Having to adapt to being in a wheelchair when you’re fully capable of getting up and walking around. I do love when he has dream sequences where he’s walking/dancing. And, as you heard Ali say, he’s never cheated and moved his legs.

As far as the actual homework assignment though, how is Alanis Morrisette “You Oughtta Know” a particularly difficult song? Just curious. I would’ve liked to see them actually sing their parts as solos. I get they wanted the song to flow and not have the contestants look crazy, but I think it could’ve been funny watching people sing individual words, and single lines. So funny. Can’t you imagine? As far as the actual song, it was good but I guess they had to change the lyrics in order to gloss over people forgetting/screwing up their song.  That’s how you can tell these contestants are young. I mean Shanna, any girl over the age of 25 knows every single lyric to that song, and probably most of the Jagged Little Pill cd. I still liked her though, forgotten lyrics or not. Then there’s Ali though. Have I mentioned how terrifying Ali is? Her facial expressions really bother me. I’m glad Kevin McHale acknowledged it, I knew it wasn’t just me. She’s as terrifying as Blake is boring. Extremes people.  Blake makes up for it in his acting/screen time. Ie – not knowing what the song “Price tag” was – I know I didn’t. The winner of this challenge was Aylin. I guess she put all that “flirting with Charlie” effort to good use. She’s definitely my favorite character concept of everyone on the show. Really she’s the only one besides Mario with a clear cut character concept. Her’s might even be a little more unique than Marios. I don’t see Mario going very far as it is.

As for the main song, as you may’ve seen above, was “Price Tag,” a song I am in no way familiar with. I know the chorus a little and that’s about it. If it weren’t for Perez Hilton, I’m not sure I’d even know who Jessie J is.

Breaking down the filming, I couldn’t help but hate Mario and Charlie.

“My vibe is girls and money”

Really Michael? He thinks sitting quietly with a blank stare conveys a rich boy image of girls and money? It might be a little Stevie Wonder but at least Stevie was always smiling. He’s from Maryland, I want to like him but he’s driving me nuts… Let me pretend I’m talking to you one on one since I know you don’t read this – When you say “I am a good actor so I don’t know what they mean” you aren’t serious, right? You’re just trying to feign confidence? I’m sure no one has ever thought you were terrible. Are you going to trust people in po-dunk Southern Maryland telling you you’re good, or professionals in Hollywood telling you that you need work on your acting? I say po-dunk Southern Maryland with the utmost respect. I have nothing but love for my state.

Speaking of which, Charlie, don’t think you’ll win over my Maryland love by showing attempting to show you might know cities in Maryland. I will never like you. I promise. You look like Finn crossed with the Joker. And not Heath Ledger’s Joker, Jack Nicholson’s Joker. I didn’t like his little character idea at all. The only thing I liked is that I was hoping by showing in the music video that you don’t fit well in groups would come to my advantage and they’d put you in the bottom 3. I certainly had my fingers crossed. I’m ready for him to be gone like, yesterday.

I wasn’t at all sure who else would be in the bottom 3. I was kind of hoping for Ali just because, as I previously mentioned, she creeps me the hell out. I was pretty surprised when they put all 6 people in the bottom 3 but I get that whole adaptability curve, and singing in a duet practically screams adaptability. You have to work with someone who may not be the same style as you and make it work. Let’s go over how the three groups did!

Blake and Nellie – Waiting for a Girl Like You – I thought I knew this song but they really threw me off when I was listening to their version. They sing it like it’s a song I’ve never heard before (and I mean that as a compliment). Ultimately, I did know the song (Come on people! I know all the songs!). What a great, great song. It was like watching an actual scene from Glee. And they would make a super cute couple. I agreed with Ryan, that was an opera more than it was an audition. I’m glad Blake knew the song. He can only get by for so long on his dreaminess. He was definitely lucky to be singing with a girl, and not Charlie. He won me over that much more though, I must say. Such a sweet guy… that I would like to make out with.

Abraham and Ali – Last Friday Night – They definitely got the best song for their voices. Ali, still terrifying. Her voice is like a squeak toy and her facial expressions are like Britney Spears circa nervous breakdown, with a touch of Ramona eyes.

Maybe that’s something she can learn to correct. I only really notice it when she sings. The rest of the time she looks pretty normal. I also thought Abraham was fine but I think that might’ve been because I was completely distracted by crazy-face.

Mario and Charlie – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me – Talk about a group destined to fail. That being said, “Charlie’s Group” is practically an oxymoron. He doesn’t work in groups. He does his own thing and doesn’t care what you’re doing. Mario seems a touch the same way. He’s probably had to do a lot by himself in his life so I kind of get it and respect that with him, not Charlie. Secondly, I’m over the judges crying. At least Blake and Nellie were romantical. What is with Zach tonight? Come on. Which one is the pregnant one? You or Nikki?

When everything was said and done and the judges were discussing the bottom 3, Mario was like a politician when stating his case to his fellow contestants as far as why he should stay. The judges made it sound like they are giving general feedback which would assume he was going home. Charlie was definitely, well, seemed definitely optimistic and they really didn’t seem to talk about Abraham except to say he wasn’t good this week, but it was his first time in the bottom 3 and they really have no problems with him overall. I don’t feel like I know enough about him to send him home at this point anyway. I think it has to be Mario. Or Charlie. But, probably Mario. And then they revealed that it was Mario, who seemed to walk away with so much non-emotion. Hopefully he was acting?

Bye Mario. I’m sure you’ll find your talents can be used elsewhere.

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One thought on “The Glee Project – Adaptability

  1. The version of ‘Waiting,” performed by Blake and Nellie this week was the same arrangement performed by Puck in ‘Pot O’ Gold’ (3×04), he sings it to Beth and Shelby. I usually don’t like all the Glee-peats, but I loved this one!

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