The Glee Project – Sexuality

I was pretty psyched for the episode this evening. I don’t really care too much about the sexuality theme (although I was sure it provide some super-awkwardness, which I am a fan of) but I was super happy to see the guest mentor.

Santana is by far one of my favorite characters. The plus? She seems like a pretty nice girl (minus her judgment picking the winner). At least her advice to the was good. Sometimes I wish the original casting of Glee was televised because I’d love to see what all the actual members of Glee would’ve been like competing for a position.

So, let us move on to the homework song. Sometimes I’m really thrilled with the songs they pick but this was not one of those times. I get that “I Wanna Sex You Up” is sexy(ish) but how many of these contestants were even alive when this song came out? I thought it would be super weird but it turned out pretty good. Nellie was right in her inability to be sexual. The faces she made were most definitely awkward and hilarious all rolled into one. I didn’t think anyone really did any better or worse than anyone else, really. Facial expressions aside I thought most performances were pretty on par. How Charlie won is beyond me. I get that beatboxing is sexy, but Charlie is the opposite of sexy. He’s totally weird, bossy and obnoxious. I’ll forgive Naya for not knowing him and his attitude issues.

Since I don’t want to dole out compliments to Charlie, let’s move onto the music video. I’m with Ali, I do love a mash-up. This one featured the likes of “Milkshake” by Kelis and “Moves Like Jaggar” by Maroon 5. Honestly, if you asked me the next morning what they sang, I would’ve just said “Moves Like Jaggar”. I feel like Milkshake was barely noticeable in the mash-up. I know it was there but I feel like it was mostly background. What I loved about the video was how Nellie stood out – she’s most definitely growing on me to the place she was when I first liked her before I heard her sing. I thought the girls for the most part were much better than the guys, they just give it more. It being what the French call that certain I don’t know what. The guys are definitely more attractive but the women are the better actors. Even Lily Mae was likable in her performance, and I’m not one to like her. Shanna was just too likable for me to judge her in any kind of mean way. For someone overly bubbly, I don’t hate her.

It would figure then, that it would be all males in the bottom 3. Tyler (the Damien of this season, at least for the first 4 episodes), Douche boy Charlie (thank god the judges don’t think beat-boxing is sexy) and Michael (takes direction but has a slight choking problem – and not in the Christian Grey way). In Michaels defense, didn’t Rachel “Queen of Glee” Berry also choke? As for the final 3 performances I didn’t think anyone did any better or any worse than anyone else. That’s only because I didn’t like any of the performances for specific reasons all their own.

Charlie – Charlie is a douche. I don’t like him. The judges don’t like him, And he did a terrible version of “I Get a Kick out of You”. I kind of hate that Zach stood up for him. I guess if you like a guy, you like a guy. I just don’t like that guy and I’m hoping his douchey antics continue because I don’t think it’ll take many more times of him acting like that, for him to get kicked to the curb. No matter how good he is.

Tyler – I’ve heard “Smile” a lot of times throughout my competition singing show viewing and this is one probably wasn’t in the top 10 (this one was one of the top) (and Glee’s version of this song? Impeccable!).  I was pretty sure this would be his farewell performance. I felt like the criticism he received from the judges was more like advice for the future and not tips for the next week.

Michael – Finally there was Michael. Yikes. I wouldn’t say the lyrics of Jason Mraz songs are quite hard to learn. Maybe any song is hard to learn in and hour or two. This just reminds me of a terrible American Idol audition. This would be one of those times that even Randy would make you stop singing. Buuuuuttt…. Back to Michael. So, what was I saying? That he was horrible? Yeah. Unlike Charlie however, I really like Michael. He’s nice to look at, he has good eyes for singing, as in, I feel like his eyes are screaming “MAKE OUT WITH ME” when he sings. That’s what I mean by good eyes for singing.

And because Michael is beautiful to look at and because Charlie has a guardian angel, it was Tyler who would go home. Bye Tyler. You’ll be missed. I did enjoy your character idea. Maybe next year, or in 5 years, when you’re more comfortable in your skin. Just don’t take so long that you can’t pass for a high school student anymore.

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2 thoughts on “The Glee Project – Sexuality

  1. watchitrae

    I like how you mentioned hearing “Smile” done over and over. Does it annoy you that they keep repeating songs that they already did on Glee? I’d like to hear some “new” covers! I think by the time Tyler grows enough(emotionally, not physically) to own his change, he’ll be able to land much better roles than what Glee has to offer.

    • While I wish they wouldn’t repeat songs on Glee – it’s like the ones they don’t sing on Glee, I don’t know. haha. At least the newer songs.

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