The Glee Project – Vulnerability

Well this week was one of my favorites last season: Vulnerability (sorry I had to watch it a few days late. I was way too tired to stay up to watch it on Tuesday).

I was really surprised to see Cory Monteith as the guest for this episode. He just isn’t who I think of when I think of vulnerability on the show. I don’t really know who I think of but it isn’t him. Maybe Tina, or Sam maybe? Even Coach Beist like last season. I just don’t see Finn. That being said, his voice when he talks as Cory, sounds incredibly wimpy/vulnerable, so I guess we’ll give him a pass.  I also agree with Lily that he was more attractive here than he is on Glee. Not sure why that is but he looked different to me… maybe it was the clothes. I was not at all attracted to that whisper voice thing he was doing, though. So weird.

As for the homework assignment, “My Life Would Suck Without You”, I don’t like to agree with Charlie but I agree that was a weird song to pick for vulnerability. It’s not even the most vulnerable of Kelly Clarkson songs. It was a little bizarre; that being said, there were definitely standouts in the vulnerability department. Nellie was definitely one of the best. I agree she was worth the favorite pick (especially after hearing what the final song would be). She was starting to lose me last week but you can tell when she gets a song that fits her, that’s how she made it onto the show and she can totally be a standout if they keep doing songs that reflect her voice.

I thought Shanna or Aylin were a close second. I don’t know what anyone sees in Ali. Her voice is so weird and I’m glad that vocal judge Nikki sees it too.

In a morbid way I was kind of looking forward to seeing what the contestants shared when meeting with Erik. I really liked this episode last season. This season though, I didn’t think anyone really had anything incredibly vulnerable like last year when the girl admitted to having an eating disorder, and I just kind of felt like the bullying stories were a touch forced. Or possibly made up. I don’t doubt that Lily was the bully, but the scenario about watching Mean Girls and realizing that was her and she needed to apologize? I don’t see her apologizing. I mean the one guy (Michael/Blake – I forget who it was) who talked about watching a kid being bullied, I don’t know if I believed that but at least he’s a better actor than Lily. The more I see of her the more I can’t stand her. Her whole video shoot as the bully was definitely something I’d buy though, her kicking the crap out of someone smaller than her.

I really like that the contestants were singing something slower and more musical than their previous performances. I thought the song showed off a lot of the contestants voices. It’s definitely a great song for Nellie to shine on.  As for the standouts of the music video, I think it was totally Blake, agreeing with the judges once again. 100%. I thought that they all sounded great but Blake really stood out to me. All the girls were really good tonight as well. Maybe I’m just bad at saying anything negative about people singing about bullying? That’s probably it.

When it came time to pick the bottom 3, as usual, I completely agreed with the judges. This time though, I don’t think these three were in the bottom for their voices. I think they were there because of their attitude and annoyingness. So lets get to the bottom 3.

Lily Mae – Mercy – Lily terrifies me. I would not want to be found in a dark alley with her on the other side. She just seems like a very selfish and mean person. I mean, saying how well you did and how the judges just didn’t notice you in the homework assignment? The noticed you enough to critique you so clearly they asw you. She needs to get over herself. That’s just it. Her attitude sucks and whether it’s her competitiveness or not, nothing about her seems genuine. Even her crying doesn’t seem genuine to me. Maybe it sways Ryan, but not me.

Charlie – Fix You – I don’t like Charlie. He’s weird to me. He looks a little too much like Finn, and not in a good way. He’s also the ugliest of the boys on the show. He sang the song so well though. It was definitely my favorite performance of the bottom 3 tonight. I was really surprised how much Ryan liked Charlie though. It’s one thing to be swayed by his singing but usually Ryan focuses so much on the character and it was like he completely looked over Charlies character options. He must’ve because finding a character mold for him to fit into would be really hard in my opinion. Does he have a man crush on Charlie/Finn type characters?

Mario – Over the Rainbow – When this show started Mario was one of my favorites but he really rubbed me the wrong way in this episode. At first, before he went on his high horse, I was a little scared for Mario. I felt like Ryan was already leaning toward saving the previous two and Mario’s chances were numbered. He was almost lucky he’s blind because that story line almost writes itself. So all that being said, I did like him but then he goes and does these things that kind of make me hate him. I know if there’s one thing the judges hate it’s a contestant that won’t accept the judges critique and you aren’t going to go anywhere if you don’t listen and comprehend the criticism and correct what needs to be corrected. I agree with Ryan that he needs to drop his defenses. He needs to listen. Much as I hate to agree with Lily, she was right. Mario needs to drop his crux and listen.

For the record, I told Zack at the commercial break after the judges talked, that they’d keep all 3. I’m a freaking Glee Project genius. I call it all the time actually. I think it’s my reality tv talent. I can tell when they aren’t going to cut someone. It’s my magical talent.

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