Outside work, Part III

In the third of my outside work posts, I’m pointing out the project that was solely mine! And what fun it was. Let’s start with some background. When the previous owners sold their home to us, they left behind some interesting little creatures.

In the front yard are my favorites. Mr. and Mrs. Deer and Mr. Turtle are minding the garden

Mr. and Mrs. Deer

Mr. Turtle

And then there’s Mr. and Mrs. Frog. They take care of the side yard garden

Mr. and Mrs. Frog

I’ll admit, Mr. and Mrs. Frog are a touch creepy which is why they are in the side yard, but I like how they look like little love birds and I had a soft spot for them when we moved in, so we kept them. Also, they aren’t nearly as creepy as those relegated to the back yard.

Let me introduce you to this little corner of the backyard

The area was a bit of a hot mess. To say the least. We didn’t even realize there was that little semi-circle of an area until months after we moved in because it was covered in leaf debris, and then snow, for the first 6 months we lived there. When it was discovered we thought we should do something there. We tried planting some wildflowers but they just looked like weeds. We’re still technically up in the air with what we can do there but there were a few aspects we knew we could take care of. First we (and by we I mean Zack) cut down all the ivy in our backyard. Then we mulched. And then, we took care of those animal. Let me introduce you to the island of lost garden ornaments.

Least of the creepy, we have another Mr. Turtle, attached to a rock.

Then there’s the mischievous/slightly creep Mr.Chipmunk

Finally, the uber creepy white squirrel.

Just try to tell me that last guy isn’t a soul-eating rodent? Something needed to be done with these guys and I had the perfect solution and thy name is spray paint! After analyzing all the color options at home depot I went with an oil-rubbed bronze. It seems to be a favorite among the blogs I read and they’re craft savvy so who am I to disagree? (…travel the world and the seven seas, everybody’s looking for something… sorry… tangent)

Anyway… after an afternoon of spray-painting and two coats of paint, we now have decidedly less creepy garden animals.

Snazzy Mr. Terrapin (he’s been upgraded from turtle, and we already have a Mr. Turtle)

Dapper Mr. Chipmunk

Still slightly terrifying Bronze Squirrel

I still have nightmares that the white squirrel who torments my dreams will come back and eat away his spray painted self until he’s all white and creepy again but I’ll enjoy his bronze self until then. If you look beyond the terrifying squirrel, you can also see one of the bushes we transplanted from the front yard into the back to have more room for the garden.

Anyway, now the whole area looks decidedly more attractive!

And you barely notice the soul-eating squirrel. Now all we need is some grass where the ivy was (along with 500 other things). We’re thinking about putting a hydrangea bush in that mulched area but someone has decided he’s a fan of that little mulch patch made just for him, and isn’t he prettier than a couple of hydrangea bushes?

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