Outside Work, Part II

As promised, I’m back this week to talk about the backyard. I thought the front yard would be where all the hard work was, but that’s only because I didn’t think we’d live to seriously tackle the backyard. And really, I almost didn’t, if you count what I think was a wicked spider bite as a near death experience.

Anyway, I tried to find some before pictures since my husband did a lot of this while I was out, but I couldn’t really find anything too extensive. Here’s a picture of my husband from when we first moved into our house (circa 2009).

What’s important to take away from this photo is that large patch of ivy to the right (that goes all the way down the hill and takes up a good half of the yard) and the forsythia behind his head. You may also notice if you’ve been to our house since 3 months after we lived there, there’s also no fence. That was our first big house purchase. That’s how hard it is to find a picture of this yard! I do have some fence documentation though!

Back to the backyard though. Apparently I hate the forsythia because I had no pictures of it at all while it’s blooming, or really just of it with leaves on it for that matter. Oh well. I did find a few pictures so you could all get the gist. Here’s our porch area in the winter time:

This was during snowpocalypse. See all those sticks? That’s the forsythia. Now, see this train wreck:

Fall is kind of ridiculous when you live on a wooded lot. The leaves are just crazy. See that big crowded mess on the left? That’s the forsythia bushes. Seven of them to be exact. This was the best picture I had of the forsythia filled out. If you are unsure of what they look like in bloom, just check them out here.

We had never really thought of moving the forsythia. Zack always liked the yellow flowers and it offered to make the area below our porch into a little forsythia lined room. The problem occurred when we were looking for a place to put a wedding gift we’d received. My husbands Uncle Rudy made us a beautiful porch swing that we’ve been jonsing to hang up for years and never really knew where to do it. We have a front porch:

It’s not very big though and we don’t really want to hang out in the front yard. We also didn’t know how strong the material was that the roof of the porch is made out of. Then we thought about the backyard and how it would look great underneath the porch out back, if that darned forsythia wasn’t there. So, we decided in the true fashion of most of our yardwork, lets transplant those suckers! And that’s what we did. Well, one is still looking for a home but the rest have successfully been moved! So now it looks a little something like this (Molly would like to help introduce you to Mr. Swing):

And now lets pan out for a more panoramic view

We figured if we were going to move the middle four forsythia bushes, and plant some flowers. We bought petunias, some hosta, a weird spidery plant (maybe to commemorate my ominous bite?) and some lilies which I am officially in love with. Are they not beautiful?

Here are some other shots too, just to show I’m not totally bias towards the lilies. I do also love the scarlet begonias, mostly so I can sing to them.

Our eldest dog, Scrapple, is a big fan of the garden

I’m a big fan of another feature in this little area and thy name is rain barrel. We’d considered making one after I read this blog from YoungHouseLove, but as it would turn out, our county sells them once a year in a big “Compost/Rain Barrel” sale! So we actually bought 3. Yup! One for us, one for my husbands mother and one for her neighbor! It was that good of a deal!

What’s so great about the rain barrel is that we have it hooked up to a soaker hose, so it makes watering our lovely little garden that much easier and if you can dummy-proof watering, I’ll take it! I am a notorious plant killer! And this picture is just another illustration of the forsythia! Those guys are actually still there to hide said rain barrel.

But lets get a view from the porch swing because that’s what this entire thing was for!

Oh how I love it so. It’s so nice to swing and relax with a glass of wine (or PBR if you’re my husband) after a hard day of yard work. We’ve sat in it a few times already and it’s been up less than a week. Less than 4 days for that matter! It’s the best. It only took us almost 3 years to the day (my anniversary is tomorrow) to get it hung up, but I’ll take it! It’s a wonderful free little anniversary gift from the hubs to have it hanging finally. Hopefully we’ll be able to admire an even more cleaned up yard soon enough! Or in the fall with some cocoa? The possibilities are endless really.

I’ll be back with one or two more outdoor posts soon but then we’re taking a little (much deserved) yard-work break!

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One thought on “Outside Work, Part II

  1. Nancy

    Good job Kid!

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