The Glee Project – Dancability

So this week they are challenged to dance! I have a feeling this is just one of those difficult weeks for everyone. I get it. Dancing is a talent that is just not one I possess. Not that I’m a great singer or anything for that matter, either.

Lets talk about Taryn for a minute. She had one of my favorite voices of the group. I don’t know where she really fit in and maybe that was her problem, but I really liked her voice and I hope she’s able to do something with it in the future.

As for the homework challenge, We Got the Beat. I actually have a routine for this from back in high school! I could’ve choreographed this in minutes! As for the performance, a few things were reinforced me, and some things changed for me.


1. I still don’t like Samuel. Man he’s annoying. When he said skadoosh? You stole that, just like you stole the whole idea of your character.
2. The wheelchair girl is not my friend. She reminds me of Amy Poehlers character from SNL that only had one leg. I swear they make the same facial expressions. Shanna could give her a bit of a run for her money.

3. I still really like the Justin Beiber girl (Dani) and Mario, the Maryland native. And the hot bath geek. Blake? So hot. If Aylin had any sense in her head she would drop Charlie and pick up Blake (if that’s an option).

Changed: Nellie, not a big fan anymore. That first line of hers was super weird.

And the winner of this weeks challenge? Abraham! I do like his rocking of a grey shirt. I want to know more about him, too. I don’t really know what his deal is, but he has a good look and maybe that’s enough. Possibly another love interest for Tina Cohen-Chang?

Moving onto the music video – I’m so glad the choreographer agreed with what I also thought was the horrible dancing. And that Blake was doing really well, because I agree. And I completely agree that Lilly was super weird. I think it was just that whole “trying to hard” thing. It was probably a pretty difficult song to do in general just because the song clearly doesn’t need a great vocals. It’s a party song after all. What it really was though, was a hot mess. Messy is the best way I could put it.

I definitely think (as I usually do with these judges) that they kept back all the right people.

Dani – Landslide – Beautiful, just like I wanted it to be. She’s so sweet and adorable. I really hope she goes far in this competition. She does need to find herself a little more though. Her eyes are piercing though. Ryan is right that she isn’t in the broadway pop style. You can’t argue that. Which made me really really scared.

Tyler – Daniel – His voice is just so weird to me. I know that according to him this song fits his voice more, and maybe it does compared to last week but it just sounds so off to me. Throw caution to your safety net, says Ryan? I guess, if that’s the vibe he’s getting. I don’t get safe so much as trying to figure things out still. It could still be a reason to go home though. I think I just like him because I don’t want to hate him like I hate the final contestant.

Lilly – Man, I Feel Like a Woman – I don’t know why she is saying she’s never seen a big girl be the sexy girl because I feel like Lauren Zizes was that girl. Maybe it’s just because I want Lily to go home? I’m glad Ryan thinks her attitude sucks, as well. I agree. She does suck, to me. That being said, and Ryan knows this – Alex had an attitude the whole show and he made it to the finale, so she could be that person of this season.

In the end it was Dani. whomp whomp. I understand why he did it but it doesn’t make me any less upset. I’m sure there are coffee houses all over that would love to have her! And a certain website is out there where you could be heavily featured. Good luck to you Dani! If you ever put out a cd, I hope I want to own a copy. And maybe I’ll see you at starbucks sometime soon!

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