Outside Work, Part 1

We’ve been taking full advantage of the lovely weekend weather we’ve been having around here (wow, that’s a lot of W’s). We used most of our May weekends and a few of our June weekends to really put the pedal to the metal. Or grass, as it were. I thought I’d take a few of my future blog posts to just show the work we’ve been doing around the yard. This post, I’m going to talk about our garden.

Last year we were garden failures. We planted a lot, mostly on a whim and all we ended up with was a lot of jalapenos and lettuce we couldn’t eat fast enough. Let me explain.

Our house doesn’t get a lot of light. We live on what most would call a pretty wooded lot. We have nice flowerbeds out front so we thought our only option for a garden would be potted, on our back patio. We ended up with something a little like this… 

Like I said though, it was pretty much an epic fail. We got entirely too much rain last year, and the buckets were constantly flooded. We knew we needed a better system. Then we realized that maybe we were approaching this the wrong way. We thought to ourselves that we needed to bring the garden to where the light was and thus, a proverbial seed was planted.

We moved the garden out front. We took the flowerbed right in front of our house, transplanted some bushes to the back (the first of many transplantations we’ve been doing over the past few weeks) and got to planting! Now, we’ve got a nice little set up, with more than we had last year both in diversity and well, just more because things are actually growing. It  looks a little something like this:

We also got this really neat little bin of sorts. It’s a little more high tech than our 5-gallon buckets of last year. This one has a draining system, some kind of trash bag cover and a hole for watering. I’m pretty sure I could’ve made this but we decided to just buy the pre-made set up (and ended up buying a second one a week later). This is our first one filled with 2 pepper plants and 2 eggplant plants

What’s bananas is, that in just 3 short weeks we’ve gone from that, to THIS!

The eggplant is seriously out of control! And our tomato plants are already showing early signs of actually producing tomatoes! We never got a tomato last year. The mint is also taking off like a weed, but it smells way better than a weed!

You can also see our now second bucket. It’s got some basil, jalapenos, and 2 cherry tomato plants. Those are new so they’re still small, but they are certainly on their way. I swear the basil has doubled in size in just the week it’s been out there. We’re already planning a batch of spaghetti sauce using the fresh oregano (hiding behind the massive eggplant bin) and basil! Tomatoes too I suppose once they actually come in 🙂

One of the small little weird garden blessings we also got this year? Well, while watering the largest of the tomato plants a few weeks ago my husband broke off a chunk of one so he just kind of stuck it in the dirt and hoped for the best… well believe it or not that sucker is taking off too. It looked like death for a week or so but it’s actually starting to grow now. It’s a spring of miracles to say the least!

The last thing we have left to do, at least garden related is to find a home for this guy and his brother:

That thing in the bucket is our apple tree. We actually have 2 but we can’t decide where to plant them. Someday soon we’ll hopefully think of something but methinks it will involve a bit more transplanting of bushes. That’s an old hat for us now though so we’re ready for anything!

We still have lots going on! I’ll post about the backyard later. I think this is enough for one post. Here’s a hint though:

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