The Glee Project – Individuality

Ok here’s the thing Glee Project – if you’re episode is about who’s making the top 14, shouldn’t you not have commercials featuring the top 14 before the reveal is made? I’ll forgive them since I watched this 2 days late, right before I Watched the official first episode.

There are so many, infinitely many reasons that this is one of my favorite reality shows. For one, I get to see a bit of the inner workings of my favorite TV show (that’s currently on tv). I love seeing how Ryan Murphys brain works. Secondly, I really love how honest and up front the mentors are. They’re going to tell you exactly how it needs to be because it’s their job to make sure the show looks good. It’s not their job to make you feel better.

What kind of weirds me out about the Glee Project – that all the kids kind of amplify “what’s wrong with them” as they introduce themselves. I’m in a wheelchair, I had an eating disorder, I’m blind, I’m in a wheelchair. I genuinely hate when people tell their grief/sob stories to the judges before they even sing. Here, it’s expected to know what your problem is, but everyone has issues. No one is coming onto the show completely devoid of issues. I guess in some regard the same could be said about Idol but you know what I mean.

I’m really surprised that they’re determined to only pic one person this season. I mean, they’re losing a fair amount of people. I thought they’d actually pick 2 for sure. I guess it makes sense though since this season, they want to kind of do that “show within a show” thing so I guess it’s gonna be easier if they don’t have to introduce a bunch of new characters.

As for the challenges this week, well, this actually goes for every week, I feel like a lot of time, watching the homework challenge is difficult. It reminds me of group night on Idol. Everyone wants to show themselves and it barely qualifies as a group performance because they aren’t trying to be a group, they’re trying to get noticed, and that really bothers me. The good thing is that they get better at it as the group gets smaller and they (will hopefully) be a little more team oriented. I guess that’s why it’s good that this week was “Individuality” because that’s certainly where there heads were while singing Lady Gaga.

On the other hand, I really like when they do the music video at the end. I’ve always liked the ideas behind the music videos and while you can see behind the scenes who wasn’t really living up to par, they always make the videos look good

Let’s start with the contestants we saw the most of this episode:

Shanna – The winner of the week and first called back. I see they like her but I don’t really see what she brings to the table. I do like geeky southerners though so that’s fine. She reminds me of a souther Megan Hilty (anyone watch Smash?) And can we just mention Lea Michele’s shoes during the private session. Love! I tried finding a picture of them to no avail.

Aylin – First of the bottom 3. The character of the flirt. The Turkish girl talking about not being allowed to use Tampons (In the pre-first episode, Ryan Murphy had said “She had me at tampon”). She definitely stood out of the bottom 3.  Good songs always help. She had it hardest I think because of Lea Michele also singing this song, and so recently no less. At least her personality showed so well. I think that helped her. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s clearly already thought about what her character would be. I think that’s part of the reason Damien made it on the show last year. Ryan saw him the most of anyone so it was easier to picture him on the show. Being in the bottom is definitely a blessing and a curse.

Tyler – The second of the bottom 2. And also, the transsexual. It is odd to me that he would try out this year. I only say that because it sounds like his voice is still going through transition and to me, I feel like it might be better if he waited until his voice kind of got set before he tried out. At least he acknowledged the vocal changes.

Maxfield – The eliminated contestant of the week. It’s never good when a judge describes you as “disastrous”. No one likes to hear that. At first when I heard his whole “issue” was that he just started singing 6 months ago. I didn’t realize that was an issue but ok. I do think not having the chops as a professional performer is something you can’t really fake unless you’ve really got it, in this competition, and the judges saw that. Sorry about your luck. Bye bye Maxfield.

As for the rest of the contestants…

Abraham – The only thing I really know about him is that he’s from San Diego (I think) and he has cool hair.

Ali – I want to describe her as “huge boobs in a wheelchair with a squeaky voice”. She’s probably my least favorite of the girls so far. I was going to say “her or _____________” but really I can’t think of anyone else that I really don’t like of the females, so far anyway.

Blake – I have to agree Robert (the head judge) on this one. When he sings he just kind of looks like a star walked into the room. That being said, I’m still having a hard time remembering who’s Blake, Charlie, and Michael. Charlie only helps because he wears that beanie.

Charlie – Looks a heck of a lot like Finn. And much like Finn, he’s one of my least favorites.

Dani – The reason the website “Lesbians who look like Justin Beiber” was created. I really like her though. And, I think that it would be a very Glee move to have a woman that looks like Justin Beiber, as opposed to a guy like Justin.

Lily Mae – Her competitiveness scares me.

Mario – He’s from Lanham, MD! And he’s blind, minor issue. HE has a great smile though so that helps J

Michael – The math geek. Hot geek? Sign me up! He may get lost in the shuffle but he’s definitely attractive enough to stay, in my lovely little opinion.

Nellie – Her sister passed away when she was 9. She’s an early favorite of mine. She’s adorable. I love her look, her style of singing. All of it.

Taryn – I still don’t know much about her, but she has one of my favorite voices.

And that’s it for episode 1.

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