Avocado Egg Salad

I’ve found the most awesome new pinterest recipe. I’ve never liked egg salad. I abhor egg salad. More importantly, I abhor mayo, and egg yolks. That being said, I LOVE avocado. And hard boiled egg whites. I figured if anything was going to get me to eat egg salad, this would be it.

I went with this recipe. I’ve actually been reading this blog for a little while. I love the way she describes the process of her recipes. I can’t say I love all the recipes, but I love her writing style and the way she breaks down everything. She also officially taught me how to hard boil an egg. I know, I’ve cooked a lot of things but since I always hated egg yolks, I never really felt the need to hard boil eggs. But since I learned, I’ve done it 3 times already! I’m a hard boiling egg machine!

So anyway, I’ve made this avocado egg salad a few times. I don’t put the onion in, and I use the smart balance spread instead of mayo but other than that I used the recipe exactly as she listed.

The best part about this little dish is all the different ways you can make it. The first time, I made it with bacon bits and tomatoes, and ate it with tortilla chips. The second time I ate it as lettuce wraps with some shredded carrot and tomatoes. This time was the best though. I toasted an english muffin with some cheddar cheese, put down a slice of tomato and then put the avocado egg salad on top. It was so good! This last one must’ve been the best because it’s the only one I took the time to take a picture of.

Anyway, even if you don’t like egg salad, if you like avocado this is a must try. And check out that blog. It’s always a good read!

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