Memorial Kayak

Kayaking is something my husband and I have been doing since we first started dating. He started long before me but he took me on our first kayaking adventure and we’ve been going ever since. His first Christmas present to me was actually a kayak! He got one for himself too so that I’d have someone to paddle with. He’s so thoughtful 🙂 With how expensive it is to rent kayaks, it’s really quite affordable to just buy one. They pay for themselves after around 8 trips, give or take.

So anyway, for the last few years (not consecutively but close), we’ve gone kayaking with our friends Joshica. They’re our kayaking partners in crime. This year, we went on a brand new adventure! Judging by the amount of other kayakers on the creek/river, it’s not an often traveled course but as always, we had a blast.

We got rain last night so the water was a decent height, and there were a minimal amount of times we had to portage (for non-boaters that means get up and carry your kayak over shallow water/trees/giant rocks that you can’t get passed). It’s something you always have to take into consideration when testing new waters. We usually have to do it at least once or twice on the rivers that aren’t travelled as much. There were also a few minor rapids to go through but they were fun, not scary. And I’m a wimp so if they weren’t scary for me, they won’t be scary for the novice, either. This was just enough to still be a lot of fun!

Here are the details if you’re a kayaker around Maryland, in case we care to give it a shot!

And don’t forget to get your permit!

Our Route

I’m not entirely sure the distance but with 4 people and a few little stops, it took us around 3 hours from start to finish (plus another 30 minutes for preparing the kayaks/shuttling the cars).

The bridge we started at (there’s parking here)

Here’s a view of the starting point from the water

The finish (more parking here)

And that was our trip. It was so much fun. If you like to kayak and/or you like an adventure, I highly recommend this paddle!

Can anyone name this thoroughly creepy looking spider?

Another great part about this trip, honeysuckle!

It wouldn’t be a trip without a picture of the ‘yota

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