Phillip Phillips, Le Panty Melter

This night is about the contestants so I’m going to refrain from talking about Randy. You’re welcome, Randy (but seriously, a sherbet colored jacket twice in the same month?). Anyway…

We’ve come a long way from this


To this

I’m not going to lie, this was the first picture I found of the top 2, but it was also my favorite because Phillip looks dreamy and Jessica looks… well… like Jessica. I can’t say I’m totally happy with the Top 2. I would venture to say I’m happy about 50% of it. As for what would be happening tonight, the judges were pretty tight lipped as you can tell from the picture of this weeks set list

Not exactly forthcoming.

But with all that, lets break down the music!

I thought it would be fun to look back at my first opinions of the two singers. We first saw Jessica, er, maybe we saw her before this but I first referenced her, in group week, and I had this to say

I had nicer things to say about Phillip

I do like that I’ve been calling him a panty melter on day 1 because well, I was calling him that more than once tonight.

Ok, let’s get to Round 1

Jessica Sanchez – I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston)

I don’t think it would’ve been fitting for her to sing anything else. This season has been an onslaught of Whitney, and this song has been sung on the Idol stage 7 times not including this performance (even this song was sung in the Top 13 week by Shannon Magrane).  It’s a good judge though because of the popularity on the show. I will say she sang it better than Shannon. I don’t know that she sang it better than JHud or Katherine McPhee. Probably better than McPhee. I don’t think the song stunned me in any way though. Ballads are just boring sometimes. Finish with a ballad but don’t sing ballads for all 3 of your songs. I imagine that’s the producers doing, and by imagine I know it is because Nigel Lithgoe himself picked the song for her.

Phillip Phillips – Stand By Me

Like the aforementioned song, this song has also been done on Idol a time or two. Luckily for Phillip, his version sounds absolutely nothing like Gokey, Archuleta or Bo Bice’s version. Maybe a touch like Bo Bice’s but gentler and softer. Also like Jessica’s, it didn’t totally blow me away but I did like it entirely more than Jessica’s performance.

As for round 1, I think Jennifer summed it up.  Do you want Jessica with an amazing voice, or do you want Phillip who has a soulfulness and originality… hmm… let me think about that in as long as it takes me to write “hmm”. I’ll take the soulfulness, thank you.  Another thing I noticed, Phillip is wearing a white/blue shirt combo. How on earth did they get him out of grey?

Round 2

Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer (Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli)

So this brought her into the Top 24, eh? I was wondering when she sang this because I didn’t remember it. I looked back on that night and I didn’t even write about her. That being said, I really liked this performance. I thought it was very touching. I loved her dress, I loved the song, all in all, I think this will probably be my favorite performance of Jessica’s for the evening.

Phillip Phillips – Movin’ Out (Billy Joel)

Sorry Phillip, I really wasn’t a fan of this song. I wanted to like it. I love Billy Joel, but as I’ve said about some of your tunes in the past, you just slowed this down too much. It just needed to be picked up a few notches. I liked the way he sang the song, he just needed to pick it up a tad bit.

For me, I think Jessica won this round so it would be a tie. I could only hope at this point that Phillip would have another “Volcano” moment and bring it out at the end.

Round 3

Jessica Sanchez – Change Nothing

I didn’t hate this song like I’ve hated past Idol songs but it just didn’t sound like a song she would sing. I liked the strings, and the piano, but the whole sitting on top of a piano, in pants? Come on Jessica, you love a shiny dress. I just wouldn’t think this would be your final performance. I don’t wish ill of you (despite what I may or may not have said about you in previous blog posts). I do like to hear  people sing that last song well. This was just really eh to me. Especially compared to your last song. I think Jennifer said it best – she didn’t bring the “waaah” to it. As much as I’m not a fan of the “waah” it’s Jessica’s signature and this song didn’t have it.

Phillip Phillips – Home

God. Damn. Phillip is officially a panty melter everyone. For anyone who doubted it, just know that you are categorically wrong.  If there was anything wrong with that song I was COMPLETELY blinded. I have nothing to say except that wow was that good. From the marching band, the light strumming on the guitar, the grit in his voice. I’m in love. If that’s not the song of a winner, I don’t know what is. And welcome back greyness. You may be wearing a black shirt but that’s a grey jacket if I ever saw one and I hope you wear grey throughout your Idol tour days. If you make it there. Have you guys seen the stuff on his kidney problems? Yikes! Holy painful batman.

I hope you win Phillip. This is my final plea. I have officially voted once for the evening, and it was for my main man.

Goooo Phillip!

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