Judges, Hometowns and Jimmy, Oh My!

Well folks, it’s been a long season and we’re finally down to the bottom 3. Is it just me or do these last few weeks feel like they are taking longer than the first 5 episodes? Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge fan of the top 3. In fact, I’m only a quasi-big fan of Phillip. I haven’t really loved Jessica or Joshua at all this season. I do love Josh’s personality and when I see him on the show in the background clips and whatnot, but his singing is just eh to me.

I would like to thank Wikipedia for giving me a good laugh tonight. I started the show late so I checked Wikipedia to see what songs I missed and would be catching up on, and I saw this little update (notice anything weird) –

Maybe I missed that John Lennon song. Or maybe it was a love song written to Yoko? Who knows. Last time I checked I was pretty sure the song was called Imagine. Haha.

One thing I do enjoy about tonights show, is that we get “Judges Pick” and “Jimmy’s Pick” and those are always my favorite. For all those times they tell the contestants that they didn’t pick the right song, this is their chance to say – This! This is the right song! Honestly though, they’re usually right. And Jimmy, he’s always right, whether I like it or not.

Might I also mention that tonight, Jessica looks like a diamond between a sherbet and a homeless person. It’s not hard for her to stand out but she looked especially lovely to me tonight.  And Randy, well, he’s open to a lot of twitter fodder tonight, to say the least. Let’s take a gander at this outfit real quick. He lovingly tweeted one for me:

While the watch is obviously the main fault of this outfit (keep it in your pocket Randy) and the jacket just isn’t his color, I’m mesmerized by the boots. Gold? Yes please! I love gold! I started my twitter search and this was the first thing I saw:

And then I saw this which truly made me laugh out loud:

I will say though, that while I highlight the negative, a lot of people (with bad taste) were saying how much they liked his lapel watch. Probably only because they didn’t see his shoes (and because they have bad taste, like Randy) With that, let’s get on to the music.

Joshua Ledet

Hometown visit – Highlights – The lady with the eye patch. Did you miss her? I don’t know how you couldn’t but here – you’re welcome. What is it about an eye patch that always makes me giggle?

And this tweet could’ve been mine

It’s amazing just how many people came out for him at that hometown concert. That being said, if there was ever a local idol that didn’t suck, I would totally come out to watch them! He really is adorable. Personality wise, I do truly enjoy Joshua. I hope (as much as I wanted girls in the finale, that it’s Josh and Phillip in the finale).

Judges Pick – I’d Rather Go Blind (Etta James) – Josh was fine, as he always is, in this song, he just bored me completely. I guess you could blame Randy because it was his pick, and I like to blame Randy for things, but this has been a problem of Joshua’s a lot, in my opinion. Is it wrong that I was more entertained by the Kraft commercial about a head of lettuce that was shown post-performance, than I was with his Etta James cover.

Personal Pick – Imagine (John Lennon) – Sorry Joshua. There’s a problem with this song, and you singing it. Problem, thy name is Archuleta – one of the best Idol performances, ever. I was wondering if he could turn down the crazy and give a soft, soulful version of Imagine… he started that way but it kind of descended from there. Jennifer is just so smitten with him. Maybe it’s one of those things where you have to see him perform live? I don’t think so though. I agree he was more controlled than usual, but he wasn’t as tame as I would’ve liked.

Jimmy Pick – No More Drama (MJB) – Is this music the opening to a soap opera? Days of our Lives? It’s all I can think about because this song is awful. I’m just not a fan at all. No way shape or form. Sorry Joshua. The only thing I liked was Hollie’s reaction in the crowd. She had her hand up like he brought her to church.

Jessica Sanchez

Hometown – So, you were homeschooled? That makes sense. Yes. No one really liked you? Weird. I have no idea why… I think I would like her more if she could just get her teeth fixed. Please get your teeth fixed! Her home visit definitely looked like the most fun. Highlights from this visit – that would be Mr. Danny Sanchez. He is hot. I can’t deny it. I wish he was in uniform but he was hot, nevertheless. Look at those arms.

Judges Pick – My All (Mariah Carey) – I have to say, while this song is also somewhat boring, this is definitely a more tender song for Jessica to sing. I think it’s definitely better than her last few performances on the show. I didn’t hate it. That’s a compliment enough for me. Dull is a word that comes to mind though. That and that she should lay off the high ones (which makes me think of A League of Their Own. Mule! Nag!)

Personal Pick – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith) – This is the 7th time this song is being performed on the Idol stage. Playing on Steven Tylers emotions are we? This is actually the second Armageddon reference I’ve had today, oddly enough (how did that movie come out in 1998?? Sheesh). I can still remember Liv Tyler holding her hand up to the screen crying, in the music video/movie. So sad. I thought Jessica’s performance was ok and I loved the strings (they’re kind of like piano, they make everything better), but that last note made everything so much worse. It was awful. I do want to think back now on songs that people have sung of Steven Tylers to see if he really was critical. I can’t recall.

Jimmy Pick – I’ll Be There (Jackson 5) – I’m really glad at least someone was man enough to admit that he didn’t love this song (it must be the gold shoes that set him apart).  I didn’t love it either. I am also glad he reminded me that Mariah also sang this song. I knew it was someone. Also what is that outfit? I’m just glad that her being done always meant it was time for Phllip. What was that line Steven said to her about never being boring? It was something that rhymed but that’s all I remember, why? Because I was bored and barely listening.

Phillip Phillips

I do like Steven’s advice for Phillip to write his own music. He has to. He’s that type of artist. I almost wish (because I’m sure he has personal songs) that they would’ve let him sing a song he’s written. They probably wouldn’t even let him do that in the finale.

Hometown – I already know Phillips hometown will be my favorite. His talk of that restaurant makes me want to eat there like, yesterday.  Highlights – El Maya! (Yes, I will take the Phillip Nachos) Also, the large woman who grabbed Phillip when he got out of the limo at the pawn shop. Saying his parents are my favorite would be an understatement. They’re adorbs.

He also got the best place to perform, in an open air arena. That’s his scene for sure. I mean, how many times will Jessica perform on a battleship, really?

Judges Pick – Beggin’ (The Four Seasons) – I didn’t know this song which wasn’t a terrible thing but I wish Steven would’ve picked something I did know. Actually, Jessica had the only song of the three judges picks that I knew. That’s ok though. Back to Phillip – this was really good, but for some reason I wanted it to be louder. Also, my eyes were fixated on that vein in his forehead. I don’t know if I ever noticed it before but I noticed it tonight and I feel like it was all I noticed.

Personal Pick – Disease (Matchbox 20) – I love this song. “You left a stain on every one of my good days” what a great lyric. And what’s a Phillip performance without the sexy saxophone! Haha. I hope she goes on tour with Phillip. His girlfriend won’t last long if that happens. Great performance Phillip. I look forward to seeing you into the Top 2. Shut your mouth Jennifer. It doesn’t matter what you say, you aren’t winning this one. Phillip WILL be in the Top 2. I need it to be so.

Jimmy Pick – We’ve Got Tonight (Bob Segar) – I love this song SO MUCH! SOOOO MUCH!! I could tell within the first 5 seconds that this would be the performance to beat of the evening. Again, the strings never hurt (they’re way better than a sexy saxophone). I agree it was definitely one of his best performances to date.

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