Blame it on the Full Moon?

For a multitude of small pedantic reasons, I had a really crappy night tonight. Nothing big, all little things but when they happen in very quick succession, it just seems to make everything worse. For that reason alone, maybe it was for the best that my dearest, most entertaining performer from this season, went home. See, if my evening had been going really well, I think I would’ve been more pissed off, but with my quasi-shitty evening, this was just the icing on my shit covered cake. Sorry to say shit so many times. Get over it. Just pretend you’re watching that episode of South Park where they say shit (bonus points to anyone who knows how many times they said it… anyone? anyone? Bueller? It’s 162, 200 if you count all the times it’s written on the screen). I digress.

Since I wrote a personal note to Heejun when he got voted off, I feel it only appropriate to do the same for Skylar.

With that, lets talk about the standings. Unlike last week, most people did NOT have Skylar in the bottom. Thusly there weren’t a lot of bonus points handed out. Now, who can guess who took first place for the week? I’ll give you a hint! Her name starts with K, and ends with… not -elly! haha. It’s Katie! Congratulations Miss Still in First Place 🙂

Now to post the stats before my power goes out, since it looks like that’s about to happen momentarily!

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