An Odd Combination

Ok if there was ever a night where you could be distracted enough to not comment on Randy’s attire?

Thy name is Little Steven.

I’m not going to lie, I liked a lot of his advice, and his banter with Jimmy was great… but that outfit. What in the freaking hell is that outfit??? I google imaged him and see that those weird bandanas are kind of his thing… but for Christ sake. It’s one thing to say Randy was looking like Grimace a few weeks ago, but Little Steven is the full embodiment of Grimace, if he lived on the Jersey Shore. The purple head scarf is killing me. The weird thing, is that I can find very few people smack talking him. Those Bruce fans and Soprano’s fans are nothing if not loyal. Oh Jersey… Also, I will be referring to him as Little Steven throughout the night, so as not to confuse with Aerosmith Steven. Although really, who’s the littler of the Stevens in that pairing??

As for the set list tonight

I wasn’t really thrilled with any songs on the list (except Fortunate Son, which I assumed Phil would be singing, the Joe Cocker song, which I just prayed that whoever sang it, didn’t ruin it for me because it’s a top 5 favorite of all time).

Hollie – I have a few things to say about Hollie. First and foremost, I had to rewind and listen again because one of my dogs stunk and I had to figure out the cause. I couldn’t at first but then I ultimately decided it was just one of their asses. Now that that is out of the way and they are back on the floor and off the couch, let’s get back to Hollie, I thought it was great. I also really liked her outfit tonight, and usually I think she’s one of the worst dressed so, points to you Hollie, all around.

Phillip – The Letter, ey Phillip? So who’s singing Fortunate Son? Joshua? Skylar? Well now I’m intrigued. You know, last week I started slightly losing interest in Phillip because I didn’t think he had that Dave sound that I really liked about him. This song, he’s back with Dave, full force. However, I’m still not head over heals for his performance. Not bad but not my favorite of his to date. I will say he’s phenomenally better with a band. Was sexy saxophone there? Did I miss her by looking down at my computer too much? I liked Steven’s quote “I miss the melody, but you get away with it”. Randy’s comment bothered me “At least he strives to be original” – I do and don’t agree with that statement. I mean, there have been way more original artists on the Idol stage. Way more. And I would dare say he’s actually just very stuck in his ways and won’t attempt change for anyone.

Skylar – I’m glad it’s you (if it can’t be Phil) singing Fortunate Son. And I agree with Jimmy (prior to your singing), you CAN put a jetpack on this song. Post her singing – I thought it was just so much fun, and she’s a perfect girl to sing this song. Someone like Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift couldn’t pull this off but I thought Skylar blew the roof off the more she got into it. I thought it was a slightly slow start but it just got better and better.

Duet – Is it just me or is it really weird to see Josh and Phil singing “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”? I actually thought it was pretty good but they just have a weird chemistry. I kind of want them to sing it looking at each other. Is that wrong? I feel like they’re actively looking away from each other while singing. And really, did ANYONE sing this better than Tom Cruise (and ER’s Dr. Greene) in Top Gun?  You all owe it to yourselves, just watch it. Remember how dreamy and charming Tom Cruise used to be.

Maybe if Josh and Phillip were in uniform I would’ve liked it more? I like anything more when it involves a man in uniform.

Jessica – I hate your ring. And I think it’s bizarre just how tiny you are. Those are the only bad things I can say about you. I thought the performance was really great. This song has been done and done well on Idol (yes Trenyce, I’m looking at you again). I was really surprised Randy had criticism for her tonight. However, I don’t agree with Jennifer. You CAN compare her to Tina Turner. Who else are you going to compare her too? I also liked that Little Steven said he hated that song. I like hearing songs that musicians hate to play.

Joshua – If there’s one thing I loved about  Joshua’s performance, it was his mentor session. Seeing Jimmy and Little Steven dancing was hilarious. I think Randy wasted his exact Jessica criticism on her. It’s Joshua needed that criticism. He just didn’t do it as energetically as I wanted him to do it. His performance wasn’t bad at all but it wasn’t breathtaking. It didn’t blow me away. I’m also just noticing how much JLo’s lipstick matches her dress. It’s like she got some color-match going on. And has Ryan never seen a daffodil? It’s a daffodil. Not a tulip.

Hollie – I love this Leona Lewis song. I still remember when she was on X Factor and Simon Cowell was just head over heals for her. She’s amazing. If you haven’t seen her rendition of Over the Rainbow, I highly recommend it. Not gonna lie, at this point I just paused Idol and watched about 8 different Leona Lewis performances. Audition, my second favorite performance,  and her best performance (RIP Whitney)

But as for Hollie, she was quite quite good. Really, but you can ask Simon, she’s no Leona.

Phillip – I didn’t like this song at all. I felt like Phillip just had a guilty look for not hitting some of the higher notes. And I’m over the twirling tie-dye in the background. I was thinking that if the judges didn’t tear him apart for this, they weren’t listening… clearly, they were not listening.

All the duets just make me think that Jessica has no friends. She never has anything funny or interesting to add, and the other two people she’s with always have inside jokes while she looks like she doesn’t know what a joke is.  Ryan clearly does, calling Randy’s pin a “crustacean” awesome. I mean, what else do you wear with a gold lame jacket? His outfit doesn’t actually bother me tonight but I blame Little Steven for that one. I just wouldn’t have worn the necklace AND the pin. Doesn’t he know that gold and silver clash? Not to mention the red beads.

Skylar – Honestly, how Skylar isn’t everyone’s favorite, is beyond me.  She just has the most personality of anyone on Idol this year. It’s my main reason for loving her. Well, that and that she can sing. Her dress for this song might be my favorite of the night, as well, if that means anything to anyone. I love an animal print. And I loved Ryan on the “lovers lane” bench. Steven naming all the bands, made me wanna hear a Kinks night. Do they have enough songs for a night dedicated to them? They have a ton of great songs!

Jessica – If I don’t say something soon, I’m never going to say it, Jessica needs to get her teeth fixed. Please please. After the finale, fine. But soon! Now, performance. I.Love.Joe.Cocker. And this is one of my all time favorite songs (and he always makes me think of the wonder years). I wanted it to be my wedding song but we picked something a little easier to dance to. Jessica, you sang it entirely too slow and kind of ruined it. Your voice is good but sometimes your arrangements are just atrocious. Your earrings remind me of the necklace in the Titanic, if that’s a compliment. But I hope you sink like it did because this song was just so wrong. Your voice was good, but the song… no. no no no. no. no. Just listen to this and try to tell me  Jessica did well. I just won’t believe you.

Joshua – Mantasia was out in full effect for this one. Wow. Lots of ugly face. And we all know, Jennifer loves the ugly face. I knew she was crying before I even saw her speak about his performance. You can see the wateriness in her eyes.

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