An Ode to Randy

Would it be wrong to write an entire post about Randy and his pins? The thing is, well, I’m a little obsessed with him. Why? Well, there’s a few reasons. First, I was cooking dinner for the first half of Idol because I had to go to the “gym” (barf) so I didn’t get to eat until late. So, while I cook, I have to have the hood fan on, so it makes it hard to hear the TV unless I turn it up really high and I’d rather not do that since I’m just gonna go downstairs and re-start Idol, when I’m done cooking dinner. So, instead, I focused on the visuals. And some of the songs.

Secondly, and I’m about to randomly nerd out on you all momentarily so just bear with me. First of all, the Randy pin jokes have come full circle. Why’s that you ask? Well, while checking out twitter this evening, I noticed this…

And then I clicked the link…

Randy is actually prompting people to talk about his lewk tonight. And of course, people did.

Even Matt Giraud got in on it. Love it! hahaha. Well, I’m actually going to be nice, because I can be nice sometimes, he is looking very slim tonight. And the blue looks way better than the purple last week. So, there are my nice things. But here’s my super nerd thing… See, I just finished reading Madeleine Albrights’ memoir (which was excellent in case you were wondering) but it reminded me of an interview I heard on NPR of her, discussing a book about the pins she wears. What’s it called? “Read my Pins” because she’s awesome. Here’s a little excerpt –

Before long, and without intending it, I found that jewelry had become part of my personal diplomatic arsenal. Former president George H. W. Bush had been known for saying “Read my lips.” I began urging colleagues and reporters to “Read my pins.”

So, I got it in my head that sometime in the Idol off season, Randy must have read Madame Secretaries book, and taken it to heart. He would lay awake at night asking himself “How can I convey a message through my pins like the Secretary did?” “How can I be amazing like she is?” Here’s the thing though Randy,

So, did I cross a line of nerd-dom? Sorry folks. I am who I am. Let’s get back to Idol. At first I was a little mad we didn’t get mentor sessions, but I was really happy that we got the part of the season where the other Idols talk about each other. I like to learn more about all the contestants beyond their singing ability. It helps me to decide if I really like the contestants or not.

For example, after tonight, I think I like Elise just a little bit less. It bored me what everyone was saying about her. I would say the same about Phillip but he’s too dreamy to find his ambivalence annoying.  I also love Hollie and Skylar a LOT more. When they were going back and forth after Hollie called Skylar “Thick Boned” – hilarious. I love when you have the best of intentions but the words just come out completely wrong. And when Phillip was trying to pretend to talk like Hollie and basically just said “Blahblahblah”. I laughed out loud.  And while this wasn’t in the “talk about your friends” portion, I also loved how Skylar barged in on Joshua with her “12 standing O’s! That’s 12” haha. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that he gets too many.

We were privy to the set list once again except this time I didn’t guess too much except to read through it quickly and see who I wanted for various songs. I’ll throw those in below while I’m talking about my likes and dislikes.

Since I watched most of these after the fact and without commercial breaks, I didn’t write in between, just after everything was done.  Thusly, I will keep my notes about the contestants relatively short and sweet.

Jessica Sanchez – I  thought it was blasphemous that Jessica sang “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The only thing ok about it was that she didn’t sing it that well so I’m hoping there’s some hope that maybe she won’t make it to the finale. Then I saw her second song of “Dance with my Father” and I was pretty blown away. HOWEVER, Jermaine Jones sang that song this season! Isn’t it a little soon to be singing it again? I think Jessica did sing it better than Jacob Lusk, but not better than Jermaine. Funny how everyone forgets when you’re singing for your father who’s getting deployed… ok ok. I’ll keep quiet. I do have  a soft spot for servicemen. Not for you though, Jessica. Servicemen.

Skylar Laine – I loved both “The Show Must Go On” and “Tattoos on this Town”, as per the usual. I didn’t know the second song but it reminded me of something my brother and sister would listen to. I just love everything about Skylar. Her performances are fun, she’s a great country singer, I can’t say anything bad about her.

Joshua Ledet – I really liked his Queen song, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” but I didn’t know the India Arie song, “Ready for Love” and after hearing it, I could’ve done without ever knowing it in the first place. Not in a “omg that was terrible” way, just in a “meh” kind of way. I definitely don’t think he needed all the standing O’s. Or how Ryan is always asking him how he’ll feel when he’s at the finale. I mean, he’s avoided it every single time you’ve asked, just stop asking.

Elise Testone – I thought this was a VERY mixed week for Elise and I definitely think she’ll be in the bottom 3. I thought her first song, “I Want it All” (while it always reminds me of a car commercial), was really good. One of her best performances of the season (minus her Led Zepplin song). The second song, for me, for you dawg, was one of her worst, and it’s never good when the second one was the lesser of the two. I thought it was a good song for her, I just didn’t like it that much.

Phillip Phillips – When I saw the set list on Facebook earlier today, I thought two things. 1. That Phillip BETTER be singing “Fat Bottom Girls” and 2. That if the _______  ______ Band was Dave Matthews Band, that Phillip would be singing that too. Technically I thought he’d be singing the Hendrix song but as soon as I heard it was Dave, I knew it would be Phillip. And what was nice about his song choice was that it was a unique song. It’s one you don’t hear all the time as a Dave fan. As for his Queen song, I was initially really happy he was the one singing it, but as a true Phillip fan, I have to say this was one of his worst performances. Maybe I’m just a bigger Queen fan than I am a Phillip fan? That must be it. He should’ve sang “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” instead. I could definitely see Phillip making his first trip to the bottom 3 tonight. Even with all those girls who aren’t voting for Colton anymore.

Hollie Cavanagh – And finally we have miss Hollie. I knew “The Climb”, would be her song. She’s pretty easy to read. However that song “Save Me”? It must not be one of Queens greatest hits because those are the CD’s I have of Queen and that song isn’t on it. I hadn’t ever heard it before but I thought it was ok. What was good for Hollie, besides going last, was that unlike Elise, she definitely had her better song the second time around. Good for her. Stay out of the bottom 3 little lady! At least for one more week!

Back to Randy now, just for a minute. Just because twitter is hilarious when Idol is on. Here are a few excerpts of my favorites. It includes a Slezak tweet (the OG Randy hater), and a few Random Randy comments. I had to throw in the last one because it’s how I feel every time Randy says his new catch phrase.

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