Idol Week 7 Redux

Well, I can’t say I’m upset now that the night is over. LMFAO had a great performance, everyone I thought would be safe, was safe, and the person I wanted to go home this week, went home. I’ll say this was definitely one of Colton’s worst weeks overall. Obviously, since this was his first time in the bottom 3. I can’t say there was ever a time I really didn’t like him, until he performed Bad Romance. Something about the entire performance was just really wrong to me.

I’m content with him leaving and I’m happy Hollie is safe. I’m also content in the knowledge that Taylor Hicks was and is, clearly the worst winner of American Idol. Yes, I know Ruben Studdard was an Idol winner too, I still think he’s so weird. I fought for him to make it past the first round, but the further he went and the more I fell in love with Katherine McPhee, the more I hated him and couldn’t understand why he was on the show. He just bothers me.

With that, let’s check out the rankings for this week. Katie is pretty much running away with the lead at this point, but I’m still holding tight on 3rd place so I’ll take it 🙂 Going for the bronze this year, baby! haha.

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