Cauliflower pizza

Let me just state this is NOT an original recipe. It was the first time I’ve made it and I have some comments about it, but it’s not my recipe.

I was under the impression that I hate cauliflower. I think it smells weird, and raw, I do hate it. Completely. However, I’ve heard a lot about this “cauliflower pizza crust”. At first I thought, bizarre and that cauliflower was vile. Then I had two friends on special diets that tried it, and loved it, so that made me start to consider it a little more. Then I made these spinach cauliflower bites for my sister bridal shower (a recipe I have yet to get you, which I apologize for). That recipe proved to me that cauliflower aint half bad when disguised with different things.

With that, I decided to make it, and hope for the best. I shopped a few recipes around like this one, which seemed good but I wasn’t familiar with this website so I continued searching. Then I found this one from sparkpeople which is a great website I’m a member of, but the fennel? That I know I hate. Fennel and Anise are two spices I just can’t get behind. Finally I saw this one. The Recipe Girl is my jam. I’ve made a lot of her recipes and she’s never steered me wrong so I went with hers. Plus, the pineapple and ham combo is a personal favorite as far as pizza toppings.

I will say that I tested my chops and made this entirely organic! That never happens in this household so I was kind of proud of myself! The spices might not have been but other than that. Here’s what we ended up with:

Yes, you’re seeing that right, I ate it with a salad! Usually I like french fries with my pizza but I am turning over a new leaf… for dinner tonight. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I made the pizza exactly as the recipe tells me to. With that, I have a few minor recommendations for you:

1. Don’t cook the cauliflower for 8 minutes. I know it says temps vary but I’m pretty sure my microwave was made before I was born and it doesn’t have a ton of power, and  I think 8 minutes was a little too much. I think 6 minutes max, is the way to go.

2. Don’t cook the pizza crust for 15 minutes and THEN look in to see if it’s done. I set my timer for 13 minutes and the edges were already a little crispy. So, my recommendation is, got for 10 minutes, and when the edges start to get a little twinge of brown, take it out to add your toppings. Once you put it back in the oven, the crust is still going to cook for another few minutes so it won’t be undercooked, I promise.

3. Make your own sauce. Come on! Do it. You know I did.

4. Definitely make sure to use at least 3 cups of cauliflower. It shrinks down a lot. While I’d say this recipe is enough for 2 people with a side, that’s about it. I’d make two if I was cooking for more people.

Those are my only recommendations though, and I think they’re minor. Other than that, this was DELICIOUS. You couldn’t even tell it was cauliflower and my husband was proof. He knew it was something different, and did ask why our kitchen smelled like broccoli, but that was all he noticed.

One more time, here’s the Recipe Girl recipe. I highly HIGHLY recommend it!

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