Music is the Soundtrack of Your life

‎”Music is the soundtrack of your life.” – Dick Clark, who passed away today at the age of 82

First and foremost, Dick Clark passed away as we all saw. I feel like Seacrest is somewhat of a protege of his so I thought he’d have more to say on the matter but I guess simple and sweet is fine for Idol night. Who knows if those kids under 20 even know who he is really besides that weird guy from the New Years Eve show that they always cut to. For me personally, I never saw Bandstand live (although I did like the show American Dreams, if that counts), so that part of his life never really effected me, but I know he was a magical TV icon. Radio too, obviously. I do remember listening to him a lot of Saturday mornings on the radio for his Top 10. Or maybe it was Top 25? Either way, it’s a good memory. I’m sad he’s not with us anymore. At least he lived a nice long life.


So as seems to be a bit of a norm now, they released the set list early

…so of course I had to guess who would be singing what. It’s super hard this week though. Some of the songs shoot out to me (Fantasia will obviously be sung by Joshua, I mean, for all the times they’ve referenced Mantasia?),  there are others I can’t see anyone singing (Usher?? It’s not going to be Joshua so I don’t have a clue who’ll sing that besides knowing it won’t be Colton), and then there were a few that I thought could be any number of people singing (that Adele song and either of the Alicia Keys songs). As for the “then” songs, I feel like any of them could sing any of those songs. I just have no clue, at all except for maybe one or two… So my list looks a little like this


And with that lets get to the critiquing.

Hollie – Rolling in the Deep – Wow. I don’t know if this is her karaoke song or something but it’s like she’s been singing this song her whole life. I don’t know at this point what her second song will be but if it’s anything like this song, she could take the night. I know, those are big words that I could completely regret after the next 6 people go. I’m saying it though. She really rang true to the Adele version and I thought it was amazing. It was like she was a different person compared to when the lights went up. Also, Randy, eat a penis. Pitchy? Not a CHANCE. Haley Reinhart also sang this song (quite well in my opinion) but it put her in the bottom 3. I’m hoping the same won’t be true for Hollie.

In my second “I hate Randy moment” (well, second and a half since I also hated on his outfit when I saw him). When Colton sister comes up and Randy complains that she just has to try out next season? Ugh. Come on asshole. Something tells me you weren’t the one championing her to stay, in the Vegas rounds.

Colton – Bad Romance – Obviously I didn’t think he’d be singing Bad Romance (although he did sing a lady song like I thought he would) and after hearing him sing his first song, I hope the little kids who vote for this him regularly, realize he’s nothing compared to what was Hollie’s performance. I’m not saying his next performance might be better, but I thought this was utterly TERRIBLE. It’s just not Gaga, he’s not Adam Lambert. He’s not even James Durbin with this song.  It did nothing for me in any way shape or form. I just think this was completely the wrong song for him. And in version 3.0 of hating Randy, how could you love that performance? I won’t hate on you completely only because the other judges agreed for some bizarre reason. BIZARRE reason. When Steven said he wasn’t sure what he loved more – the outfit, the band or the set? Did anyone else notice that he didn’t mention he loved the singing? Am I the only one that seems a problem with this???

Elise – No One – Jimmy is so right about Elise. It seems like she just has to fight harder than anyone else, every week.  I feel like she has been one of the most consistent performers and yet the judging/voting for her is just so back and forth. This wasn’t my most favorite performance of hers but I liked it a lot.  It was a little unexpected for her to sing an Alicia Keys song but I’m glad she didn’t sing the other Alicia Keys song. After this performance I think she’ll still be in the bottom 3. Hopefully with Colton.

Phillip – U Got it Bad – Seems that guessing Phillip would sing Usher wasn’t completely wrong after all? I’m not gonna lie, while it was a surprise, it was also QUITE a panty melter. The lyrics, the slow jazz background, the grey, the sexy saxophone lady (back again), it was all right for me. Musically, Hollie was still better, but Phillip… damn Phillip. If this was 8th grad you’d be on the front of my binder with that song in a hot second. Panty.Melter. What’s hilarious, is when you google image panty melter, a ton of grey shirts come up? Is that random/hilarious or what? I even screen captured it to prove it. Haha. Also Randy, you have slightly redeemed yourself – you’re right, we do have a true artist on the stage in Phillip. I have removed a single hatred point for you tonight (I’ll forget that every week you pick a different person to say that about). So far.

I don’t know if I said this about Jessica last week, but if I did, sorry, I’m saying it again. I think the only reason that she was in the bottom last week, was because 1. Everyone thought she was safe so no one voted for her, or 2. The magical producers said that they needed more attention for Jessica and the only way to do that was to put her last and have the judges dramatically save her so that people know to vote vote vote for their little golden treasure. Conspiracy theories baby. Ok, now that I’ve let my cynical out, let me just say that she freaking killed Fallin’. I don’t like Jessica, but I can’t deny it when I hear a good performance. I’m nothing if not fair. For the record, this is the second song of the evening, that Haley Reinhart did first. Ok, she wasn’t the “first” to sing Fallin’ but she was better than the two before her so we’ll forget that part. And I’m sorry Haley, but Jessica did this better.

Skylar – Born this Way – I know I called this one, and I called it for the same reason Skylar mentioned to Jimmy – there’s a country version! Der! I just think she gets really into her songs. I was worried the judges wouldn’t like it and tear her apart but I’m glad Jennifer started the judges opinions. She is very boxer like in her singing. I also agree with Steven that she’s a crossover, she clearly does country/rock really well. I do have to mention though, that outfit (not Jennifers, I’ll talk about that later), is awful.

Joshua – I Believe – Obviously it wasn’t a surprise he’d sing Fantasia. I felt a little bad for him talking to Jimmy about how people just didn’t like him last week. I can feel me hatred lessening and my sympathy moving in at a rapid pace. I mean, I was one of those people last week, hating on him, but he does have some good weeks, and this one is one of them. I thought he was so so good singing Fantasia. Maybe there’s something to the Mantasia mantra because he’s 100% into that song. Usually I think it’s dumb when Jennifer cries (unless I’m also crying) but this time I got it. I get it… but I wasn’t crying.

Let’s move onto then now, and that mixed bag of soul train choices. I didn’t realize they were soul train songs when I saw the list but I guess that makes the random list, make a little more sense?

Hollie – Son of a Preacher Man – I was pretty sure Skylar would sing this song but I thought Hollie did a pretty good job. It’s wasn’t Adele but it was good. She’s slightly forgettable with this one but I hope people remember Adele. REMEMBER THE ADELE SONG PEOPLE!

Colton – September –I was pretty sure I knew this song and when I heard him singing it, I definitely know it. I have to separate out this song a little bit. I thought the version he sang of this song, was super cool. BUT, I really wasn’t a fan of Colton singing it. I feel like the judges were right in their criticism of this one, more right than they were with Bad Romance. Please be in the bottom 3 Colton. Pretty please.

Elise – Let’s Get it On – Does anyone remember Matt Giraud from Season 8? He sang this too and I remember being pissed it put him in the bottom. I think Elise did a better job than him though. In fact, I think this is the first of the “then” songs I really like. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a girl sing this song but the sultry in her voice makes it a perfect choice. Don’t even listen to those judges Elise (twitter agrees with me, as you’ll see later), they just have to narrow down who they want to go home. It has nothing to do with your actual ability. Randy – I’m giving you back your idiot points. Al Green?? Al Green??? Marvin Gaye sang Let’s Get it On! Ugghhhh!!!! UGGHHHHH!

Phillip – In the Midnight Hour – I’m not convinced Phillip is sleeping with the sexy saxophonist, but I’m 80/20 on the odds. Or she wants to sleep with him. It’s one or the other. I don’t think he sang this song badly by any means, quite the opposite, but it makes me want to hear him sing that song “My Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine Band. He makes me want to dance, singing this song. I do agree that Jennifer should’ve got up and danced with Phillip. That would’ve been fun.

Kris Allen – You’re just as dreamy as you were when you were singing Falling Slowly, on your season.

Jessica – Try a Little Tenderness – I cannot even concentrate on what she was singing. That outfit is wrong on 1,000 different levels. The pants, the necklace thing, the earrings? Zack even, who never comments on outfits, used the words “f*cking ridiculous” – and I’ve got to agree. And from what I did hear of the song, it just felt like she was yelling but mumbling at the same time. I’m back to hating her again. Right back like I forgot she even sang a different song earlier tonight.

Skylar – Heard it Through the Grapevine –  I think after her performance, and without yet having seen Joshuas, Skylar wins the night for me. She’s just so powerful and energetic. Whether she wins or not, she’s got a career ahead of her. She’s better than Lauren Alaina. I hope if she can make it to the Top 2, she can pull it out. She’s just my overall favorite. A Wild horse refusing to be tamed, indeed, Steven. Indeed (side note – now I want to hear her sing Wild Horses).

Joshua – A Change is Gonna Come – I can’t lie. It’s officially a Joshua/Skylar tie for the win tonight. I wasn’t a big fan of his but unlike Jessica, my hate is not coming back out. It’s going into a cave somewhere for the week. I actually really liked him a lot this week. Maybe it was the song? I do love it. Maybe it was my sympathy for him? I loved his performance too though. It was a touch wail-y but it was wail-y in a good way, this time. I think. Are my defenses just cracking? I re-watched Syesha Mercado sing this since it was voted as a top Idol performance (out of 64 so really it wasn’t “top” top), and it was damn good. I will say Joshua was better than Adam Lambert’s version, but I think with that song, that’s expected. If you want a great version, which I found on youtube while looking for Syesha, Lauryn Hill (disregard the Wyclef intrusion). And Seal (although his sounds almost identical to Sam Cooke’s version).

Overall, I think I’m about 100% wrong with my “then” song choices, but that’s ok. I was closer with the now songs and I’ll take that.

Onto something a touch more light hearted – while Randy’s pastel purple jacket is atrocious, along with the peace sign pin, it’s nothing compared to the gladiator/nude illusion-esque dress takes the cake for creepy/terrible this evening. To quote my friend Jess “Did she lose a fight with a beach chair?” Perfect! Yes! Yes she DID lose a fight with a beach chair! What in the hell is that? Is she just going to be naked at the end of the season? I’m ok with that, she’s an attractive lady. I’m sure it would help with the ratings. But back to clothing – Jessica wins worst accessory. Hollie is a close second with her necklace. It’s hard to hate on those ladies so much though. Let’s get in some more Randy hating 🙂

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