Surprise Surprise

Well, what do you know, Idol can still surprise me. Well, the voting audience can. I have to say that if Elise was switched with Hollie, that would’ve been my bottom 3 too. I knew even before Steven proclaimed it though, that the judges would use their save tonight. It wasn’t hard to tell AT.ALL. Then they said Jessica was in last place, and I knew FOR SURE the judges would use their save. It wasn’t even a question, so in that regard, it wasn’t really surprising at all. That being said, I’ve never been a fan of hers, and the song she started to since, really wasn’t that great to me. She did kind of seem that she was in a bit of shock mode.

I hate how much the judges like her though, to go up and make her stop singing, I mean, really? What I did love about the judges standing on the stage though – 1. Jennifer has a seriously hot body. 2. The way Steven Tyler stands is so weird. His legs might be skinnier than JLos. Those pants just make them look even skinnier.

So with that, here’s what the results are looking like tonight.

Here’s the standings:

And here are our weekly and overall totals. Katie and my husband of all people win the week and but Katie is still in the lead, with Cindy close behind her overall. I would’ve given points had anyone picked Jessica to be last but most of us have her at the top. I don’t even know why… ugh. It was pretty sweet to see her in the bottom, even if it was only momentarily.

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