Songs from 2010+

Well fortunately for Randy, he looked pretty good tonight – someone must’ve got to him and said (in his language of course) “Yo dawg, I just want you to know that for me, you’re looking terrible. I think if you really don’t look like you gotta have it. I think it’s time to change your look”. The person who didn’t get that message tonight, was JLo. That was a bizarre outfit.

The mentor was Akon. I know he sang some song with Gwen Stefani, I’m pretty sure he spent some time in jail, and I read on Wikipedia he owns a diamond mine in Africa, but denies the existence of blood diamonds. There’s something you don’t see every day. As fas as his mentorship, I thought it was mostly on Jimmy tonight but that never really bothers me. I liked what he had to say about most of the contestants so he was fine overall. And he’s not a bad looking man either, if I may say.

Overall, I was pretty happy with how the night went. Why? Because while no one sang the songs I picked, they did sing 3 songs from Glee! 3! Yeah baby! I’ll take it. The people I don’t like, I still didn’t like. I think someone must like them because they are still on, and I really (unfortunately) don’t think they will be going anywhere after tonight. I truly believe that unless Hollie is voted off this week, the judges will use their save. I think besides her, they really love everyone else. And since they can’t use the save after week 5, next week would be the week they use it.

So let’s get the night started.


Skylar Laine
“Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You” (Kellie Pickler) 

There’s something I love about a really little kid with a thick southern accent. I also love subtitles on people speaking English. As for the performance, I thought it was great. What’s really, really rare for me when it comes to Idol, is for me to like a song that I’ve never heard of, when someone on Idol sings it. In fact, I don’t know if it’s ever happened (I think because usually it’s a genre thing) but Skylar totally hooked me in and it genuinely makes me want to download the song like, right now. I loved the guitar too.

Colton Dixon
“Love The Way You Lie” (Skylar Grey)

His hometown didn’t really do anything for me. Pretty average, nothing adorable like the little kids with country accents. As for the song, I’m glad he chose this song over whatever his other song was. I thought it was a good choice… well… a decent choice. It at least gave him a chance to do the two things that he does best: 1. Play Piano, 2. Stare at the camera with his puppy dog eyes (and all girls younger than him agree).  More on him later.

Phillip & Elise
“Somebody That I Used to Know” (Gotye ft. Kimbra)

I didn’t know I loved this song until… I heard it on GLEE. LAST NIGHT!! YEY! I think Phillip did this song really well because he has an almost Phil Collins quality about him and I think this song has that too. Elise, she did well too. I was mesmerized by her skirt, which I loved. Overall she picked the right song for this duet. It was a fun and quirky choice. I like unique choices when they’re good. And this was good.  I know I said Colton would sing it better but I think Phillip and Elise most definitely proved me wrong. I don’t think Phillip should stand near Elise too often though – he is REALLY pale! Haha.

Jessica Sanchez
“Stuttering” (Jazmine Sullivan)

I do like Jessica’s enormous family. Coming from a large extended family, I like to see large families hanging out together. Was it just me or did Jessica look like she’d been crying for hours, when she was in her meeting with Jimmy and Akon? This was another song I don’t know but unlike Skylar, this song wasn’t one I feel the need to immediately download. I hated the way she said “stuttering”. Well, specifically the “stuh stuh” part. She does have better puppy dog eyes than Colton though. I bet her Dad does anything she asks of him. Does that sound weird? I didn’t mean for it to. You know what I mean. Also, did she almost fall off the piano? Yes. The answer is yes.

Joshua Ledet
“Runaway Baby” (Bruno Mars)

I felt like his city got a little cheated but I did like the little girl I assume was a relative, at the beginning of the show, who told us all to vote for him. She was a cutie! I don’t know if it was just me but I felt like the song was kind of lacking in Joshua too. I saw a lot of the band, a lot of that dancing girl, and a little of Joshua repeating the word “Runaway”. This (again) is a song I don’t know. I guess I’m not hip to current music unless it’s been on Glee – and by “I guess I’m not”, I mean “I most definitely am not”. What can I say, I listen to NPR. All day, in the car, on the weekend. I’m that person. I do know some Bruno Mars though, and besides his look tonight,  this wasn’t really what I was expecting. He did put on a good show and I’m sure that will distract everyone from choosing not to vote for him.

Side note – I am officially 100% over Randy’s “Gotta Have It” phrase. Over it.

Side Side note – Joshua’s dad is adorbs. For my Lennar friends, did anyone else see a fat black John White? I think it was just the mustache.

Side Side Side note – Did I hear Ryan say the sparks/romance rumors continue to fly with Skylar and Colton? Three words – No.F*cking.Way. Saying Scotty and Lauren were sweet on each other last year was one thing but I could never ever see Skylar and Colton making out. Let’s be real here. I liked that Coltons reason for not dating her is because she owns a gun. I think the real reason is because she could kick his ass.

Colton & Skylar
“Don’t You Wanna Stay” (Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson)

I thought this song was kind of lame. I did really like Skylars dress tonight though. (Also, I’ve called Skylar, Lauren, just about every time I’ve written her name, unbeknownst to you thanks to the backspace button). Colton is only good at love songs when he’s singing to the audience. He just exudes hubris to me for some reason. And they are just such an odd pair. I see Elise and Lauren Phillip (what is my problem – everyone is Lauren tonight!!!) together. I see Joshua and Jessica singing together. I just don’t see Colton and Skylar together, musically.  I just don’t see Colton singing with others I think. Nothing was wrong with the song, it was just the performance. I was glad Skylar rocked some Kelly Clarkson though. Since I said she should sing Kelly Clarkson J

Hollie Cavanagh
“Perfect” (P!nk)

I think it’s hilarious that Ryan calls the girl with the British accent, the hometown girl from McKinney, TX. That makes me laugh. But onto Hollies song choice. And why do I like Hollies song choice? Well, that would be because… IT’S A GLEE SONG! Yey J I know I said I wanted Elise singing Pink but I really liked Hollie’s version of it. Her dress was a little Bjork, but we won’t hold that against her. I kind of wanted her to get really bad ass Pink on us, but I guess that just wasn’t the version we were getting tonight. I think Hollie could do it if she put her mind to it. I would’ve also liked to see some Pink acrobatics, but Pink is the professional, so I guess that’s more her thing. I did agree with Randy that it was awkwardly quiet for Hollie tonight. I don’t foresee good things for her.

Phillip Phillips
“Give a Little More “ (Maroon 5)

I love LOVE LOVE that people are trying to buy his things from the pawn shop, and then you see someone (was it Phillip?) carrying a giant turkey? I’d tell kids that was Phillips just to get rid of it. I really liked Jimmy’s line about “don’t be different for the sake of being different, be great for the sake of being great”.  Also, I like that Phillip doesn’t seem to be “after the female vote” like Colton (I think) is, but Phillip, and I’m talking to you, you have this females vote and you are way hotter to me, than Colton. As for this Maroon 5 performance, the lady saxophone player was a touch weird to me. I didn’t mind her in the background but when I saw her on stage she really bothered me. Was she really playing? Part of be thought she was just fake playing and was there for decoration.

Last side note – and I know this won’t happen – but I’d really like to see Adam Levine as a mentor on this show. I guess that’s what the Voice is for.

Josh, Jessica &Hollie
“Stronger” (Kelly Clarkson)

I’m not gonna lie, I like Josh a little more after seeing how adorable he and Hollie are together. And, I kind of like that Jessica is the third wheel with them… sorry. I can’t help it. She did kind of show them she’s now third wheel, in the songs performance. Secondly, WE HAVE ANOTHER GLEE SONG J This is a song that should be on the tour though. I really really liked it. Hollie makes me like Josh and Jessica more.

Elise Testone
“You and I” (Lady Gaga)

Three miscellaneous Elise things – 1. Her friend is awesome. 2. I love Jason Segal so much. Him and Elise. 3. What in the hell is Elise wearing right now? Now onto her singing. I said I’d like to see Jessica or Skylar sing some Gaga, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see Elise sing her. I should’ve remembered how Haley Reinhart sang this song. I see a lot of Haley, in Elise. And she couldn’t sing Pink or Kelly Clarkson because both have been done tonight, so Gaga is the next logical step really.  I did think Jimmy and Akon were right with regards to the drums. She’s no Reed Grimm. She doesn’t need to bring an instrument like the drums to her performance. I mean, look where he is now – not on the show. And look at Gaga, she’s a piano player, everyone likes the piano more! I know this isn’t a Glee song, but something tells me it’s only a matter of time. I really liked Elise’s version of the song. I thought she did really well. It wasn’t as good as two weeks ago but it was way better than last week. It started off well, got slow when she stood up from the piano but then broke it down for the last half of the song so all was right.


Overall I think dear little Hollie is the one that will be in trouble this evening. As for bottom 3, I know I’m going to be mad with whoever besides Hollie is there, since I seem to be in the slight minority when it comes to not liking Jessica and Joshua. Time will tell.

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2 thoughts on “Songs from 2010+

  1. 1day4me

    Kelly, my friend it so was a Glee song!!! I am so surprised at you. It was done by Mr Shu and Rachels birth mother as part or a mashup on the same episode that Puk did “Hot for teacher”.

  2. 1day4me

    Also..I hate Josh and Jessica too!

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