My Personal Holiday

It’s my favorite holiday. No, not Easter. This is WAY better than Easter. It’s my own personal holiday. For the past few years, and by few I mean 15 or so… I’ve gone to the greatest event in all of Baltimore,

This year the game looks a little like this

And I’m excited. I know, the Orioles haven’t been exactly the team to beat in the last few years… but that’s not what Opening Day is about. Opening Day is about celebrating Spring, and Baseball, and fun times at Camden Yards, the greatest baseball park ever. It’s true. I mean, if it’s not amazing, why would so many other parks copy us? Exactly.

There are things that are different year to year. Our seats change. The score is different. The weather varies GREATLY!

But there are also fun traditions that will always hold true. Every year you run into fun people you know. You get a drink at Pickles Pub until you see the crowd start to descend upon the park. Hot dogs are consumed (and if you’re luck you get the Hot Dog Guy who writes out Orioles in ketchup!). Beers are drank (or diet coke usually in my case). And for the past few years, the Orioles have actually been able to hold on to first place for a solid two or three games (I’ll take what I can get).

The Orioles just hold a very special place in my heart. I’ve been a fan for a very long time.

It’s in my blood.It went from being in my blood to being in my heart when I was introduced to this guy:

My all-time favorite player. I met him when I was two. There’s a picture of it, but I don’t really remember it. I’ve had the chance to meet him (kind of) since then but I’ve always been too scared. I get tongue tied and slightly terrified that I’ll just hug him and not let go and then security guards will take me away. I find it best to just admire from a distance. It’s probably the safest bet for both of us.

Everyone knows that this is my thing though. The Orioles, they’re mine. They are a part of so many special events in my family and my life.

I’ve had birthdays there

My bachelorette party started there

We even give Orioles related gifts in my family

Needless to say, I’m READY for the season to start! So with that, I let out a hearty,

Because I couldn’t resist, here’s a little montage of my favorite times at Orioles Park (at least since I’ve acquired a digital camera. I don’t have a lot of pictures from before 2008. Sad face, indeed)

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6 thoughts on “My Personal Holiday

  1. Nancy

    i might have that picture of when you were two – i will look! Love ya O-Kid!

  2. I’m also a little sad that we did not have digital cameras in high school. (Although, I am relieved as that keeps the evidence of our crimes to a minimum also)
    . . I have a few pictures somewhere in an album of a bunch of Oriole player’s butts. LOL.

  3. Lindsay

    Hi there! I was searching for ideas for my future sister in law’s bachelorette party at Camden Yards and came across this blog and was wondering if you could tell me where you had the “Go O’s” shirt with the engagement ring as the O! Super cute!!!

  4. Lindsay

    Thank you SO much for your help!! I am so excited!!!

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