Rocking to the 80’s

If I could make out with a set list, it would be this one.
Yes, I may’ve said I don’t know many 80s songs but maybe that’s a good thing for Idol. I know all the songs that kids born in the 90s know, and who’s performing on Idol? Peope born in the 90s! Thus, we have a set list FULL of songs I know AND love! So many of my favorite people are represented (Bette Midler, Cyndi Lauper, Genesis, Foreigner). I’m not going to lie, had someone picked New Kids on the Block, my night would’ve totally been made, but even without the Knight brothers, I was really happy with the set list. It figures when I talk about not knowing an era well, that it’s the first week I know every single song! Even the duet songs are amazing! I do think that they should theme it up a little more for 80s night. I didn’t see anyone with crimped hair this evening. I guess DeAndre came close, and Hollie’s duet outfit was definitely a bit 80s, but I just don’t see how they can’t wrap themselves around a theme like that. Are they too serious for theme costumes? I guess… Oh well. I’m just going to say they could take a tip from the Real Housewives of the OC.
Back to your regularly scheduled Idol – I really like Gwen Stefani and Tony Whatshisname as the mentors tonight. I’m a big Gwen Stefani fan. That being said I have this nagging feeling that I hated things she was telling contestants the last time she was on the show (I believe it was Season 6). I had to wait for tonight to pan out for my final judgment on her, but on the whole, I did enjoy her. And she’s married to Gavin Rossdale **swooooonnnnn*** What a lucky lady.
First up tonight was DeAndre. I had a feeling he (or Joshua) would be doing this DeBarge song. I youtube-d it earlier today to see if I knew it, turns out I didn’t. For some reason I was thinking it was that song “I like it, I love it, I want some more of it” which I then remembered was a country song. I did feel like this song was covered or at least the line about “I like the way you comb your hair, I like the stylish clothes you wear” – Wikipedia didn’t help me out but my memory did. Way to go memory!
Back to DeAndre though, I really wasn’t paying attention because I was trying to remember who else sang this song. However my favorite darling 2 year old (my fnephew as I call him – no that’s not a typo. He’s my fake nephew) gave me his opinion (thank you Aidan): “No, I didn’t like it” I’m sure the feeling was mutual. I’m hoping the fact that he was first and that the song was kind of slowish and forgettable, that people will do just that, and he’ll be in the bottom 3 tomorrow where he belongs.
I don’t know why everyone always wants to change what Elise is singing. It’s like they always give her different options. I do think Foreigner is the right choice for her over Hallelujah just because I can’t forget Jason Castro’s version of the song and how good it was (It was also the song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding) I thought Elise doing “I Wanna Know What Love Is” was good because it showed she can not only rock out like she did last week but she can also do something a little slower. I also loved the chorus that came out at the end. It could’ve been bigger but I’ll take it. You could tell Steven liked it too. He was jammin’. I don’t care what he said about it being the wrong song because I thought it was right. I think if they tell her it’s the wrong song, they should tell her what they wanted to sing. I think it’s a cop out when you only say it wasn’t the right one. As far as whatever Randy meant about “Out of tune everywhere” – well, he’s an idiot. We all know that.
Aidan Comment: “yuck “
I have to say Phillip, as usual, was amazing. I think the Genesis/Phil Collins vibe is right in his wheel house (as they like to say here on Idol). I try to be critical of everyones performances but I just love the guy. He was definitely pretty bad in his performance but he cleaned it up a lot for the live show, I thought. I think it’s super cool that they let his brother-in-law Ben play with him. Although I guess it shouldn’t count as something he misses most from home, since he’s playing with him now, he can’t really miss him.
Aidan Comment: Phil “What’s that sound? What’s happening to me?”
I loved Gwen Stefani’s comments completely. He’s got “vocal gymnastics” but sometimes he does too much. I agree. I think “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” is a great song for him and I think the arrangement was really good. I loved that Jimmy wanted to sell Holy Ghost t-shirts. I love Jimmy the more and more he talks, I really do. I also like how the choir is really getting a workout on tonights show. It reminds me of Glee.
What was that alter ego name? Bebe Chez? Ok, I know the girl is good but that name is no Sasha Fierce. You clearly have the voice down but work on the nickname bit. That’s just a terrible alter ego. It’s the Chris Gaines of alter egos. As for her performance, I think I said that Whitney would be great for her – so points for me. I wasn’t even thinking of a fast paced Whitney song but that was totally a smart move tonight. I was thinking big power ballad but this was so much better for 80s night. This is much more the style of music I think of when I think of the 80s. I mean I know it had it’s share of power ballads but this was the essence of the 80s. Good job Jessica.
Aidan comment: “That was sick” (you’re right Aidan. Smart boy. I’ve been told he even started breakdancing. I swear to God I love that kid!)
I had a feeling it might be Hollie singing the Flashdance song. She’s right too, she needs a more uptempo song to get her out of the ballads. I think this is a really good one to bring her out. I did think she sang it a little more ballady than the song is, but she still sang it so well. I didn’t think her pitch was all over the place, maybe I just don’t know pitch well? But pitch isn’t what it’s about sometimes. Not for me anyway. As long as it doesn’t sound off key, I’m ok. What I do wish, was that she would’ve ended the song, sitting on a chair and having water dumped on her.
Aidan Comment: “I don’t know. . it was good?”
So, Colton misses the face painting business… hopefully he’s on Idol a little longer. He does make me think every week that he’s perfect for Aidan’s cousin Delaney. I bet they have a lot in common. Apparently she loves him. That’s what I hear. But back to Colton’s “Time After Time” (this song will always make me think of my sister, and Romy & Michele, and I don’t see how anyone who has seen that movie, doesn’t think of it). I thought Colton did really well but I started to notice some really like “I’m in the middle of pooping” faces that kind of threw me off.
Aidan Comment: “it was a starfish.”
If I ever thought I couldn’t love Skylar more, she goes and sings one of my all time favorite songs from my “Makes me cry every time” movies, I can almost cry when I just hear the song. I love it with the country twang. I love her. I love the song, and she makes me love her more and more. You show the crowd that Jessica Sanchez isn’t the only woman on this stage! She just brought out the Martina, the Reba, every amazing woman country singer. I think she made Jennifer cry. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little teary. I just loved it so so much. SO SO MUCH!!! Don’t try to fight me on this one people because I loved it so much. Thank you Idol for referencing Beaches too. I’m NOT the only nerd! Yes!
Aidan Comment: “It’s pretty good” (Two year olds are hard to please)
As far as the duets I’ll try to stick to some quick comments. However, as a small side note of the duets, I wonder who picks them? It’s definitely not the contestants but I wonder if they have some kind of small say as to what the song will be? Probably not… I digress.
Skylar/Colton – “Islands in the Stream” – I do love this song. I thought the performance was just ok. I think if Scotty McDeepvoice was singing with Skylar it would’ve been better.
Hollie/DeAndre – “I’m So Excited” Call it my love of Hollie, or my love of the reminder every time I hear this song, of Jessie Spano freaking out on Saved By The Bell, but I thought this was THE duet of the night. I loved it so much! I was right with Jennifer. I didn’t see them singing it but I loved it! Way to surprise us and the judges!
Elise/Phillip – I think this is the best duet as far as who was singing together, but I really didn’t like this song at all. I love Tom Petty (and Stevie Nicks for that matter) but this song just wasn’t what I wanted it to be.
Jessica/Joshua – What was this song? I barely remember it. I’m still thinking about Skylar.
And now for our corner of this blog where we comment on Randy’s Clothing choices…
Let me just say that I think it was only appropriate to make fun of what Randy was wearing in the 80s because if you noticed, he was wearing polka-dots both in the 80s and now. I think the only difference was that he’s fatter and more bald now. I don’t want to hate on polka dots, because I love them, but I will hate on Randy wearing them because I know when you wear them wrong, you wear them wrong. This shirt tonight literally makes him look like a clown. And by a little, I think I was being nice. Twitter was blowing up as usual regarding his attire.
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