Chicken and Pancakes

Ever heard of chicken and waffles? I’d heard of them but always thought it sounded a little weird. I mean, fried chicken, on top of a waffle covered in syrup? I like all those things but together, they seemed a little odd to me. Then I started watching Snoop Dogg’s reality TV show, Father Hood. It’s a great show. I wish it was still on the air but alas. Anyway, after I saw him eating at Roscoe’s, taking David Beckham to Roscoe’s, getting in trouble with his wife for sneaking Roscoe’s into the house… I knew I had to try it. I googled locations but unfortunately I saw this –

Sadly, that’s quite the commute for some chicken and waffles, for me. My husband thought 2,654 miles was a bit of a hike…

As such I dreamt about them, wished I could find them somewhere. Who knew it would be so easy to find some deliciousness right around the corner. The first time I had them was in Philly at this tiny little whole in the wall place, unfortunately the name escapes.  me. Long story short though, they were ah-mazing! What had I been missing all this time? Then, it became a small habit of mine to order them whenever I saw them on a menu. My favorite place (currently) to get them is a little spot by my office called Miss Shirley’s. Their recipe looks a little something like this:

What I love about their recipe is the kick of spice. After trying it a handful of times I knew it was time to try my hand at my own recipe. Easy is an understatement as far as delicious recipes are concerned. The only issue I personally had was that I didn’t have a waffle maker (I actually just acquired one today from my mom! Hence me immediately thinking that I’ll have to make some immediately). I really wanted to make the recipe for my husband and since I didn’t have a waffle maker, I decided it would be “Chicken and Pancakes” night. I mean, all you need is the flavor of the waffle and a pancakes’ got that all day! To me the most important thing is the deliciousness of the fried chicken, and the sauce. Since I haven’t mastered fried chicken yet, and because Baltimore is home to what should be a world famous fried chicken establishment

Royal Farms is one of my favorites (I also have a special place in my heart for the Red Rooster in Damascus, MD because it’s in my home town). Royal Farms is just way more convenient and sometimes that’s a big factor.

So anyway, I picked up some of their freshly fried chicken tenders. To me, this is key because you don’t have to use your hands to pick the chicken off the bone. You can just chop it up, drench it in syrup and eat! And that’s what I do!

So here’s the trick with the sauce. It’s just 3 simple ingredients. Onion, syrup and BBQ Sauce. Not just any syrup and BBQ sauce though. You need a good maple syrup, the real stuff, and you need Mermaid BBQ Sauce.

The recipe is pretty simple. You saute the onions in a little bit of butter until their translucent, almost brown. Then you add about a cup of syrup and a cup of the bbq sauce. That’s plenty for 2 people. Let it come to a boil to get everything nice and sticky and then lower it down and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. It’ll look a little something like this when you’re done:

Then you add it to the pancake and chicken combo.

And that’s all! Enjoy the deliciousness!

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2 thoughts on “Chicken and Pancakes

  1. Nancy

    is this an April Fools joke?

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