And there went all the Humor…

It’s amazing to me how such an amazing night of Idol can be followed by such an awful terrible (terrible awful, if I’m Minny, from the Help. Sorry, you have to be a reader if you’re gonna understand my jokes, sometimes). I loved a solid 7 amazing performances. (Sorry Colton and Joshua, you are not on the list). I did finally get to see Elise perform – thanks Hollywood Gossip! And I didn’t even have to listen to the stupid judges say anything negative. You know, since they can’t seem to say anything nice about people with uterus’. It was definitely as amazing as I’d heard it was. I was still basking in the glow of that great performance when I turned on the tube around quarter of nine tonight, to see who I thought was Elise in the bottom 3. At first I was shocked, then I realized it was Hollie. Then I was just upset. I mean, she wasn’t as good as Elise, I can’t deny that she was more bottom 3 worth than Elise, but Hollie? In the bottom 3? These voters are animals!

Seeing Heejun there didn’t totally surprise me, I dare say I expected it. But then I saw who was up for the last spot in the bottom 3 – Skylar or DeAndre? Well clearly it would be DeAndre, it HAD to be DeAndre. Skylar is amazing! And DeAndre’s falsetto doesn’t do anything for me. Skylar is my numero uno… and there I was… wrong AGAIN! I must clearly be in the minority when it comes to picking winners. Does no one realize that the most successful Idols have been women? Or that the last 4 winners have been men? Does no one see a problem with that? What ever happened to girl power? Voting audience of American Idol – I’m looking at you. With a stank eye!

I actually wrote a little note to Mr. Han.

As for results this week, well, a lot of us have Skylar quite close to the top, and Hollie is in most peoples middle area, so not a lot of points were doled out this week in bonuses. Cindy, for the second time in three weeks, and Zack for the first time, picked the correct person to go home. Obviously that means Cindy wins herself a second week at the top! Much to my chagrin. Not for Cindy but for Heejun. Let’s take a look at the results for the week. First a reminder of what the picks look like –

And here are the standings for the week:

How are my husbands picks doing better than mine?? It’s just because he has a man crush on Phillip. I can’t blame him though. At least I’m doing better than him overall. Let’s check out those results too now that we’re a few weeks in!

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