Personal Idols Night

Ryan Seacrest must be reading my blog… or just paying attention to pop culture… “May the Odds be Ever In Your Favor” – Indeed Ryan, Indeed. I’m the one with the Hunger Game nods, Ryan. Not you! Did this mean that this week would be a fight to the death? I didn’t see a cornucopia on stage so I was pretty sure the answer would be no… and I was right. Oh well. I do think Ryan is like a real life Caesar Flickman. Randy is clearly not getting his Capitol on though. No pin this week. Just neon beads. I digress even though I don’t want to… I could TOTALLY write a million words about how much I love that book. The movie was good but trust me if you want to really enjoy it, read that book! Er… THOSE books! They’re all good.

Once again, American Idol posted the set list prior to the show airing.

Only 15 minutes prior but I checked it out nonetheless. I saw only a slim chance to be right about any of my guesses but I knew that would be the case. I do feel like the list was relatively easy list to guess. I had an epiphany though remembering that Joshua sang a Beyoncé song in an audition, so maybe that was his personal idol. While I said I could see Jessica singing Beyoncé, when I saw the full list, I was pretty sure that Mariah song was on there for her. I think we all know Miranda Lambert will be Skylar. No doubt. I had to google who Jonny Lang is (a Grammy Award-winning American blues, gospel, and rock singer, songwriter, guitarist and recording artist. Lang’s music is notable for both his unusual voice, which has been compared to that of a forty-year-old blues veteran). Clearly he was going to be Phillips personal idol. Then when I pulled him up on youtube, I was sold. The only one I couldn’t figure out was Donny Hathaway but through process of elimination I went with the following set up (in order of confidence):

Gunpowder & Lead (Miranda Lambert) – Skylar Laine
Jesus Take the Wheel (Carrie Underwood) – Hollie Cavanaugh
Without You (Mariah Carey) – Jessica Sanchez
Sweet Dreams (Beyoncé) – Joshua Ledet
Still Rainin’ (Jonny Lang) – Phillip Phillips
Whole Lotta Love (Led Zepplin) – Elise Testone
Sometimes I Cry (Eric Benet) – DeAndre Brackensick
Everything (Lifehouse) – Colton Dixon
A Song For You (Donny Hathaway) – Heejun Han

I’ll state though, that I think everything after Phillip was a complete guess.

Colton Dixon was first up this evening and it seemed I was 1 for 1 (when given the set list)! Wahoo! Lifehouse though? Really? That’s like picking Nickleback as your Idol. I feel like he’s only going to loose points with that one. The only song I know of theirs is “Hanging By a Moment” but I did see on Wikipedia that they recorded one of their albums in Maryland so holler for that. I will say while the song is a total snoozefest, he gives me a great image of what he’s going for. In my head, he’s some new age pastor at a mega church, and he’s singing to Jesus. Maybe some people like that, though? I know people do. I didn’t even realize this was a worship song in actuality (according to Colton) so I guess that “New Age Pastor” thing was what he was going for. I guess he nailed it then, for what it was.

Skylar – Well that’s 2 for 2, and I totally called Miranda Lambert for her, from that list. Doesn’t hurt that she’s the only country singer we’ve got on the show. Like I said, it was an easy list to crack this time. I just love Skylar. I realize if you don’t like country you might not like Skylar but with the energy she brings to her performances, I just don’t see how you can’t love her performances. I have a feeling she’ll be my favorite performance of the evening (FYI she was, but I didn’t see Elise 😦 sad face…). I don’t know why Randy was making comparisons to Carrie because she is no Carrie Underwood, but she’s definitely awesome.

Heejun – 3 for 3! Yeah baby! I really only picked Heejun singing this because it was the only one left. I don’t know how I feel about “new’ “sensitive” Heejun. I like comedic Heejun. I hope he at least still keeps some of his humor. I do want to hear how Donny Hathaway is his Idol. Why didn’t they say anything about picking that song besides him wanting to be serious? It really is amazing how good he can sing. It just surprises you every time. I don’t think he’s the best on the competition, but he’s really really good.

Hollie – I love Stevie Nicks so much. One of my best friends and I differ on her song choice names (Sorry, I still think Rhiannon is weird, Jess). Either way, she’s right about emotion, and if Hollie is going to keep singing slow songs, she’s got to make people feel or they’re just going to be Pia Toscano-ed bored. I think this was Hollies best performance to date. Maybe it’s just because I love the song. I loved that lower register she went into for a minute, and then just belted it like it was her job. And a great job it was, for me. She looks great too. That dress, her hair, she’s on point tonight.

DeAndre – I think this was a good choice for him as far as what song to sing (and because it makes me 4/4), but it still does nothing for me and I still think he could easily be voted off (although his medley performance was pretty sweet), at least with what I’ve seen so far with performances tonight. It’s too much high pitched singing and I just, I don’t feel it like Randy, Jennifer and Steven CLEARLY do. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Jessica – Well of COURSE Jessica would ruin my perfect streak, I did say she could sing Bey when I made my list, last night, right here on this blog so I’m still kind of right. I wasn’t familiar with this song so I googled the real thing and this is a really interesting version of the song. I think it was really cool. I’m definitely ready for a more upbeat song but I’m ok with Jessica not giving me that, this evening. It’s not her cross to bear. Haha. I do have to say her outfit is atrocious. She’s lucky she’s got the voice 😉

Phillip – As I thought, singing Jonny Lang’s “Still Rainin’”. I loved that Stevie said he was  good enough to be in Fleetwood Mac! I agree, but let him join DMB, or just create his own band and tour with all 3 of them. *sidenote* I also love the relationship that Stevie and Jimmy have (and all the old pictures too (“You had that little Greek body of life” hahaha. Love her). Phillip, you have killed it once again. I love you buddy. It’s practically your show to lose, in my own humble opinion. You’ve got the performance quality that Jessica doesn’t.

Joshua – Boring. Not as boring as Colton but boring. At least you had the emotion part down. His voice is good for sure and he didn’t do anything to butcher the song, by any stretch of the imagination but it was just a little forgettable for me. I did really like the nice touch of stings in the background though.

Elise – I was really hoping that her going last meant that she was just going to completely KILL this song. She would have to because I still remembered Adam Lamberts version of this song and if she didn’t do that, well, in her own special hippy way, then it could’ve really hurt her. Unfortunately for me, my DVR cut off at 1 hour and 48 minutes, right after the Madonna Medley, so I never did get to see Elise. I was so pissed off!!!!!!! SO SO PISSED OFF!!!

As for the medleys

Colton/Elise/Phillip – Fleetwood Mac – I thought the whole medley was good but Elise was my favorite of the three.

DeAndre/Heejun.Joshua – Michael Jackson – I thought it was funny that Ryan called them the “Three Directions” because I was thinking the whole time that this would’ve been better if it was the “New Directions”. If DeAndre should’ve sung anything tonight, or ever, it’s PYT. I could TOTALLY see him singing this. How did he get stuck with Lady In My Life’s intro? I guess he’s Michael-ish in general so anything is fine. Heejun, definitely not Michael-ish. It’s a good thing he’s already sung tonight because this medly belongs to DeAndre (with Joshua in a quasi-close second). If this is what keeps him on the show I’m gonna be a little pissed off.

Jessica/Hollie/Skylar rocked the Madonna medley. Maybe I just like Madonna the most? It’s hard to say but they were my favorite I think. Them or the Fleetwood Medley. It’s a toss up. I do feel bad for Skylar having to wear all white next to Jessica. That didn’t do her any favors.

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