Guess the Personal Idols

This weeks theme for Idol is “Personal Idols” and in my current tradition of picking songs I think they should sing I thought I’d try to keep it up. This has to be one of the hardest things to predict though. For one, they haven’t really had many chances to pick their own songs, so it’s hard to really see what their style is. The second problem is that one of the few areas where you can kind of see who their Idol would be, in their first round auditions, a lot of these contestants weren’t shown in the audition round, so we don’t even have that to help me come up with who their personal Idols would be.

Let’s give it our best shot though. It can’t hurt, right? I mean, I haven’t been right yet so what’s so wrong being wrong again? Lets start with what I think is the obvious, or at least, what I want to be the obvious.

Skylar – If she doesn’t sing Reba McEntire or Martina McBride, I’ll be shocked. Shocked I tell you! I don’t even have to look at her past performances to know that’s what I want her to sing. I know they’re obvious though, so I’m going to pick a slightly non-obvious – and her name is Loretta Lynn… or Dolly Parton. I just can’t decide! I’d love to see her sing “9 – 5”, or “Don’t Come Home A’Drinkin”. Incidentally, if you’re up for listening to a great interview, listen to Loretta Lynn talk to Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh air.  Or Dolly Parton’s for that matter.

Elise – This is another person I think will have an obvious choice so we’ll talk about her next. See, she’s someone who we did see audition and I think that will help in this educated guess. In her original Idol performance, Elise sang “Get it While You Can” by Janis Joplin and “One and Only” by Adele for her last personal choice song. If Adele had been around longer I’d totally pick her as an Idol for Elise but she hasn’t, so I can’t. That’s why I think going with Janis Joplin as her Idol, which is probably a good guess. As for what Janis song she would sing, I’d have to go with the classic, “Cry Baby”. I’d also take “Piece of my Heart”. I could totally watch either.

Colton – He’s one of those people who knows his style so well that to someone who listens to obscure indy bands, it would probably be super easy to decide who his Idol is. The thing is though, I figured out his secret. I took a gander at the songs he’s sung to date and after seeing a David Cook AND Daughtry song, so maybe his Idols, are Idols! A-HA! So because I’m sleuthy, I thought, instead of picking an Idol as his Idol, I’d pick one of those Idols Idols!  Well, the only artist they mutually chose, was Bon Jovi and try as I might, I just can’t see Colton as a Bon Jovi fan. I’ve already written too much about him and I know I’ll never be able to decide who his Idol his so we’ll just wait and see. Surprises can be fun too, after all.

Phillip – Now here’s a kid I can work with! Looking at his song choice, all I can say is that this kid is a mixed bag. Everything from Michael Jackson, to Usher, to Phil Collins. He’s nothing if not a complicated man. Seeing all these choices, I went with something a I just think of when I think of Phil and his name is Mr. Dave Matthews. And if there’s a song I’d love to see Phil sing, it’s “Ant’s Marching”. I’d also be fine with “#41”, “Say Goodbye” or my favorite DMB song, “Lover Lay Down”.

Hollie – I figured I’d go back to the ladies again and pick on Hollie. She’s got some traditional song choices (“At Last” by Etta James) but she’s also sang 2 Miley Cyrus songs (in her Season 10 audition). And with how young she is I could easily see her picking someone like Miley or even Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato, as her idol. I know Idol just had Demi on singing her new single “Skyscraper” so I doubt she’d go for something like that, and I really can’t see her singing “Party in the USA”. What if I threw you all a loop though, and picked a Miley cover song that was on a CD of hers so it would count (take THAT “Year You were Born” theme!). I’m gonna go with Every Rose Has Its Thorn! Yeah. She can show off (if she can do it) her ability to change it up on song choices, and still rock out. I know it’ll never happen but I’m trying to be creative here.

Heejun – And since I went adventurous on the last pick, I’ll go with someone that I think is going to be super adventurous on his pick. Heejun knows his voice. He knows it well. I think since he’s smart enough to pick a song that he likes and is good for his voice, as opposed to someone he idolizes. HOWEVER, I also think he’s funny enough to pick a really unique like Alicia Keys, maybe Weird Al or maybe Jay Z. Who knows. He’s just a wild card! Weird Al would certainly be hilarious though.

Joshua – Someone I don’t think will be adventurous, is Joshua. I could see him doing James Brown ala Blues Brothers. Since he definitely brought it to church, like everyone likes Joshua to do. I think for Joshua, I’m gonna go with Aretha Franklin, and he’s going to sing “Amazing Grace” ala her performance on Oprahs Farewell Episode. Yeah. That, or something from Sister Act.

Jessica – I think Jessica will probably be as unoriginal as Joshua. She’s going to pick a diva! Maybe Christina, maybe Selena (who I’d still like to hear her sing), Whitney, Celine… it really could be any of these women. I think in Pia Toscano fashion, and the soon to be re-released Titanic, I’m going to guess that she’ll be singing “My Heart Will Go On”. Or something by Beyonce as long as it’s slow and melodic.

DeAndre – Finally we have the hardest of all the picks tonight. This one is super tough for me. More tough than Colton, I dare say. I don’t know his style, when I see him I only see the guy from Milli Vanilli. He’s from the most generic music city in the world, unless you’re Blink182. There’s just nothing that stands out about this kid. He’s also terrible with his song choices. So how does one make this attempt at a song choice. I already think he’s getting voted off this week so picking a song for him seems useless anyway. So I won’t. I mean, this is my thing, I do what I want!

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