The Bridal Shower, Part I of II

My sister is getting married. I think I’ve told you all that. As Maid of Honor, I felt a need to throw the best Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party that I could. I mostly focused on the shower while my partner in crime, one of the other lovely bridesmaids, Amy, focused on the Bachelorette. I’d be remiss if I also didn’t mention how much my lovely mother helped out as well. And my own friend Katie, who helped on the day of with the final touches in setting up. Thanks to everyone who helped me to pull off everything on Saturday!

First and foremost, I focused on my vision for my parents basement where this shindig was taking place. My sister is a HUGE Sex and the City fan, so I knew I wanted the theme to revolve around that. The decorations would be pink, black and white, with a touch of cherry blossom. I also wanted a skyline which my friend Josh helped create for me (thanks buddy!). The final decorations looked a little something like this:

The sitting area

The Skyline

This is Central Park aka – the food set up

If you can’t tell from the blog, decorating is fun but food is really where my passion is. The menu for me went back and forth MANY times. At first I was thinking famous New York foods, Italian Food, Food Truck foods, Super Healthy foods (my sister is a physical therapist and athletic trainer and she’s a super healthy eater when there are no oreos or coffee cake in the house. Everyone has their kryptonite). I basically decided to combine all of the above but mostly this was about foods my sister loves, made as healthy as possible, in appetizer forms. I think it was pretty successful! Here’s what we ended up with for the evening:

I don’t think the Croissant Club Sandwiches need a recipe but if you’re that desperate of a chef, it was mini croissants, roast beef, turkey, american and swiss cheese, etc.

I came across the recipes many ways. A few were my own, one I created on the fly a bit, and a few I found on Pinterest. I’ve been pinning to my sisters wedding board (that I created, I don’t think she knows what Pinterest is) since she asked me to be maid of honor.

Let’s start with the drinks that I found on Pinterest. I knew I wanted something Cosmopolitan-ish. Possibly some kind of Sangria. I ended up with a White Wine Cocktail and A Bastardized Sangria. For the wines I used Champagne and Moscato in the white wine cocktail, and Malbec for the Sangria (because I’m selfish and Malbec is the only red I’ll drink).

For the food, my Pinterest recipes were the Lasagna Cups (I didn’t use ground beef though, instead I put a pepperoni on top) and the Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes. Both were a huge hit which is great because I’ve messed up a cheesecake more than once. I don’t like cheesecake myself so maybe it’s subconscious on my part. These cupcakes turned out wonderfully though. I know you’re thinking – these two items look less than healthy! Well, you’d be wrong, thanks. I used fat free cheese so at least that helped!

My personal recipes were the Pesto Chicken Pasta, and Sausage and Peppers. And the funfetti cupcakes were Betty Crockers recipe but the White Chocolate Raspberry icing was Duncan Hines.

The Pesto Chicken Pasta is a really simple recipe. I cooked 4 lbs of boneless chicken thighs that I marinated in vinegar, minced garlic, and fresh ground salt and pepper, and then cooked on the grill and sliced up. I used 3 boxes of whole wheat pasta, mixed with 2 jars of my favorite, basil pesto sauce from Classico (this stuff is amazing and can be used SO MUCH MORE than for just pesto pasta – two words – lamb burgers). You mix the pesto into the pasta and then put the chicken on top, and that’s it.

The sausage and peppers is another fun easy recipe that I make a lot. First I diced up 9 peppers (I bought a pack of mixed peppers, green, yellow, red and orange) 3 onions and 4 Polish Kielbasa  links, sliced. I basically cooked this in about 4 rounds because I don’t have THAT big a skillet. I took a portion of all the ingredients and grilled them in a skillet with a splash of olive oil, a splash of worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. As I finished each round, I put them in a big stock pot with a bit of water and soy sauce just so they didn’t dry out. This was also the most taste tested because you don’t want it too spicy so you just have to keep tasting it. And because it’s delicious, it’s hard not to keep taste testing it!

The recipe that was my own creating were some spinach and cauliflower bites that I’ll share the recipe with, on a later blog, because hey, I want some credit too, damn-it!  Can I tell you that everyone thought they were cheese and spinach bites but there was only a quarter cup of cheese mixed into over 40 bites! I ate them with some of my homemade marinara sauce and I couldn’t have been happier! Here’s a sneak peak but the recipe will come soon!

And that’s all the food we had. Tomorrow I’ll talk about the fun games we played that I created for the day. It was a lot of fun and I want to share because if anyone ever wants to play the game at their own Sex and the City party, I think they’ll want to know how it went! Bottom line, it was a lot of fun.

Until them, I’m off to take another nap. It was a long day followed by an amazing Bachelorette Party thanks to Amy, and my sister turning to an almost “Buddy the Elf” type character when she drinks! There’s no pictures of that, though!

And to my sister, I love you and I can’t wait for your big day!

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