Mr. Slezak beat me to it.

I think there’s no denying that Michael Slezak is my favorite pop culture writer since LOST went off the air (RIP Doc Jensen, only figuratively, thankfully). It’s true though. I think Mr. Slezak might only have a slight advantage over Mr. Jensen because he writes the reviews for just about every single one of my favorite shows! Glee? Check! Smash? Check! Project Runway? Check! Top Chef? I’m pretty sure he’s got that covered too! I’m sure if there were time he’d write for ally my favorite shows, but the list literally, goes on and on!

So of course the Great Slezak would get to Billy Joel week before me. The thing I love about him is that while I love his writing and usually agree with him, there are plenty of times we tend to disagree. And on his list of which Billy Joel songs the contestants should sing, I definitely have a differing opinion. See, I did my own list before even looking at his! I swear! But then while googling “idol” and “billy joel” sure enough his article came up as one of the top searches! And since people actually pay to hear what he thinks, odds are he’s probably more right. Let’s see how it all works out tonight though. Here’s my list compared to his list and why I think my list is better… sike, Slezaks is totally better, but mine is fun too, damnit!

Here’s Mr. Slezaks list –

Colton Dixon, “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”
DeAndre Brackensick, “An Innocent Man”
Erika Van Pelt, “And So It Goes”
Elise Testone,
Heejun Han, “She’s Always a Woman”
Hollie Cavanagh, “The Downeaster Alexa”

Jessica Sanchez, “Just the Way You Are”
Joshua Ledet, “You May Be Right”

Phillip Phillips, “Don’t Ask Me Why”
Skylar Laine, “Only the Good Die Young”

The only one we match on, and thus, the most successful of the evening, will be Colton. I think the reason I liked the idea of Movin’ Out was because I don’t think he can pull of Piano Man and I think Movin’ Out is just heavy enough on the piano to satisfy my needs. Close runner-up for me was Goodnight Saigon but it lost because I just can’t see him as a Vietnam vet. Also, after reading Slezaks picks, I totally want to change my pick for Skylar of Tell Her About It to Only the Good Die Young. That’s an awesome choice I hadn’t thought of for her. I don’t know how I even came up with my song. Maybe because Clay Aiken sang it and it sounded maybe a little bit country, too.

I also really like his idea of having DeAndre sing An Innocent Man. I hadn’t even thought of that song as a possible option this week but it really makes sense. I was thinking the same album though. I thought that him singing Uptown Girl would be hilarious, but I was actually thinking For the Longest Time would be more appropriate.

I was wondering if he wanted one of his favorites to go home after seeing his choice for her was Allentown? For Elise? Come on Michael! She’s already on the cusp. That song is a death wish! No teenager is going to appreciate a song like Allentown, except the few that actually live there. Elise needs a song everyone knows and that’s why I think she should sing New York State of Mind. I also can’t see Hollie singing The Downeaster Alexa because it’s another Debbie Downer of a song choice. She was my hardest song choice by FAR. She just sings so differently from Billy Joel. I had to really look at the lyrics and go from there for having any clue what I’d want her to sing, which is probably why I picked The Entertainer. Because she learned to dance with a hand in her pants? Yeah… I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Maybe because last week she won my heart, but she knows the game and I’ll forget her name, and she won’t be here for another year if she doesn’t stay on the charts… Maybe Downeaster Alexa really is the better choice… I say  only because Storm Front is my favorite Billy Joel album (and why does no one want anyone to sing We Didn’t Start the Fire?! I can’t help it, it’s my FAVORITE Billy Joel song and one of my favorite songs, period. Blame my history degree and a lesson I taught solely revolving around the song)! It’s what I grew up with. It’s what I know! That’s why I had Erika singing I Go to Extremes. I could also see Phil  singing Shameless because I think it would go great with some guitar playing, but that wasn’t my pick for him. The song I’d really like to see him sing though, is Big Shot. How fun would THAT be!

I saved my least favorite CD for my least favorite contestant, even though I think she could do a great job with the song. Ever heard of the song Lullaby? I feel like no one knows it. I actually really like the song, it’s one of two good songs on the whole thing. And I think this is the pick for Jessica. I could see her singing it to some potential child. And don’t think I’m forgetting about Joshua. I actually thought River of Dreams would be good for him because it’s got that gospel feel, and I know how he likes bringing people to church, through his voice. I know Michael, I know, you’re thinking that this is the most obvious song choice which was why you went with You May Be Right. And you’re probably right, but sometimes Idol goes with obvious, so only time will tell who’s right! Not to mention, I think you had one or two obvious choices. The most obvious being Heejun’s pick of She’s Always A Woman. It’s that slow ballad, kind of a Michael Bolton quality that Heejun does well, but how about my options (because I couldn’t decide which one I liked more). I personally picked This is the Time, or You’re My Home. I think I’m leaning toward You’re My Home.  It’s DEFINITELY not an obvious choice, and I’d prefer someone who can play the piano, but I still think Heejun could surprise a lot of people with that song choice.

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One thought on “Mr. Slezak beat me to it.

  1. ‘Only The Good Die Young’ well at least we can say Glee Cast has a cover of that song so.. Score!

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