Fun with Salt Blocks

A few  years ago, my husband and I were watching Iron Chef America and one of the chefs were cooking this fish and when he plated the dish it was on this giant pink block. Zack and I were very intrigued. Up until this point we believed giant blocks of salt were meant for horses and livestock. Kind of like this:

I don’t even know why they give these things to animals. Luckily, this isn’t what the salt block on TV looked like. That salt block looked a little more like this:

How delicious does THAT look. Well this year, I was lacking a bit in Christmas ideas and Amazon took me to a search of cooking gifts and that lead me to a giant salt block, available in numerous sizes. So I went with it and got an 8″x8″ salt block. We’d been trying for a few months to figure out exactly what to cook on it. We didn’t really have any recipes to go by, and nothing in any of our cook books told us anything about cooking on a giant block of salt. Luckily, we’re adventurous so we just said hey, there are a lot of pictures of the block with tuna so lets try that!

So we found a tuna marinade that consisted of soy sauce, cilantro, honey, ginger, some siracha and a few other things. We let the tuna marinate for about 30 minutes while we prepared the salt block, and then threw it in the oven with the pre-heated salt block (we just followed the directions that came with the block as far as cleaning and preparing). Because tuna is to be served a little on the raw side, seared if you will, so it didn’t take long at all. We just had to sit and wait for a few minutes longing to eat our delicious salty fish…

I will say that next time we will not be putting cilantro, or at least, as much cilantro, into the marinade. Other than that, it turned out super great! We were so happy with everything! We served it with some rice, and green beans with peppers in a butter sauce (which were phenomenal).

All in all it was a fun adventurous dinner and it was pretty cool to try something totally new! We’ll do it again for sure but cleaning the salt block is a bit of a pain in the ass because you can’t use soap. That just doesn’t sound right in my brain but a lot of people use it so I’m just going to go with it! Things that aren’t dishwasher safe are a little beyond me, but it is fun to use this thing every now and then. I think next time we’ll try steaks! I hear we can use this bad boy on the grill and me likes the sound of that.

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One thought on “Fun with Salt Blocks

  1. Huh..interesting. I’ve never heard of cooking on salt blocks before.

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