Top 11 Contest Results

So was anyone surprised by Shannons ousting? I can’t say that I was. I think she deserved to go home amongst the remaining contestants. I didn’t think she would, but I don’t really mind that she did. All her shoulder shrugging was starting to bother me. I’m sure Ryan is glad that both the tall-ies are gone now. I WAS surprised to see Erika in the bottom 3. Ok I wasn’t surprised, but I was a little miffed as I have her finishing more middle of the pack , in my Top 12.

What’s my Top 12 you may be wondering? Well I’m glad you asked! Every year I do a fun little game with my friends to pick the Top 12 contestants and we see who’s ultimately the most right! The lists below are actually the Top 11 picks since I had to remove Jermaine for obvious reasons.

Here’s my group of friends predictions of how Idol will be ending up when everything is said and done.

The way the game works is, you get points based on where you pick the person ending up. So, the person you think will win, gets 12 points, second place gets 11, and so on. If the person is in the bottom 3, they get half the points, and if they’re out, they get no points. But then there’s a bonus if you do pick right. If you pick the correct bottom 3, you get 2 points per person, and 5 points if you pick the right person to go home. So, the most bonus points you can get is 9 (5 for the correct person going home and 4 for the two other contestants in the bottom 3). This week only Cindy picked the right person to go home so she was the only one who got the 5 points, but a lot of people had Elise in the bottom 3, so they got points for that. Right now the winners bracket is as follows:

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