Covered from the Year You Were Born

Let me just take the opening sentence of my blog to say that while I don’t love the polka dot shirt that Randy was rocking, I do think his carnation pin is a BIG improvement on the weird pin he wore last week. However because I can’t say a nice thing about Randy without a follow-up about how I really feel about him, why does he always mention songs he was involved in? No one cares what you’ve been in. You don’t need to prove you should be on this show. We all know you shouldn’t be so just shut your mouth when it comes to self-promotion.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Post-Idol blog.

Songs from Songs Covered By Other Artists the Year You Were Born

I get that Idol is basically a karaoke competition, so singing songs covered by other artists from the year you were born shouldn’t be a big deal, and I think that it’s fine that if the song was popular the year you were born. But that’s not what the title of this episode was. Thusly, I don’t think we should call this theme “Songs from the Year You Were Born” because really, it’s a bit of a stretch. I think it should be “Popular Songs from the Year You Were Born” although thenColtonwould’ve had to pick another song altogether, and at least his was legitimately released the year he was born. I will say that I didn’t realize a few of the songs were covers until I started investigating the song choices (since most of them I didn’t see when I was looking at popular songs from that year). I totally thought Gloria Estefan was the originator of Turn the Beat Around, and I never knew Celine wasn’t the first to sing Power of Love. Everyone else though, I was on to you! In all seriousness though, aren’t there enough good songs to choose from in a single year you were born? I mean, thousands of songs come out annually. I feel like you can find ONE good song! Are you just jealous of all the awesome things that came out of the ‘80s?

It also baffles me how we have contestants who were born after the Lion King was released, or the same year No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” came out. Cheese and Rice! (Look at me not using the Lords name in vain. You’re welcome lent). I was pretty mad that they got DeAndre to change his song choice from Can You Feel the Love Tonight. As I mentioned before, the kid looks like the guy who played Young Adult Simba when I saw the Lion King at the Hippadrome, so I thought that was quite a fitting choice, whether it fit his style or not, it fit what I wanted to hear. Oh well. At least he got what was coming to him for changing the song, as did everyone else who was convinced to change their song choice. I’m not going to lie, I actually liked a lot of the options that Mr. Loveline and Wil.I.Am shot out to a few of the contestants, but let them sing what they want to sing and let them be their own demise. Maybe they just do it to see who’s most easily molded to the will of the Producers, since that’s going to be the next few years of their potential careers anyway. Ask any member of the Mickey Mouse Club that’s still a recording artist.

With that, lets get to the music.

Phil Phillips – Hard to Handle (Otis Redding Black Crowes) – Anyone else watch the Office a few weeks ago? When Dwight had his appendix removed and didn’t want to miss his meeting? That’s what Phil reminded me of tonight.  I definitely think he’ll get some extra votes for that one.  I didn’t need the sob story to want to vote for him though. While I would’ve preferred my personal song choice, Hold On, I thought Hard to Handle was a perfect song for him and he really hit a solid triple with it. it was definitely a great song choice. He did really well and it’s definitely the style he should cling to. And while I know this was a cover, I prefer the Black Crowes version anyway, so I’ll let this cover slide J It was probably more popular as a Black Crowes release anyway.

Jessica Sanchez – Turn the Beat Around (Vicki Sue Robinson Gloria Estefan) – I know the judges weren’t exactly happy with her song choice, with Steven saying she should stick to ballads… allow me to offer Jessica a reason to not listen to Steven. I personally think this song was really smart of her to sing. She needs upbeat so that she doesn’t get pigeonholed like Pia did with her constant slow music. Maybe it wasn’t the perfect song choice but it was a smart song choice, especially at this point in the season. It’s coming off a really high, high, so she’ll still get the votes from her fans, and it opens her up to some new fans who say she can only do ballads (ie – myself). Also,  I just have to say, the stylists have come a long way in some regards. In years passed, she would’ve been in one of those Kardashian Kollection jumpsuits that they were throwing everyone and their mother in a few years ago. This was a huge improvement and I would LOVE to wear those pants! They were so shiny! Also, her dad seriously looks the same age as me. He definitely doesn’t look much older than me, which I have to tell myself he is since I would have had a child at the ripe old age of 12 if I was procreating in 1994.  

Heejun Han – Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx) – Congratulations to Heejun for the first original song release of the night, from the year a contestant was born! Also, I think whenever Randy starts a sentence with “For me…” I know I’m going to disagree with him. Is Randy just jealous that he’s not singing R&B? I think that must be it. I don’t want this to sound racist, it might sound more racist by starting a sentence that way,  but know that’s not my intention. I just wonder how much of the “Asian vote” Heejun has locked up. I mean they haven’t had a contestant to root for in as long as I can remember (and no, William Hung does NOT count. I wonder if that will extend his stay a little longer. Not in a “Vote for the Worst” kind of way but in a “Vote for him because he’s just like me” kind of way. And they should vote for him because unlike Randy, I thought he did a great job on one of my favorite songs!

Elise Testone – Let’s Stay Together (Al Green Tina Turner) – I do think that Elise has a great voice and she’s a fantastic song, but all I could think was that the President sang it better.  I mean, is he the real American Idol? Did he just not ever audition because he was too old had more important things to do? Haha. Just kidding.  I just didn’t love the compilation. It’s one of those things where I have to get passed the arrangement, and focus on how well she sang it and the quality of her voice, which to me, is stellar.

DeAndre BrackensickCan You Feel the Love Tonight Endless Love (Lionel Richie & Diana Ross Mariah Carey) – I just have to say right off the bat that I like this song so much more as a duet. Other than that minor criticism, I thought he sang this song really well. I agree with the judges that he didn’t sing it like he was really that into it, and I still think he should’ve sung Can You Feel the Love Tonight, but he still sang well. This was the point in the night where I really had to start googling when these songs came out because it really surprised me that Endless Love would have came out that year because I felt like it was much older. Same with Let’s Stay Together but when this was two in a row… Google told me it actually came out in 1981, but it was re-released in 1994. This wasn’t the oldest re-released song either, of the night. Also, it behooves me to not mention that this song always reminds me of Happy Gilmore, not Brooke Shields, so I’m still young, right?)

“I thought we were just going to be friends.”
“What? Friends listen to Endless Love in the dark.”

Shannon Magrane – One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men) – While I was so glad she picked One Sweet Day over Don’t Speak, she’s absolutely nooooooo Mariah, and having to compare her to the Mariah version does her NO favors. Come on Shannon. Ok, ok, I realize this isn’t supposed to be a karaoke competition and that Shannon has to do Mariah songs in her own way, but it’s impossible for me to not compare her vocal abilities to the aforementioned true Idol… I just can’t.  The good thing, is that I can see she’s overcome her nerves this week. So I’ll look at this as an improvement and I’ll say I didn’t hate her version. I just thought it was the Kindergarten version of a Mariah song. I just love this song. I loved the video. I LOVED Boyz II Men! There’s a lot to live up to. Also, in honor of Mariah, she should’ve worn heels (whether Seacrest liked her without them, or not). Mariah would never be caught on stage without heels.

Colton Dixon – Broken Heart (White Lion) – Can I just say two things about the practice sesh? 1. Could Colton’s pants get ANY tighter? And 2. Wil.I.Am’s little rhymes were cracking me up like a 5 year old! Slam dunkin’ like Valdamir…? Haha. They just made me laugh. That, and “Ghountry” when he was talking to Skylar. Anyway, back to Coltons’ song choices. I can tell you this song wasn’t even on my radar when I was looking at potential songs. I assume because I was looking at a list of popular songs from that year? I did love when he said that “Daughtry specifically told him, ‘sing songs people know,’ which I will do next week”. That’s funny. I agree though. Obscure songs are never good. Unless they are my obscure favorites (like when Kris Allen won me over singing Falling Slowly, from Once). I think they can call this aColton song because they’re right, no one else knows this song. I agree with Steven, the song didn’t go anywhere. It was just kind of boring.Colton, you can have the song but seriously, pick things people know for next week please.

Erika Van Pelt – Heaven (Bryan Adams) – Wil.I.Am hit the nail on the head with Erika as her run on Idol continues… She’s gonna go home if she doesn’t execute. I have a feeling she is just teetering on the edge of elimination even though her voice is awesome. She just doesn’t really fit an Idol mold.  At least the stylists finally executed when it comes to her wardrobe. I really liked her performance. I think, while it probably wasn’t the best of the evening, it was HER best performance from what I’ve seen from her to date.

Jermaine Jones – All I want to say about you, well, there are a few things but I’ll make them brief. 1. I’m glad your violent crime wasn’t really über violent. I was worried you had some kind of Chris Brown offense. I’m glad you don’t. But, open warrants are open warrants. Go get your shizz together buddy. Secondly while you couldn’t keep on keepin’ on, on the show, that performance of Somewhere Out There was breathtaking. That was supposed to be the Father/Daughter dance at my wedding but the dance instructer said you couldn’t dance to it 😦 I’m still mad about that. But as for Jermaine, thanks for singing it because it was wonderful. I really hope you can clear up all your legal matters, and get some kind of recording contract.

Skylar Laine – Love Sneaking Up on You (Bonnie Raitt) – Why she did not take the advice of Wil.I.Am is beyond me. Her singing Coolio (props on the ghetto photoshop)? Come on! I loved every one of his suggestions. She definitely knows who she is though and she was super smart to stick to her guns. She’s got the twang, and she’s clearly hard headed enough to stick to what she wants. And she’s good enough to succeed in the area so you go get it gurrrrrl!

Joshua Ledet – When a Man Loves a Woman (Percy Sledge Michael Bolton) – “You brought me to church” I’m not gonna lie, I could’ve raised my hand and let out a “Praise Jesus” myself while Josh was singing this. It’s the right song to sing his way (facial contortions and all). It reminded me of watching Blues Brothers a little bit. I wanted him to break into the song from Blues Brothers anyway (which is impossible to find a youtube clip of that’s worth sharing). I think Jennifer genuinely loves him. I’ll even agree with Randy “Phenomenal/Incredible/Crazy Good” and also that it might’ve been the crawfish.

Hollie Cavanaugh – The Power of Love (Celine Dion) – She.Is.Amazong. Amazong? I meant Amazing. But, if amazong was a word, she’d be that too. Jen’s right, they definitely saved the best for last.

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