Sweet Summertime

Since my last post, there’s been a lot happening in the house. Most notably with regard to plumbing and digging holes. It’s pretty boring stuff that isn’t really worth blogging about, just picture me cursing a lot while covered in mud. That’s the long and the short of it. Thankfully all that digging and being covered in mud saved me a lot of money, which we all know I’m a fan of. So, since I was sick of doing things I hate, I decided to do another post of things I love. Last time it was Spring things, this time, lets talk about Summer. I figured this was the next logical progression… So the first thing I love about Summer, is grilling.

We get to fire up this bad boy, which happens at least 3 nights a week in any season other 
Winter, and 4-5 times in the Summer since the weather is better and it stays light out so
much longer.
 The other thing that’s great about this grill is that it’s half gas, half charcoal. I’m kind
of picky when it comes to what I like so having both options is great. I mean, chicken is great on
charcoal, but I like the gas for seafood. Talk about the best of both worlds.

 I also love eating outside on patios. It’s seriously the best way to eat.
 Especially by our house
where you can watch the train pass by as you eat.

Since eating is kind of the premise of this blog, I have to also mention that official Summer
things that all Marylanders do, and it involves a very specific food… Maryland Blue Crabs.
It’s not Summer until you’ve had a dozen.

These Blue Crabs, are official. Right off the boat from Crisfield, Maryland.
And every bushel of crabs comes as a feast. It’s tradition. If you have a bushel,
the crowd will find you, kind of like Field of Dreams.

The beer usually finds you too. Which results in you doing crazy things like this…
mind the red eye… it just helps emphasize the crazy.

 Now, if you’ve been able to acquire your blue crabs,
you probably did it while partaking in one of these activities.

Boats are always fun but Zack and I prefer the ones sans-motor.
It’s probably our favorite summer activity.
Most notably the Choptank Rivah Run.
We try to do it every year, when Weddings or bad weather don’t get in the way.

I know it looks like a crowd but it’s actually quite peaceful when you go back down the river.
And, one year I won a gym membership. Nothing like winning a membership to a gym that’s
an hour from your house 🙂 I donated it to a school raffle. Hopefully someone used it.
I’ll take my exercise outdoors!

We also like to kayak along the beaches.
That’s my personal favorite because you can take a minute to do a little lounging.

Last year we actually went clamming while on a kayaking trip!
Nothing like freshly caught dinner, cooked right over the fire!

And then when you’re done beaching it, and full of clams, you can have a campfire on the
beach with all your pals, some smores (peanut butter style), and sparklers!

And NOTHING beats summer sunsets.
This is one of my favorites from when we were in Avon, in the Outer Banks.
I really hope we make it back there this year. We’ve got a free place to stay and
great company so it’s just the driving down there that we have to worry about.
And it is wonderful there!

I never really thought I’d be a camper but I do really enjoy everything about it.
Ok, 98% of it.  We do tend to get poured on, a LOT.
It’s super relaxing though and you can always get in a good book or 5.
One thing I don’t like about camping though, is that a lot of the time,
we can’t bring the dogs. And they LOVE summer!

Their enjoyment is really my favorite part of Summer!

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