Ready for Spring!

Our last two years, February in Maryland has looked like this:

February 2010

February 2011

But because this year looks nothing like the last two, it just has me jonesing
for all things Spring right nooooooooowwww. Not to mention, we have some
pretty exciting things going on this Spring.

There’s the usual stuff that comes every year, and the “once in a lifetime stuff” that
will happen this year. Let’s start with the little things first.

Our house is kind of woodsy. We’ve got nature all around, well, all around for
half of an acre! Anyway, there are a lot of woodland creatures that start to come
out of the woodwork. It’s mostly dear, and lots of birds since our house came with
a lot of bird-feeders that we try to keep stocked. The best part of Spring last year
though, were these little beauties…

You don’t get much more one with nature than baby bunnies in your back yard!
I must say that having them here, was a somewhat constant fear because our dogs.
They’re bunny eaters, well, they would be if given the smallest of opportunities.
They’d be all over that. Luckily, we got to them before the dogs and were able to
protect them until they were big enough to hop along.

I seriously hope they come back to raise their own bunny children this year!

The second thing I love about our house in the Spring, is all the pretty flowers that
start to bloom which always makes me super happy. Thank god we bought this
house from some people who paid to have an amazing garden of blooming fun times.

We also have weird little garden creatures, some creepier than others…
again from the previous owners. And, of course I have no pictures of the
normal looking creatures. Oh well.

Another Springtime thing we do is start planting things!
Last year was our first attempt and we started small. We planted bell and
jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, corn, and lettuce.

We got a lot of lettuce, and a fair amount of jalapenos… and
But the lettuce was pretty awesome. It grew faster than we could eat it.

Seriously though, all this stuff is all boring, compared to what’s going on THIS Spring.
There are really important things afoot in the BaccalaBloggala!

See if you can guess, I’ll give you some paint-style photoshop help!

That’s right! Three very short years ago, it was me.
This year, my baby sister is getting married! And I’m her maid of honor.
I know the term is Matron but she refuses to use it so, the maid abides.

And check out the location… none other than my parents beautiful and picturesque driveway.
Complete with even more grass now! I think the trees are a little bigger now too.
This picture is actually from 2006 but it’s my favorite picture of the trees,
and my sisters current profile picture.

Hopefully the unseasonably warm spring doesn’t bring these beauties out too early…
Lets all say a little prayer that they stay in their little buds until at least mid-April.

So that’s really all I’m excited about for Spring.
Except for my favorite Spring thing, which really deserves it’s own
space due to the special place it’s held in my heart for all of my (almost) 30 years.
That’s not coming until April 6th though, when the glorious “5th season” starts!

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