I’m 9 out of 13. Not too shabby!

Oh Jimmy I.Jimmy I.  How I’ve missed you and your legitimately relevant opinions of the contestants. I couldn’t help but think “I’m so glad that someone is willing to give a real and honest opinion, why can’t he be a judge??? ”. He helps shape them into who the producers think they should be, and we all know the producers are always right **she said in a highly sarcastic tone**.

So the Top 12 went pretty close to how I expected it to go, with a few welcomed and unwelcomed hiccups. I can’t say I’m not upset Aaron didn’t make it through but he was the only one I was upset about when everything was said and done. By the time the Top 12 were announced, I had a good ¾ correct.  Not too shabby. It’s not passing but it’s not an F either. Solid D effort. haha. If I could’ve got up to 10/13 that would be pretty sweet. I guess 9/13 will have to do. At least they picked my favorite of those 4 boys and girls I had going through. I was pretty happy when everything was said and done with whoAmericavoted in. I definitely can’t say I didn’t expect Joshua and Jessica to make it into the Top 12 even without me picking them. So lets see who were picked, in the order they were chosen:

Phil Phillips – Happy and surprised to see him in! And the first pick to boot, although I’m sure these aren’t ordered by votes received.

Hollie Cavanagh – Funny to me how my two picks for wild card were the first ones called.

Jessica Sanchez – Not my pick but not surprised at all that she’s in.

Joshua Ledet – Another non-pick of mine. This wasn’t looking good for me… 2/4 so far.. but by the by, who loved when my man Jimmy I. said that he needed to stop making his performances into Sister Act III. haha. So true.

Heejun Han – Don’t bite the hand that feeds you buddy. Making fun of Jimmy is a nail in your coffin. You can be funny, that’s fun, but don’t be cocky. No one likes cocky.

Skyler Laine – An obvious choice.

Shannon Magrane –NotAS obvious but I did see some tweets from a few MLB folks who knew her papa asking to vote for her, so maybe they helped get the word out.

Elise Testone – Come onAmerica, you know you would’ve been stupid not to pick her.

Colton Dixon – Definitely glad he’s in and happy his sister is there, happy for him.

Jermaine Jones – Shocked again but in a great way! I was sure that if he made it into the Top 13 it would be in the “sing for his life” fashion. I’m gladAmerica loved him enough to vote for him. He definitely got the most votes from me so I’m sure that *wink wink*

Of the 4 left that I picked that are waiting to hear if they make it as a wild card (Erika Van Pelt, Jen “The Hirshicane” Hirsh, Aaron Marcellus, Creighton Fraker), I really like all of them. I think if I had to pick one of those four to for sure make it through it would be Erica, so I told myself, as long as Erica makes it into the Wild Card round, I would be happy (and Aaron second if I was being greedy, which I can be). Unfortunately for me, I was 100% sure that DeAndre Brakensick would be picked as a Wild Card pick but other than that I wasn’t really sure who would make it into that group of 6. I hated that Aaron and Creighton didn’t make it into the Wild Card after all the J.Lo love they received. I thought that one of them would have a wild card pick in the bag. But alas… Let’s talk about the performances though…

Jen Hirsh Oh Darlin’ (The Beatles): I realize this song isn’t really a super exciting song. It’s more of a sultry slower song, but I felt like if she was going to be singing for her life, there should’ve been a little more… energetic?  About halfway through the song, I think it was around the word “die” it started to devolve a little but she definitely killed the last 15 seconds of the song. I think the worst thing for her was that she went first.

Jeremy Rosado I Know You Won’t (Carrie Underwood): Carrie Underwood… interesting choice. Definitely not able to compare him to Carrie’s version. I have to say that while we mostly only saw him in group so it was a little harder to judge the guy, the more I hear him individually, the more I want to hear him. I was a little shocked he even made it to the wild card round, but the with the last 5 seconds of that song you really see why he’s on the show and what kind of power he can bring to a song.

Brielle Von Hugel Someone Like You (Adele): I was so so psyched when I saw that she was singing Adele. I could tell right in the first note that she’d suffer the same fate as Eben (in a good way). I do like the twang thing she does while she sings but she sings too much like Adele, to not have to directly compare them, and not as good as Elise to woo anyone. There were just enough off notes, and enough of that weird growl thing she does, that I knew she wasn’t making it anywhere close to the Top 13. Unless the Top 24 counts as close. I loved how the judges have every ounce of say in this decision and they were saying they weren’t sure she’d make it. You should’ve just told her then that she wasn’t in. One small compliment, her dress looks great on her.

Deandre Brackensick Georgia on My Mind (Ray Charles): As if we haven’t heard this song enough already this season… I don’t need to comment because I knew he’d be in the second I saw he wasn’t part of the Top 5 guys. The good thing for me in this situation is that it’s the judges that like him, notAmerica, so hopefully he won’t be around too long. I’m sure I’m wrong but a girl can dream.

Erika Van Pelt Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga): Now this girl, this is the girl I want in the Top 13 the absolute most. I was really worried when I saw her go into the TBD group in the beginning. I was happy to see her make the wild card but I was so thrilled seeing her sing Edge of Glory. That was the energy that Jen was lacking and I think she’s the reason Jen didn’t make it in. Her song wasn’t super fast or anything either but she puts so much more power into it. This could really be one of those “Idol Songs” that they over play as contestants are having to sing for their lives. But back to Erica, to quote my favorite paid author to write about Idol, “That was so electrifying, I almost forgot to update this blog post!” (via Michael Slezak) I just feel like she really knows what she’s doing on the stage, and I love her for that. I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about her outfit though. It’s a bit David’s Bridal. I guess singing is her forte and styling is not.

Reed Grimm Bill Withers’ “Use Me”: Here’s the thing with Reed. I really like him. However, I really like him because he puts on a show. I don’t like him because he’s some kind of amazing singer. That’s just not his thing. I think he’s been on the stage long enough here, and throughout past episodes, that he’ll be fine with his band, making something of himself, but I was pretty sure, and clearly right, that he didn’t need to go through to the Top 13 with that performance.

Overall, the judges didn’t do all that terribly. I was pretty happy with their decisions. Watching the wild card performances, I still wouldn’t have picked DeAndre but I knew that ax would fall so, I’ll take it since it means I get Erica. As for Jeremy, he too is growing on me, and I think J.Lo is just so into him emotionally, that it makes sense she picked him. The last big chunk to go home before the agony goes nice and slow over the course of weeks. It’s so much more palatable that way. 

Randy: Erika Van Pelt (I have to say that before Randy picked her, I just keep thinking how devastated I was that they didn’t let Kendra Chantelle through last year on Wild Card Night, and this would be repeating the same scenario all over again and it would be a night of heartbreak. Thanks Randy, I can happily say you made my evening!)

J.Lo: Jeremy Rosado

Steven: Deandre Brackensick

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