American Idol – Really? Really Judges?

Ok, Really Judges? Really?, I don’t mind you being mean… critical… judgmental if you will… shockingly enough, I’d actually prefer it if you were in any way judgmental of the performances, all around. You are judges after all. However, if you’re not going to be critical to the men, you can’t just turn it around on the girls. I know, you probably read all your hate mail about what softies you all are, and to be honest, I still don’t think you’re being “mean” by Simon standards, nobody is crying after all. However, you have to treat the girls the same as the boys. I just kept thinking of my dear Haley Reinhart throughout the whole episode. It was like it was dedicated to her style of being judged. I’m glad Randy admitted their leniency on the guys, but name freaking names! Here’s your chance to tell of the guys like you’re butchering the girls. Are you trying to make people feel bad for the girls and thus, vote for them more? I just don’t get where you’re coming from. Come on, you should’ve said names Randy. I would’ve had more respect for you. 

Ok so with that, lets get down to some real judging of talent! Like yesterday, I’ve bolded my Top 5 and wild card pick. The judges can have the third wild card pick to themselves.

Chelsea Sorrell – I like that she said she wants to make her Mommy and Daddy proud, but I’m afraid her version of Cowboy Cassanova will soon be forgotten with the performance of a little lady, later on. I agreed with the judges that the performance could’ve been better and I definitely heard an off note or two but more importantly (only because I don’t think we’ll see her in the Top 5), her outfit is atrocious. Not the most atrocious of the evening but it had way too many things going on with the sequin fringe dress thing, leather pants/tights, and a thriller jacket. I don’t get that. And while I agree (especially with having seen all the performances) that Randy’s critique was accurate in that they’ve seen the “Carrie” thing… but I hope he means that they’ve seen Carrie Underwood sing and know she’s better. That’s what I mean when I think that.  

Erika Van Pelt (Top 5) – Were the judges trying to make her the Mama Bear of this season? I feel like her the stylists didn’t do her any. Case in point, the nude illusion sleeves, and the weird necklace that for the first half of your performance, I thought was a baggy sequin top. The good thing though, is that not looking at you, I love everything about your voice and your version of What About Love. Every time you held onto a note for a second or two, I liked you even more. For what it’s worth, I think you’d make a great touring companion to Kelly Clarkson too.

Also, I just had to throw in Randy’s idiot quote of the night “A singing DJ? When have you heard of that?” um… everywhere? Granted they’re usually good singers and mediocre DJ’s or vice versa, but I feel like a lot of famous singers are also DJ’s? That being said, none come to mind… so maybe I’m wrong? Moving on…  

Jen “The Hirshicane” Hirsh (Top 5) – With the first performance of Adele’s One and Only, Jen did what dear little Eben didn’t do when choosing an Adele song. For one, she chose a popular but lesser known ditty. Secondly, she didn’t really sing it like Adele sings it and thus, made it more difficult to compare hers to Adele. In this regard I hope it solidifies Jens chances a little more. Also, when she was talking about calling her dog, her “dogter” – she maybe shouldn’t have dropped that nugget because there’s a fair chance I may start doing that to Molly. I’d say that I won’t just so I don’t make Scrapple jealous, but Zack calls Scrapple his son so I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.

Brielle Von Hugel – This girl cannot get off my TV screen fast enough. She kind of terrifies me when she sings. It’s like she’s looking into the camera and saying “You better f-ing vote for me America” with her eyes even though Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay was coming out of her mouth. Brielle, sorry for your luck, but you won’t be getting this girls votes. And comparing her to Janis Joplin Randy? Really? What solidified my icky feeling towards her was her post-performance chat with the camera, speaking of herself in third person. Come on, lady.

Hallie Day – Is it wrong that I thought Feelin’ Good was a Jennifer Hudson song? Haha. At least I’m able to admit it. Blame Weight Watchers and their commercials. I did thoroughly enjoy her performance and wouldn’t hate to see her as a Wild Card condender but it’ll be difficult. It did bother me that she only sang for like, 30 seconds? It just seemed very brief for a 2 hour show. Side note, does she work at the Cheesecake Factory in the City? That’s what it kind of looked like to me.Also, she reminds me of the girl playing Marilyn on Smash, Megan Hilty. I say this as a good thing. 

Skyler Laine (Top 5) – This girl is the total front runner of the ladies in my mind. She’s so fun to watch, she got an outfit I love that fits her personality . She has a bulldog kind of an attitude when she sings Stay With Me that I really like (A song I’d never heard, but really liked until Randy said he helped with it. Ugh, Randy do you have to mention everything you’ve ever been involved in, in your entire life? You’re only doing that because no one remembers anything you’ve ever done except suck at being a judge). I did like the judges critiques of her “Kelly Clarkson meets Reba” and “Tina Turner meets Country”. Those I thought were pretty accurate.

Baylie Brown – I really want to like Baylie. Anyone who has their grampa on TV… I LOVE Grampas! Her performance of Amazed was just uncomfortable to me. She say on the stool uncomfortably, her outfit looked uncomfortable, her voice sounded a bit uncomfortable compared to previous performances. I had to stop looking at her because all I see is PAGEANT QUEEN or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Brandy Glanville, in case you were wondering). When Steven said, “I don’t know if that’s the best song you could’ve picked, but you’re pretty.” I hate to say it but that’s kind of exactly what I was thinking.

Hollie Cavanagh (Wild Card) – This was the girl I’m pretty sure we only saw when she beat out Shelby for her spot in the Top 24. I think I figured out why. At first I thought it was some bizarre almost British accent thing going on, then I realized she has that “R sound” speech impediment. I feel like a lot of kids have it but not many adults. I’m certainly not going to hold it against her because it’s not even noticeable when she sings, which is odd for a song like Reflections which starts with an R. I’m curious though, if that’s why we never saw her/heard her talking to the camera before? She definitely has a nervous energy but I hope she can make it through because I think that can/may wilt away with a little more practice. She just needs to break out of her shell a little bit. She’s not Christina but she doesn’t need to be that kind of person.

The only moment of the night where Randy slightly won me over was after he laughed when Jen said “doo doo” haha. I mean, how can you not?  

Haley Johnsen – I straight up did not like this performance at all. This is another girl we haven’t really seen that much but her rendition of Sweet Dreams didn’t do her any favors. I don’t know how I feel about her kind of goth outfit either? Was that her choice? I like the smokiness in her voice but she’s no Stevie Nicks/Annie Lennox, which is who I think she might be trying to be like? I can’t say I completely disagree with Randy’s comment that he was “dizzy in this dream/sort of a nightmare kind of thing”

Shannon Magrane (Top 5) – Go Light Your World (Kathy Troccoli) I don’t think this was a bad song for her, but this was a bad song. I think she’s sang it very well, it’s just a bizarre song “Hold out your candle for all to see it / Hold out your candle and go light your world” – it was just weird. It’s like it was written by a 10 year old Taylor Swift? She sang so well though so I’m hoping no one remembers that part. Her outfit was a little pageant-y but not as bad as Baylies. I get that the song was a message she wanted to get out but maybe take a note from Reed Grimm on song choices? Don’t take singing lessons from him though, because you’re much better. The was also the only song without a Wikipedia page, for the record, so I guess point for originalityShannon?

Jessica Sanchez – I’m not going to pick this girl or like this girl because honestly, if she doesn’t make it into the Top 5, she’s clearly a judges/everyone but me favorite and I’m sure she’ll make it through to the next round. I mean, I get that for voice that’s been sore, you sang amazingly. I honestly thing I just don’t like her because I feel like the judges looooooooove her and that bothers me incessantly.

Elise Testone (Top 5) – And then we had the last performance of the night and the second performance of One and Only (Really producers? Really? You couldn’t find any other song for one of these girls to sing? You had to do this?) I really and truly do not understand why they would let two girls sing the exact same song. And I would think the girls would be pissed off too. It’s like in Glee when the opposing Glee Clubs stole their set list. Luckily, if at all possible, they did sing it different enough that it’s possible to the person only paying half attention to the show, they may not have noticed. Here’s why Elise was better – piano too baby! I was worried for her because she has a more Adele-like voice than Jen but she did the song in such a soulful way that it worked so perfectly. For me, she was definitely in the Top 2 of the performances of the night. We’ll call her and Skyler a tie for first. Her video was also a favorite of mine just because it makes me miss Charleston. It really is a beautiful city.

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