American Idol – Who Knew They Could Move Quickly?

I never thought I would complain about an hour long episode. I usually feel like a two hour episode can feel like pulling teeth. However, there’s a first time for everything. I just felt that this entire episode was really rushed. I still think two hours would’ve been too long, but last night we got what felt like at least a few minutes of background on the contestants’ ventures up to this point. Tonight I felt like I barely had time to type the persons name before the judgment was handed down. It was a much more “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of episode. What also pissed me off was that my DVR wasn’t cooperating so I missed the first 10 minutes and turned it on during the beginning of Shannon judgment reel. I figured she was probably the first person anyway but then I remembered my dear Adam. What happened to Adam? DVR HOW DARE YOU! Thankfully, there’s this invention called twitter where I was able to realize that my dear Adam was safe. **phewwwwwww** To say I’m THRILLED that Adam Brock made it through, would be an understatement. I was pretty sure they would let him through but I didn’t want to have to eat my “cliffhanger” words of yesterday.  What a great way to start the show. I just wish I’d seen it.

I also noticed, not via twitter because apparently no one cares about him, that I missed Jeremy Rosado going through. I assume I missed him anyway because I definitely saw him at the end of the episode. I’ve only seen him in the group format thus far, but that’s ok. I suppose I have nothing against him.

So back to where I’ll assume the show was when my DVR started working again when I saw Shannon Magrane singing some Kelly Clarkson (The Trouble With Love Is) and doing it so right. I was a little worried about her because after the big splash she made at her audition, we didn’t really see much of her, but from what I saw of that last audition, I think she did what she had to do. And I was glad to see Steven agree, saying he thought she was an American Idol to begin with, I totally agree. She definitely has a look, and a great attitude.

As for the montage of people who didn’t make it, Scott Dangerfield was in the awful Jailhouse Rock group. I thought all those guys should go home. Clearly the judges ultimately agreed with me, as his exit made it 4/4. I was fine seeing Wendy go, but I have no idea who the other montage people who went home were besides that one was a girl and one was a guy. I’m assuming the girl was either Ariel Sprague. Either way neither of them made it through, so how important are their names, really?

Next up on the judges radar was Skylar Laine. She wasn’t on my list of people I really wanted to stay. She kind of looked a little too childlike to me. I didn’t see the “Reba” that the judges saw in her. Tonight was my a-ha moment though. I definitely heard the Reba. So congratulations Skylar. And while we didn’t really get to see anything new from her, I was happy to see Baltimore girl Hallie Day go through. Her face still bothers me and I don’t totally love her or anything, but it could just be because I haven’t seen much of her.

As for boys we haven’t seen much of, congratulations Chase Likens, and Aaron Marcellus. Chase, besides being in Colton Dixons group on group night, I’m not really sure who he is so consider him the male Hallie. As for Aaron, I’m glad that if River and Neco couldn’t go through, that you were still able to make it, because I like your look (and Rivers and Neco’s). I also liked Jennifers line about how she fought for him last year, and fought for him this year, “but this year I won” with that precocious smile, none the less.

DeAndre “Michael Bolton Hair” Brackensick, everytime I write you name, I write Blackensick. I don’t know why. I kind of hope I don’t have to write your name that much longer. He’s just not a favorite. I actually like him more when he sings lower as opposed to his “prized falsetto” that the judges say they love so much, which makes me think we’ll hear more of that range than from his lower register.

I also have to mention that it’s amazing to me, mostly because I didn’t do a whole lot of investigative work besides what I remembered/what the producers told me during the first round of auditions, who tried out last year. It’s hard to remember so many people when they aren’t in the top 24. Shoot, sometimes it’s hard for me to remember anyone below the Top 5 (besides those unjustly cut prior to the top 5). When I’m forced to think back to 12 months ago (or years ago for that matter), things get a little fuzzy.

I think I had to write that last paragraph because I really didn’t want to write this one. This was the point in the show where I got sad. I was trying to be rational, and still optimistic, but I knew I’d be sad when it was over. I just love Jermaine Jones. I love his attitude, I love how much he loves his momma. You’d be foolish to think he won’t have options post-Idol. However, the reason I think he wasn’t picked (and you know I’m still hoping he’s that mystery 13th man, if it’s not David Leathers, Jr.), is that he just don’t have a super marketable shtick. I think the judges learned their lessons with Taylor Hicks. Look where he ended up… Go be a gospel singer, you gentle giant. I hope he succeeds elsewhere. I’m blaming Randy for this. I know it’s his fault somehow. Jen looked like she’s on the edge of another breakdown.

Another mention regarding the rush of this episode, is that I think it’s so selfish of the producers to have the last few go in as a group, when everyone else got an individual review. I mean come on. You love to drag things out.

Out of this group of ladies, I really thought Shelby had it in the bag. I had never seen that Erin chick. And who was Hollie Cavanaugh? I hear she’s another that made it kind of far last year but I don’t remember her. And as for this season, had we seen her before last night? Even with my anger of not knowing who Hollie Cavanaugh was, what I saw tonight made me question why we hadn’t seen her. I thought she was really good. Better than Shelby, I don’t know, but she was good. I don’t hate that she was chosen over Shelby, but I’m sad to see Shelby go.

Nothing infuriated me more than the final judgment though. I was telling Zack that there was absolutely NO WAY Eben would be safe over David. I think I said something along the lines of “If he gets through over David… LIVID!!!!!!!!!! I’m officially livid. F-bomb, F-bomb, F-bomb”. Eben Mother F-ing Franckewitz. Vom. I can’t deny that I think David should’ve done Michael better. He has the voice of a Jackson 5 Michael, but he didn’t win me over with that performance. He won me over with Celine. That was where I fell in love with him. And I have never ever fallen for stupid Eben. Ok he’s not stupid, but he’s not an Idol either. I hope the judges don’t think Eben can be some kind of Beiber. He’s got Vote For the Worst written all over him. Mark my words!! It was also hard because it was two heartbreakers in such a short period of time. First Jermaine and now David. Granted I was somewhat expecting the former, David should’ve stayed. It was just straight up upsetting.

And now we get the final cliffhanger of an added 13th boy. I definitely agree that the boys were much stronger in the auditions. And with my aforementioned hearbreak, I’d love to see Jermaine or David come back. I just do NOT understand how Cowboy douche would have a chance to be back, for a multitude of reasons, and as far as Johnny the waiter, he didn’t even make it into the Top 42! You can’t bring him back. If you bring him back you might as well bring Jessica Phillips back, or Lauren Mink back! Shit, you might as well bring Crystal Bowersox back! All I’m saying is that the person they bring back, had better be David, or Jermaine.

So, in case you were wondering, here’s a list of the Top 24, along with their ages and their home towns:

DeAndre Brackensick, 17, San Jose, Calif.

Adam Brock, 27, Washington, PA

Baylie Brown, 22, Krum, Texas

Hollie Cavanagh, 18, McKinney, TX

Hallie Day, 24, Baltimore, MD

Colton Dixon, 20, Murfreesboro, TN

Creighton Fraker, 28, Queens, New York, NY

Eben Franckewitz, 15, Loveland, OH

Reed Grimm, 26, Ellsworth, WI

Heejun Han, 22, New York, NY

Jen Hirsh, 25, Agoura Hills, Calif.

Haley Johnsen, 23, Portland, OR

Skyler Laine, 18, Brandon, MS

Joshua Ledet, 19, Westlake, Lousiana

Chase Likens, 20, Point Pleasant, WV

Shannon Magrane, 16, Tampa, FL

Aaron Marcellus, 27, Atlanta, GA

Phil Phillips, 21, Leesburg, GA

Jeremy Rosado, 19, Valrico, FL

Jessica Sanchez, 16, San Diego, CA

Chelsea Sorrell, 23, Stokesdale, NC

Elise Testone, 28, Charleston, SC

Erika Van Pelt, 26, South Kingstown, RI

Brielle Von Hugel, 17, Staten Island, NY

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