Heejun FTW!

This was a really good episode. Lots of performances, lots of judgment. It went mostly the way I wanted it. I’m not going to say a whole lot about the people who didn’t make it through except that I was sad for Lauren Gray, and if Adam Brock goes, I’m going to be even more sad. I was crying a little already, watching him talk about how much singing meant to him, not that anyone else wouldn’t say that. Although saying he can’t wait for his daughter to say her dad was on Idol, lets be realistic, Idol better not still be around.

And now onto more pressing, already determined things. The person I was super ecstatic to see go, Cowboy Guy! What sweet sweet vindication that the douchebag country boy didn’t make it through. Nothing against country boys because I loved Scotty early on, but I hate this guys attitude, his cockiness, his overall douche bagginess. His swan song choice was great too, because I would love to see him fall into a burning ring of fire. Even the fire lake thing around him and the dead tree thing behind him was giving me a nice visual. Something tells me he wanted to just totally kirk out on them, I’m glad he stayed strong and didn’t, but I’m totally happy to see him go. Ryan, get your character liking in order because I couldn’t be happier to see his horrible character go!

I’ll start with the girls because while I like them, the boys are my stars this season.

Jen Hirsh – I’ve really liked Jen since I first saw her on Group Night with Reed Grimm, although I’m seeing why they didn’t air her audition performance. As for her final performance, I definitely didn’t think this was her best, but I do think that of the girls I’ve seen, she totally deserves to be through. Plus she’s first of the night and the producers don’t want to go ruining the show for me this early. I do worry for future auditions, that she’s got a case of the Jacob Lusk’s. You know what I mean. The endless, don’t know when to stop the note issues.

Haley Johnson – I don’t think we saw her in the original auditions but I will say that I can’t forget her group night performance. She really stuck out. I guess they didn’t want to show her final performance. I’m fine with leaving her group performance as the last thing I remember her singing, it was good enough for me!

Elise Testone And in the same group as Haley Johnson, there was Elise Testone, who stood out much more than Haley, to me. I thought her final audition of This is a Mans World was lovely. She looks a little like Gaga in the face. I liked when she said that when she sings, she’s trying to convey every emotion she has – that’s the kind of performance that I want to see.

Erika Van Pelt – You Erica, I remember your original audition, I remember the other performances you had, I haven’t seen you sing something poorly yet, and I love the raspy deep Adeleness of your voice. Lord knows the Idol Producers would LOVE to discover the next Adele. The only thing she needs to work on is clothing choice. Hopefully the Idol stylists don’t muck things up.

I’d decided by this point in the show dramatic pause this season has resulted in a safety. By the end of the night I totally regretted saying that though, because we don’t know the status of Adam Brock…

Chelsea Sorrell  –  I really thought this girl would get sent home. We haven’t really seen her in the auditions except for little snippets. Maybe it was because of that herpe thing on her lip? It was gone by her final meeting with the judges but I noticed it. I’m just not entirely sure who this chick is. One last thing, does anyone else think, looking at her face that she kind of looks like Jennifer Tilly a little bit? a young Jennifer Tilly? I drew up a little comparison for you.

Bailey Brown – She has grown so much since her first days on Idol when those Jersey idiots ruined everything for her. I was really worried after they let Chelsea through that they wouldn’t let Bailey, and more nervous when they mentioned her consistency problems. I hate when they ask “How did you feel about your performance” because in my head that means you’re in trouble. Luckily they did it to so many last night, by the third of fourth I knew she was most likely safe. I agree that her last performance wasn’t the best but her first performance still sticks out in my head and I hope that’s the person she brings to the big stage!

Jessica Sanchez – Can I just throw it out there that I hate this girl? I’d like to say through no fault of her own but I really don’t’ know if I can. When she was saying she wanted to do well because “my family has spent so much money on me” or how about “My mom is unemployed because of my music career”. No mother should choose to be unemployed (especially with that large family you seem to have) because your daughter has a dream. You need to put food on your table. Not hope your daughter makes it so she can put food on your table. I also didn’t really like her previous performances, even though I know there are others out there who’ve already fallen in love with her. I had her in my “I’m totally fine if she leaves because she isn’t that good” column. Yeah, I’ve got one of those. What of it? Then I had to eat crow because her final performance was amazing, and promptly moved her over to my “safe” column.

Brielle Von Hugel – I don’t like her attitude. I don’t like her face. I don’t like her singing. I agree with Seacrest that she’s got moxie, but she also has a really gnarly bad sense of style (your tan tank top/undershirt looked so weird) I also don’t like her Toddlers & Tiara’s mother.  Maybe it’s their overly NY accents. They are an automatic turn off for me. I wanted her gone like I wanted Cowboy Guy gone. If it had to be one or the other though, I’ll take Cowboy Guy gone, any day of the week!

Ok so that was all for the girls. Of this group, I think Erica Van Pelt and Baylie Brown are my favorites, but I think Jessica Sanchez will do the best. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though 🙂 We also still have the following girls left to see (that I’m aware of):

Ariel Sprague
Courtney Williams
Hallie Day
Shannon Magrane
Shelby Tweten
Skylar Laine
Wendy Taylor

I bolded the ladies on the list I’d like to see make it through. And with that we move onto the boys.

Creighton Fraker – I was really surpised that this guy made it through. I knew he would when we got to learn a little more about Mr. Fraker. For example, his love of hideous glasses. Or that his birth father was the lead singer of Flotsam and Jetsam. Who knew that was a band? Not me, that’s for sure. I’m only going to bring up his final performance because of a second Billy Joel song I heard later in the evening that was infinately better. I’m befuddled that he was kept after hearing both Joel performances, to be honest. Maybe it just wasn’t the best song choice for him. We shall see.

Joshua Ledet – I know this kid is a judges favorite. They swoon upon sight of him. Seeing more of his performances tonight only made me like him less. Am I missing something that others see? I guess everyone has their own opinion but even my favorite and most respected Idol reviewers, like Michael Slezak. At least even dear Mr. Slezak aknowledges he could also have a case of the aforementioned Lusk Syndrome, or as he calls it, The Lusky Stank. I guess I can just go to my go to when I don’t like people – he just doesn’t do anything for me. I know he loves Jesus and can seemingly rock a gospel song, but all the “Aaaaamens” between Randy and Jennifer, I’m already over him.

Reed Grimm – Talk about someone I’m totally NOT over! I have loved every song choice he’s ever made. One small thing that bothers me about him is that he definitely has a small case of the crazy eyes. I’m gonna pretend it’s in a good way. I just really like his whole schtick. Do what Casey James couldn’t do and crack the Top 5? It would’ve been a huge mistake to not let him through. He’s got fan favorite written all over him, and like I said, I just love his song choices. Originality oozes out of him. He just needs a stage and he can perform, no doubt. Mad talented indeed, Randy. I was sad to hear his father passed away. I don’t remember that from his audition.

Heejun Han – And then there’s my true favorite. How can he not be everyones favorite? I’m not going to say that I think he’s winning this bad boy. But with every moment of him I see not singing, I like him more, and with every moment of him singing, I am more impressed by him. Unlike Creighton’s Billy Joel song, I thought Heejuns’ rendition was fantastic. I straight up love you, dude. I loved his optimism at the possiblity of not getting through

“What are you sweating?” “Mostly water”

“If they say no I will definitely hug Jennifer Lopez and kiss her because that’s every Asian mans dream, that’s everyone’s dream”

Sometimes I think he could be on a show. He could be on Community. He could be Ken Jeongs son. I loved that Steven recognized“You’re a better star than you are a singer” and my other favorite quote of his was “We’re all posers on the bus until we find a way to impress ourselves” I just love how happy everyone is for him, too. And I hope that douche Cowboy is crying as he sees Heejun succeed!

Phillip Phillips – I want to like him like I like Reed Grimm, but I just didn’t see him getting through to the big stage after some of his other performances. He’s talented instrumentally. I just don’t know. He doesn’t give me the same warm fuzzies that Reed did. On that same note though, I know he and Heejun are pals so I feel like he like I want to like him that much more. He also seems humble. And adorable.

Colton Dixon – And finally we had Mr. Dixon. I knew he’d be through before any performance. The judges owed it to him and his family to put that boy through. I will say playing the piano again, only made me like him more. That falsetto thing he does is great. He’s got a good “look into the camera” look too. Like he’s looking right at you. I wonder if they want him more because he didn’t really want them. I think they really regretted not having him go through the last time.

The boys we have left now, that I’m aware of, are below, and again I have bolded who I’d like to stay:

Chase Likens
David Leathers, Jr.
Jeremy Rosado
Eben Fraubaitwicz
Jermaine “Panty Melter” Jones
DeAndre Brackensick
Scott Dangerfield
Joshua Sanders
Aaron Marcellus

Kind of bad that I couldn’t even pick 6 more to stay. Maybe there are some I still haven’t seen? Only time will tell. And while I didn’t bold DeAndre, I’m next to positive that we’ll be seeing him on the big stage. 

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One thought on “Heejun FTW!

  1. I was sad for Lauren Grey as well. I think that it was a mistake to send her home but I can’t say much I’m not a judge and I also wasn’t there to hear her sing live.
    I was so excited to see cowboy leave! Thanks to Heejun we are all calling him cowboy and not Richie lol. I think that even if they put him through America would have given that cocky little guy the boot. I love your point about the “ring of fire” lol he had a good voice but he needs to eat a big chunk of humble pie. This season most of the girls are kind of blending together. It gets kinda hard to keep them apart… so I’m just going to skip talking about the girls….
    One of my favorites Phillip Phillips. I think my favorite thing about him, besides his voice is how real he is. He doesn’t act fake he is just a real normal guy. And he gets so into his music. I love it! I hope he goes far!
    Reed Grimm- something about him just annoys me… I’m not sure what…
    Colton Dixon- one of my absolute favorites. He really is a star. From the clothes to the music to the attitude. He didn’t have to become a star through idols he already is one America just needed to find him. And that look he gave the camera while playing the piano. Steamy
    But my all time favorite is Heejun Han.
    One word HILLARIOUS!
    He cracks me up. From the beginning his hilarious quotes and funny attitude was great! I think the cowboy really brought it out in him too. I love the one “what are you sweating?” “Mostly water”
    He just has a great attitude and star quality. And that voice. I hope to see a lot of heejun and I WILL be voting for him!
    I wrote a little somethin-somethin about him on my blog. Check it out


    great blog
    hope to read more soon

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