American Idol – And then there were 42

And then there were 40….. 2.

You couldn’t even narrow it down to your self-imposed limit of 40 people? I’ll help you. Their names are Cowboy Guy, and Eben Frakenwitz (who has got to be part Amish. Or maybe Aryan. It’s the only excuse for that name). At least the producers didn’t show anyone passing out tonight. Who knew it was possible? And, I got to see my favorite vocal coaches more this season. That made me really happy. The one that had the moment with Heejun, love love love. They should really make them more a part of the show, maybe Randy’s part of the show?

I haven’t mentioned clothing choices yet this season but can we just take a brief moment and talk about Jennifers Day 1 dress? It reminded me of a shirt I had for one of my barbies. I didn’t know they even still made things like that. Maybe she was trying to bring back her Selena days? I don’t know but that was a very interesting choice of attire. I digress. Let’s get back to the music.

One thing I realized, besides already knowing I could probably do the judges job, is that I CAN do the judges job. I know no one was there for me to prove this ability, but as I wrote down the groups, I highlighted who I thought should go home and by the end of the night, I was like, 98% right! Maybe it just wasn’t that hard? I suppose that’s possible. Either way, I’m at least happy that the judges and I seem to be on the same page. So lets talk about these top 42.

Group #1: ColtonDixon, Skylar Laine, Chase Likens, Cari Quoyeser
Song: This Is Dedicated To The One I Love

I totally forgot that Colton was the brother of Schylar. He seems to be getting a little more screen time this episode, for better or worse, but he’s a judges darling so I had to imagine that in the end, he’d still be safe and sissy Skylar would be gone. I also knew IMMEDIATELY that Cari Quoyeser HAD to go. Nothing to do with her voice, but her eyes were literally (in my best Chris from Parks & Rec voice) terrifying me. I don’t remember seeing Cari or Chase before tonight, and I’d be ok if I didn’t see them anymore after this. I guess as of tonight it would just be Cari, but Chase, don’t unpack those bags that quickly.

Group #2: David Leathers, Jr., Jeremy Rosado, Ariel Sprague, Gabi Carruba
Song: Rockin’ Robin

I really like this group of contesants. It’s the exact same as group night and I was totally ok with that. And they were instantaneously more fun than the first group. I didn’t think any of these folks would go home so I was a little surprised at the end when Gabi got the ax. Especially since she was the prettiest in the group. Maybe word got back to the judges she was being diva-licious, but really, she wasn’t being as big a diva as my quasi-nemisis, Brielle. I think the biggest reason that Gabi got sent home, was because of Ariel. I’ve wanted to hear her on her own and don’t feel like I’ve really got the chance to do so but tonight she most definitely stood out from the group for the right reasons.

Group #3: Adam Brock, Erika Van Pelt, Shelby Tweten, Angie Zeiderman
Song: Great Balls O’ Fire

Well hello Adam, playing the piano? A real piano? Did you read my last post and want to impress me? Like you needed to impress me… you’re already one of my stand out favorites. This though, this catapulted you into top 3! I didn’t like Angie or Shelby in this song. I was ok with them making it through but they didn’t wow me by any means, and I’m glad that at least one of them eventually got sent home. I could’ve let 2 go but I’m a little happy that Shelby gets to stay another day. Angie would’ve been all over Vote for the Worst and I would’ve been angry.

Group #4: Brielle Von Hugel, Sister Dixon, Mollie Hunt
Song: Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Brielle has such a big nose. There, I said it. It had to be said. I didn’t hate her performance but I had to get that off my chest. Did she have nicknames in school along the lines of “Big Nose Brielle”? Big nose or no, she stole the show. Literally, she stole it. I didn’t hear anyone else sing individually and I think that if Schylar and Mollie have anyone to blame for being sent home, her name is Brielle Von Hugel. Schylar, at least you looked the hottest in that outfit. Way hotter than Bossy Brielle (now that was probably her nickname). Poor Colton. The judges tricked you from the beginning. They probably kept Schylar around just long enough for you to get invested in the show and not want to quit, and then let her go. I hope you just rock it for your sister and don’t drop out because she didn’t make it.

Group #5: Reed Grimm, Elise Testone, Haley Johnson, Eben Fraubaitwicz
Song: The Night Has 1000 Eyes

Reed Grimm – You are SO charming! This group might as well be called “The Reed Grimm Showcase”. At least the first 30 seconds. As for Elise Testone, where have you been? I like you. I like you a lot. Haley Johnson, I feel bad that you had to go after Elise, because you weren’t as good as her off the bat, but then you go and kill that last note! That was great. And then there was Eben. I’ve never been a big fan of him. He sang with an awkward forcefulness? Like he was pushing too hard? I can’t put my finger on it but if you make it passed the Walk of Shame next week, I’ll be surprised. This was one of the few groups that actually deserved the standing ovation from the judges.

Group #6: Jermaine “Panty Melter” Jones, Cowboy Guy
Song: Make It Easy On Yourself

I really love Jermaine. Even though I think I’ve only seen his initial audition, the fact that I still remember his audition makes me believe he’s also a stand out as one of my favorites. Richie, I hate you as much as Heejun hates you. I was so worried Cowboy was going to ruin it for my precious deep voiced Jermaine. All his idiotic quotes that in my head sounded like a whiney girl from Toddlers & Tiaras saying “I know my part. I can’t put that part in his head” ew. Go f- yourself. “I didn’t come here to recycle music, I came here to make it” I hate him so much. Ok but seriously, as far as singing, I still hated Richie. It’s for the same reason I don’t love Eben. They just don’t seem like natural singers to me. Jermaine is effortless with his voice. Cowboy douche, is not. Jermaine could be one of the three tenors or something. Swoonnnn… I wonder if he can play the piano? Haha.

Then there was a small montage of winners. I don’t know who Chelsea Sorrell is, Hallie Day I’m still not in love with but at least she’s from Baltimore, and then there’s my dear sweet Baylie Brown. I’m still liking her. I didn’t like her little clip, but if the judges want to keep her, I’m totally fine with that.

Group #7: DeAndre “Michael Bolton Hair” Brackensick, Jessica Sanchez, Candace Glover
Song: It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

In reading some other blogs I noticed a lot of people really loved these guys like the judges. I didn’t even write about them because I was so sure they were terrible. Jennifer looked like she was having a seizure during this performance. The judges TOTALLY lost me on this one. How did they love this? I just thought it was entirely too over the top. It was just… I can’t even think of a single nice thing to say. The only thing I wanted to say was, Judges, sit the hell down!

Group #8: Clayton Farhat, Scott Dangerfield, Adam Lee Decker, Curtis Gray
Song: Jailhouse Rock

I didn’t like this performance. I didn’t hate it but I’ve already heard better. Based on the judges revelation that “safe isn’t necessarily safe”, I think they should’ve cut their losses with this group. If there was any reason Curtis didn’t make it through and the rest did, well I’m not sure what that is, because I thought you were just as bad as everyone else. I wanted to say your weird ponytail but another one of the guys had one too, so I guess that wasn’t it.

Group #9: River St. James, Joshua Sanders, Caleb Johnson, some girl
Song: Burning Love

The only thing I wrote for this group was that River was the only one worth keeping. I mean, River St. James? You have the perfect name to be a soap star. When soaps were popular that is.

Group #10: Joshua Ledet, Shannon Magrane, Amber, Curis Finch
Song: Blue Suede Shoes

Joshua, you were just as good as you were in your individual performance, and if anyone in your group can pull of man-pri’s, it’s you. As for Shannon, Curtis and Amber, I didn’t really hear them in this performance. I thought they’d only keep Joshua when all was said in done, but I was glad to see Shannon go through too.

Group #11: Courtney Williams, Britnee Kellogg, Jessica Phillips
Song: You Keep Me Hangin’ On

The girls in pink dresses were a little scary to me. They weren’t bad they just weirded me out. And the dresses were way too short! I was super sad to see Jessica Phillips go (now it’s only David Leathers left of my original top 3 from audition week) but I was happy that at the end they realized that if Jessica was gone, Britnee had to go too. I thought they were equals. Actually, I thought all three of the women could’ve gone. Jessica was right in her slightly angry rant at the end. A lot of people are making it through that aren’t real artists and won’t get record deals. I won’t say she will, but I can definitely say that she’s right about the not real artists part.

I know this post is already 3 pages long but I have to say that I’m completely over them delaying who made it through in the most dramatic drawn out fashion. OVER.IT. I hate Randy. I hate him with the burning fire of 1,000 suns. Ok, let’s try to bust this out before we get to a 5th page.

Group #12: Lauren Gray, Wendy Taylor, Mathenee Treco
Song: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Lauren Gray, you gave me goosebumps. That vocal coach yelling at you was just the boost you needed. That dress is awful though. Wendy – eh. Your nose ring bothers me but you’ve got some pipes… I have no emotional attachment to you though. Mathenee , I’ve grown to like a little more. A little more. Oh well. I suppose I’m ok with him heading home but I wish Wendy stayed in the back row with him.

Group #13: Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, Neco Starr, Jairon Jackson
Song: I Only Have Eyes For You

I actually thought that Jairon had already gone home, so sending him home at the end wasn’t a huge shocker for me. And is it just me or is Neco Starr a black Chris Colfer? I want to like Phillip Phillips but this was not the song for him to sing. His voice doesn’t go with the other boys. It was too raspy. He needs an individual song again. Also, I wish you’d have rolled your jeans like the rest of the boys. What was adorable was their collective fall over. Sweet sobbing Heejun. I love you so much.

Group #14: Jen Hirsh, Aaron Marcellus, Creighton Fraker, Nick Boddington
Song: Sealed With A Kiss

Jen Hirsh (I swear I’ve spelt her name different, every time I’ve written it), singing with 3 guys was smart. It just makes you shine a little more bright.  Aaron Marcellus, who was with Reed in group night, also did really well. Anyone else see a Sammy Davis vibe from him? Nick Boddington, I was wondering who you were after seeing your name a few times. No offense but you’re somewhat forgettable. Clearly the judges thought so too. And as for Mullet guy Creighton Fracker, how Nick went home and not you, amazes me. When you went on your solo, it hurt me a little.

Finally, and I’m inches away from 5 pages so let me keep this super brief, as for the people who they didn’t show get the boot, the only one I was slightly upset about was Ashley Robles. I felt like we hadn’t seen her since her audition. I was wondering what happened to her, after Whitney’s passing I was remembering how good her “I Will Always Love You” performance from San Diego was. I had already thought she was cut anyway, so it wasn’t a big loss for me. I am pretty sure that all the single moms from the audition rounds, are officially out now. Way to waste a story line Producers! Secondly, I was also happy to see Johnny the Italian restaurant waiter, finally go. He should’ve gone on group night but at least you rectified your mistake before the big show.

And now we’re down to 42. Soon to be 30? I’d say 24 but I have a feeling the judges won’t be able to do that either!

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