American Idol – The Han Dynasty

I think we can all agree that a two hour competition is always too long. I took a break in the middle to watch Modern Family and Happy Endings. Not sure if you did the same but I needed a break after the first hour, so when my DVR decided to change the channel to Modern Family, I confirmed it was still recording Idol, and took it as a sign to watch some funny. It was a really nice break, I’ve got to say, and it got me jazzed up for hour number two.

So like I was saying last time, when I thought we’d be watching group night… group night is always my favorite. It still is after last night but this was, like many things this season, not as good as previous group nights. At least we got to see made up lyrics, mumbling of forgotten lyrics and more passing out… made up lyrics being my favorite. Especially when they involve begging to not be voted off for their screw up.

The most important realization from group night, was that Zack and I have officially decided that, personality-wise, we have a favorite, and thy name is Han.  Heejun Han. When he looked at Cowboy guy and said “Dude, I just want you to know, I said a lot of really bad things about you… to the cameras, to your parents… you’ll probably see it later” then he turns to the camera and smiles. Sealed the deal buddy. I was even happier when I saw that he made it through to Vegas (but we’ll talk about that later). I was less than happy that Cowboy guy was in the room with him when he found out he’d be going to Vegas. Oh well. At least my boy made it through. Maybe he’ll be the Jeremy Lin of American Idol! Hansanity!

I really thought after the last episode that we’d be done seeing people passing out on stage/in the lobby. Then I remember that it was still technically the same day, and I was most likely going to be proven wrong pretty darn quickly. I also felt pretty bad for the Patient Zero group. Ironic that the girl who fainted claimed “The only thing I caught was a positive attitude” hahaha. Whoops. I totally thought it was Patient Zero that passed out so when I saw her still standing I was pretty surprised. Maybe she really is Patient Zero. I didn’t think that other chick was even sick? I bet the cop did something to them. Beyond who was in this most bizarre group… This group makes me feel like Randy’s face looked. Awful. Sorry Patient Zero/Tent girl.

The person I felt the most bad for, was the group with Imani (Imani Handy, specifically. What’s with the weird names this year?). I kept saying to Zack, why won’t she just give it up? Not that I didn’t know the answer. I hate that the Judges had to do what the mother could not. I get this girl is either close to or is an adult, and that you want to  let her make that decision. I get that you don’t want your daughter to hate you for the rest of your life. And really, after hearing her sing, she truly was a good singer. But I kept thinking, one of the times she passes out, she’s gonna smack the crap out of her head, and just embarrass herself even more on national TV. I loved that the Italian waiter guy kept trying to sing after she passed out on stage. I digress though, the fact that she said she fainted because of nerves, you can’t let her through. Good singer or not, I think the judges did the right thing. The thing her mom couldn’t do. Tell her to worry about her health, and her anxiety first. Maybe next year dear. You need to get a hold of those nerves first, or get on some medication or something.

I was really hoping I’d get to see Brielle go home because she kind of drove me nuts (not that the haterade she was drinking on behalf of the fraternity guy wasn’t warranted because as you’ll recall, I wasn’t a big fan of him either, well, his look anyway) but alas, my hopes were dashed and she was safe. At least I got to see that bitch cop go home. I probably shouldn’t be calling cops bitches on the internet and really I don’t think they all are. Just this one, ok mostly this one. And something tells me a lot of the people who know her, think she’s a bitch too. Based on her personality type, it wouldn’t totally surprise me if she thinks she’s one for that matter. At least she didn’t go crazy when she was voted off.

My favorite group of the night was Groove Sauce. I really like Jennifer Hirsh a lot, and I’m still drinking the Reed Grimm Kool-Aid as well. I don’t remember Jennifer from the first round auditions, but I know she sang in the beginning of Hollywood week and I’ve really enjoyed her ever since. Reed Grimm, did not really impress me that much this round and I actually thought he’d be on his way out, but I guess his previous performances were good enough that they kept him in for shits and giggles. Either way, I really liked the “whoop whoops” as the back-up.

I was also glad to see that the team with the kid who allegedly beat Scotty, David Leathers, Jr. make it through (I prefer to call him  “the alleged Scotty beater” because I think the last name of “Leathers” is weird). I don’t remember who was in his group but after his Celine performance in the previous Hollywood Week audition, he’s one that I genuinely want to see continue on. It sticks out in my mind as one of the best performances of the season, and there are very few people sticking out to me, thus far.

As for the brief recap at the end of hour one that showed those who made it and those who didn’t, I was excited that Erica Van Pelt made it, and I had to do a “what was that name?” to the expected father “WT” who got cut. haha. Who’s initials are WT? That’s like willingly having the initials BJ, but less sexual and more just derogatory manner. He looks a little WT though, so let’s go with it.

And with that, the DVR switched to Modern Family and I started a new blog post for Hour 2, so I could write this one in the middle while it was still fresh in my brain. I’ll see you back here in a little bit for the second hour discussion.

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