American Idol – Pick a Room, Any Room

So with group night just minutes behind us, we moved on. Who thought we’d even get to see a whole 10 contestants of the 98 left? Did you know that 42 groups actually performed? Surprising, right? Either way, it was more than I thought we’d see, and to actually see the fates of all 4 rooms as well, that was a borderline shocker to me. It’s like they had to make up for dragging us along in previous episodes by giving us more of what we wanted to see, tonight. Then I heard that they’d be re-locating the kiddos to Vegas, which makes me a little scared for the episode this evening. Based on past experiences I’m now planning on spending an hour watching them all get to Vegas and prepare for auditions there. And by “planning on spending an hour watching,” I really mean changing the channel if I don’t see a real musical performance in the first 30 minutes. Zack would have my head if I made him miss another episode of Wipeout without getting to see a single person perform. Hopefully with all the people that hated last weeks non-competition, the producers will be smart enough to not do that again, but you never know with those guys. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, until I watch tonight.

As for the episode, I wasn’t sure how to break it down. There’s the obvious, by room, or by song choice (because I’m pretty sure we only heard 4 songs from the 10 total contestants we got to see). I guess we’ll go by rooms.

Room 1 was so clearly IN for me. For one, most of the individual performances we saw tonight, consisted of people in Room 1. Secondly, as soon as I saw Jenn Hirsh, and Adam Brock, the White guy with a Black woman trapped in him, I knew the room would be safe.

Joshua Ledet, the anxious flyer, and first individual performance of the evening wasn’t really doing anything for me. Not great, not terrible. And the same could be said for Creighton Fracker except that I couldn’t deny the fact that he definitely is in the early stages of a mullet which I sincerely hope he continues to grow. Lucky mullet, anyone?

Colton Dixon was my first (but not last) panty melter moment of the night. That piano just does it for me. I hate when it’s a keyboard size because the grand piano is the sexiest, but it’ll do. I feel like that guy on Strange Addictions that was attracted to his car. I swear I’m not THAT in love with pianos.

I really liked Adam Brock, as I mentioned above. He was really wonderful, and he wasn’t even the best version of Georgiaon my Mind! Not even from that room! The BEST performance of the song we heard what, 6 out of 10 performances? It sure felt like that. Either way, when Jenn Hirsh sang her version, that was the panty melter version that blurred all other performances from my memory. Didn’t think a girl could be a panty melter? So wrong. Does anyone remember Kendra Chantelle’s version from a few years back? My only hope is that she remembers the fate of Pia Toscano, and does some more upbeat music, and not just ballads. I wish I knew what her audition song was. Maybe we’ll see it if she progresses through to the big stage. How can she not?

Other notables from Room 1 were Erica Van Pelt, Jermaine Jones (the original panty melter with the Barry White voice who sang in church with his mom – he’s sure been mum in theHollywoodweek tryouts. I’m glad he didn’t fade into Hell Week oblivion), Lauren Grey (whose hippy wedding planner family I fell in love with) and the Italian waiter, Johnny Keyser, who I’m still hoping goes home before we get into the top 24.

And with that we’ll move onto Room 2. The first room 2 performances was Phillip Phillips, Jr. Unlike my swoon over piano players, I’ve dated guitar players. More than once… so I think I’ve learned not to swoon so quickly for them. Haha. Phillip was a little too raspy for me today. Not too bad, but also not his best performance. He didn’t have me knowing that Room 2 would be safe like Room 1. Not right away anyway.

Also in Room 2 was one of the other Galveston contestants, someone I haven’t seen for a minute and was wondering if she was still in, but after seeing, knew Room 2 was safe and sound. Miss Shannon Magrane, singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, was wonderful and definitely deserved Jennifers standing O. I mentioned the first time I saw her that I felt like she lacked confidence. I’d like to take that comment back after seeing this performance. I think that if I were writing this last year, I would’ve said the same thing about Haley Reinhart, who I saw a lot of within Shannons performance this evening. Mostly in the growl. Maybe Shannon can make up for Haley? Although Haley kind of made up for Haley, what with making it to the top 3 despite the judges best effort to get her off the show. I was so proud of that girl (and my dear friend Joann who picked her from the beginning, as a favorite).

If Shannon didn’t seal the deal for me knowing that Room 2 was safe, Reed Grimm definitely did. I don’t know what he was supposed to sing, but it must have been something original or something. That must be why they said he couldn’t sing Acapella, because clearly the producers wanted as many people singing Georgiaon my Mind, as possible. I mean, why let a guy who makes awesome song choices (hello, he auditioned to the Family Matters theme song! And his follow-up was I’ve Got the Golden Ticket. Come on!) I wasn’t buying his confusion as to what to perform either because ultimately, the guy is a performer. I’m not going to use the cliché Randy line and say he could sing the phone book, but he can put on a show. And if they weren’t going to let him perform something a little more awesome, it was definitely awesome that he still was able to find a way to be himself by getting behind the drums. I am going to say that, even though it hurts me to say this, I agree with Randy, I can easily see a Casey Abrams vibe here with him.  And more attractive if we’re speaking honestly. He definitely has the potential to go far and with all his screen time, I have to believe the producers think so too.

Wrapping up the Room 2 group of performers we saw, was Skylar Laine. Let me say dear, that you don’t remind me of Reba MacIntryre, but I did like you and was ultimately happy to see your face in this room full of winners. I was happier still, to see that Jessica Phillips was in the room. I don’t know why they wouldn’t show her off tonight but I’m super glad she was there, safe and sound!

Then there was Room 3. I knew you were doomed from the start. As they panned your room I saw two notable faces who I’ll refer to as “yellow flat-top guy” and “shoulder brace guy.” The fact that I only know them by those names, and from looking out into the audience while other performers were singing… well, that’s never a good sign. As for the people I did know in the room, I bet Jennifer is glad Brittany Kerr isn’t going through. I don’t think Jennifer had ever really liked her. I also won’t be missing the burping mother. I didn’t like her from day one.

And then there was what behind door #4. Filled with people I didn’t know were still in the running like cah-razy Angie Zieterman, Baylie Brown (I think that was her, the one who tried out 5 years ago and was the victim of the Jersey Girls) and Brittany Kellogg (who you may remember as Tripster the Hipster). Then there were the people I knew were still in. Gabi Carrubba, a standout from group night, and Cowboy Hat guy, who definitely deserved to go home in my head… but then, pan to the right and there he was. The person I was desperately searching for like Katniss Everdeen looking for Prim in the Capital (yes, I’m super excited for the Hunger Games movie!! It’s soooo close!!!). I looked for him in all the rooms but only saw at the very very end. My favorite Asian, Heejun Han! I can’t tell you how terrified I was that he was going to be in the bottom. After all, most of the people I saw in the room were people I thought were going home. None of them performed individually and that wasn’t a good sign. I got very very scared and sad. But then I remembered, these judges are pushovers. There’s no way they are going to be knocking out more than 1 room tonight. It’s too early on and they have a hard enough time saying no to the one room. Saying no to two rooms would probably have them passing out along the likes of… oh just pick one of the 800 contestants that have passed out in the last 2 episodes. Nevertheless, I was beyond happy to see Mr. Han make it through and I really really really hope we get to see him on the big stage! GOOOOO HEEJUN!!!

And now we move on toLas Vegas! Scandalous. Did anyone see the dead person? Hahahaha. Or maybe it was just another passed out person. But they looked extra splayed out. More like something you’d see a chalk outline around. Only time will tell!

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